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All values as of the specified date.


Date: 2014/12/29

Revenue (PED): 33.79

Number Of Deeds: 3379



Revenue Per Deed (PED): 0.01 (automatically calculated)

ROI %, base 50 PED: 7.30485 (automatically calculated)

ROI %, base 50 PED, rounded:: 7.3 (automatically calculated)

ROI %, base markup, rounded: Expression error: Unexpected * operator. "<strong class="error">Expression error: Unexpected * operator.</strong> " is not a number. (automatically calculated)

Arkadia Underground Total Taxed (PED): 40000 (automatically calculated)

Currency effects[edit]

USD-EUR exchange rate (1 USD = x EUR):

Revenue Per Deed (USD): 0.001 (automatically calculated)

Revenue Per Deed (EUR): Expression error: Missing operand for *."<strong class="error">Expression error: Missing operand for *.</strong>" is not a number. (automatically calculated)


More info: Arkadia Underground Deeds