Akbal Sector 2

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On Jennifer's Island in the sea south of Port Atlantis at (61324, 74171, 100) you can find a crashed robot spaceship serving as an entrance to an instance/beacon mission suitable for low level players and training.

General Info

  • You don't need a Robot Beacon or any other item to enter the instance.
  • You need to be at least a team of 2 to enter the instance.
  • You will encounter 200+ Robots, each taking 1-5 Opalo shots to kill.
  • The boss mob (The Eigth) takes 30-50 Opalo shots to kill.
  • An organized team shouldn't need more than 20 PED ammo/deacy to complete the mission
  • The loot can contain Robot Flare Filters
  • There's only one storage container to loot, it is located in the boss mob area.

For further information about beacon missions please refer to:Beacon Missions.


Jennifers Island Training Beacon Mission Map.jpg


  • Robot Adapter Module
  • Robot Component Residue
  • Robot Flare Filter



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