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Release Date::2010/06/30
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Calypso Gateway
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Logo Planet Calypso 16px.png Planet Calypso
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The entrance to a world of opportunity and adventure

Introducing Calypso Gateway, the new content release from First Planet Company features a new entry point to the Entropia experience. For many years, Calypso colonist newcomers have started their new life on the busy streets of Port Atlantis, left with nothing but their bare hands and an orange jumpsuit. They have had a world of possibility to explore, but often the experience has proven daunting or overpowering. We expect this addition to Calypso to change that.

The Calypso Gateway is a secluded area consisting of an arrival terminal located on an island. After the avatar creation process, this will be the first point-of-contact with the game. Calypso Gateway features several introduction missions (“quests”), in which equipment is handed to the newly arrived to introduce him to the Colonist experience. Newcomers will be able to engage in hunting, mining and crafting, using the equipment given. The tutorial-like mission structure allow the newcomers to learn about Calypso, the Real Cash Economy model and the way the basic features work – all within a calm environment. The Gateway is a place where newcomers get at chance to interact and learn, without many of the distractions found elsewhere on Calypso, as the area is off-limits for all other colonists. Once you take the one-way teleporter to go to Port Atlantis on mainland Calypso you can never go back.

Open house event

For the veteran colonists who already have arrived and who wants to see this new area, FPC will host an open house event of Calypso Gateway for one week, allowing two-way teleportation to and from mainland Calypso. During this time, newcomers will still arrive at Port Atlantis.

During the open house period, in order to get the full newcomer experience, we recommend that you put all your avatar gear in storage on mainland Calypso (there are no storage or TT:s on Gateway) and travel to the area and engage in the missions. Your feedback is also welcome and allows us to iron out potential bugs or tweak missions before the newcomers try them out.

After the event, the Gateway will be updated, the newcomer starting point till be moved from Port Atlantis to Calypso Gateway and the teleporter will be made one-way-only. Any avatars present at the Gateway will be moved to mainland Calypso during this update. The reason for this is to allow newcomers to take their time and try out things without the stress of traders, chat message spam, a lot of strange terminology, etc.

New colonists may leave Calypso Gateway for Port Atlantis at any time; they are is in no way required to stay and complete the quests, but may leave whenever they wish.


More missions

New mission features have been introduced to the Gateway. Also, the existing quests have been adjusted to work with the new features, including a new Mission Terminal feature in Fort Troy. In addition to that, there are five new Iron Challenges, and four of the old Iron Challenges have been expanded with Bronze Challenges.

And it doesn’t even end there: there is also a mission chain at Cayuze. An old rivalry may appear again and with it, some not too obvious choices for participants. All in all, there are 45 brand new missions in this release!

Improved creatures

Berycled, Caudatergus and Tripudion have had an overhaul to provide a completely new audio-visual experience. They now look and sound a lot better!

Race on!

Two new race tracks have been added, one near Chug’s Hideout and one on the island west of Memorial Island. The area around the Oil Rig in PvP has had an overhaul to accommodate an arena with two forts for high-octane PvP vehicle combat.


A mysterious shuttle has crashed into the ocean near Cayuze outpost. As the shuttle is unmarked and nobody has claimed the salvage rights, Ishido Salvage Operations bought the salvage rights. Contact Fujiko Takida near Cayuze outpost for details about the shuttle crash.

Calypso Firearms Association expands the astounding success of the Iron Challenges. CFA is proud to announce the Bronze Challenge, four more challenges expanding on the most popular existing Iron Challenges. Five new Iron Challenges have also been issued, and on top of that, the acknowledged action movie star Stephan Wurmsteiger to host the Aurli challenge!


Furniture issues

  • Fixed rotation of Hanging Bookcase

Vegetation issues

  • Fixed transparent tree texture
  • Fixed blue giant trees

Terrain issues

  • Fixed flying objects
  • Fixed some terrain hole issues
  • Fixed terrain texture issues

CND issues

  • Fixed missing spawn points on CND

Building issues

  • Adjusted brightness in corridor at Emerald Lakes mall
  • Fixed graphics glitch in service building in OLA27
  • Auction in Fort Fury again have light

Miscellaneous issues

  • Fixed missing texture of Large Bull Horns
  • Fixed issues with names and descriptions of Amethera Outback Lands #05 and #09
  • Sweat Gun should no longer block view


  • Instruction dialogue in Crafting 101 part 2 lacks explanation of where to put the blueprint
  • End dialogue of Crafting 101 part 2 always assumes you succeed in crafting
  • Crafting and Manufacturing Officials at the Hub are on the wrong side and not facing the entry corridor
  • Dialogues in Understanding Hunting sometimes assume that the avatar is male. They should be gender-specific.
  • If you talk to the Chikara representative after Crafting 101 part 2 is done, and your avatar is female, the dialogue is stuck on the first page. The Chikara representative doesn't have any more missions after part 2.
  • In the mission Mining 101 lesson 2, the objective Get 3 Lysterium Stones is not marked as complete when you get the stones. He also sends you to dr Clark regardless of you getting the stones or not.

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