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  • Fixed an visual issue when combining a coat and a harness.
  • Empty blueprints books now can be sold in the Trade Terminal.
  • Fixed the faulty look on the Mechanical equipment blueprints.
  • Changed so auction messages are visible while in the auction interface.
  • The mining clusters are re-adjusted to allow for much more resource sites with a greater average value (please note that the old-Pre-VU deposit sizes no longer are the same, meaning that a "Medium" today does not necessarily equal a "Medium" prior to the VU 7.6. The size at a specific level holds more minerals than before -- a "Poor" of today contain more minerals than a "Poor" before the VU).
  • Added "Max Efficiency" statistic onto mining tools.
  • Fixed an issue with the item value being too low when dropping the item, allowing for more items to be dropped.
  • Fixed a range issue with the Mindforce Focus implant.
  • Reduced the deterioration values on tailoring refiners a great deal.
  • Fixed an issue where the bleaching attachment deteriorated when you colored an item.
  • Reduced the resource claim time from three seconds to one second.
  • Several stability issues corrected.

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