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Official release notes

07 Mar 2017

New Features
  • Added the Battle Simulator, a new globally-available time-trial competitive instance. (First leaderboard prizes to be awarded on Friday, March 10th at 15:00 UTC). For full details, please see the Battle Simulator web page. Link
  • Physically based rendering (PBR) has been implemented.
  • There is now a message at the start of a Dynamic instances that says it has extra loot that can be claimed.
  • The ‘Create’ button in the Support Center interface now opens the EntropiaUniverse.com support web page.
  • Fixed an issue causing the shader cache not to work as intended in some situations.
  • Fixed missing parts of space warp effects.
  • Fixed an issue causing effects flickering, for example upon avatar death.
  • Fixed an issue causing friend request messages not to be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue causing deteriorated items to be shown as quest rewards.
  • Fixed an issue causing equipped items to be unequipped regardless of what option is selected in the conflicting items dialog.
  • Fixed an issue causing chat window focus to be lost upon completion of mindforce chip upload.
Known Issues
  • It is possible to fall and become stuck in some areas of the Battle Simulator instance, stick to the centre path and bridges.
  • Temporary garments from the Battle Simulator avatar are sometimes still rendered after exiting the instance (relog to fix).
  • Avatars will become stuck when entering the Battle Simulator while the crafting interface is active.
  • After destroying the turret at beginning of third zone of the Battle Simulator, a red dot may remain visible on radar. It still counts as destroyed and the zone can be completed.
  • Entering the Battle Simulator from The Hub on Cyrene will result in weapons not functioning.
  • Participants who have modified the default movement keybinds may not be able to move once entering the Battle Simulator.

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