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Proteron and Leviathan introduced, bugfixes
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Colonist Apsara Sofia Rozenkreutz has made the discovery of the year: a seemingly extinct creature, the Proteron, is actually alive and healthy. Herds of these giant herbivores have been discovered in the south and east, but so far, Imperial Zoologist Scouts have not been able to pinpoint their territory.


Sound Issues

  • Fixed ambient sound around Wolverine Hope
  • Fixed missing sound for teleporting
  • Improved step sounds
  • Adjusted sounds of flying creatures

Creature issues

Terrain and Location Issues

  • Improved a lot of terrain around LA05, LA07, OLA18 and OLA11
  • Removed mountains and altered terrain around Fort Argus
  • Adjusted terrain of LAs near Wolverine Hope
  • Adjusted terrain of OLAs 52, 54, 34 and 28
  • Fixed missing texture on a few objects
  • Aligned various objects to ground
  • Fixed terrain issues all over the planet
  • The terrain in CND Biodomes has been adjusted
  • Fixed error with the teleporter at Shinook

Tier Upgrade Issues

  • Fixed issue with Show Enhancements buttons in Item Info
  • Fixed issue that blocks the skills and professions associated with upgrading Unlimited items
  • PvP trade of items of Tier 1.0 or greater is now possible

Miscellaneous Issues

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