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|Short Description=Fixed Issues, Planet-Specific Releases
|Short Description=Fixed Issues, Planet-Specific Releases
|Updated Entity=Entropia Universe
|Updated Entity=Entropia Universe
|Affiliated Updates=Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.2
|Affiliated Updates=Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.2, ROCKtropia 2.0
== Official Release Notes ==
== Official Release Notes ==

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Release Date
Short Description
Fixed Issues, Planet-Specific Releases
Updated Entity
Logo Entropia Universe 16px.png Entropia Universe
Affiliated Updates
Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.2, ROCKtropia 2.0
Forum Thread
News section on EP.com

Official Release Notes

Fixed Issues

•Fixed issue with targeting armor parts in a a shop display area. •Fixed issue with market places in the Omegaton buildings. •Fixed so you can drop blueprint books in estates and shops. •Grace period is now interrupted when interacting with objects. •It is now possible to drop items on the floor in Medusa apartments again.

Planet-Specific Releases

Integrated planet content into Entropia Universe: •See http://www.planetcalypso.com/home/ for more information about Planet Calypso content. •See http://www.neverdie.com/content/ for more information about ROCKtropia content.

Known Issues

In some shopping mall display areas, blueprint books will be invisible when dropped.

Further Information

Un-noted changes, images of new stuff, etc go here