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Item customization, Performance, bug fixes
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Colonial Administration reports that there is an anomaly in the SatNav system near the Oil Rig.


New and Reintroduced Systems

  • Item customization is back
  • If someone else aims at you, he or she will see a selected profession title below your name and society
  • Decoys are working again

Performance Improvements

  • Improved view distance calculations to increase performance and reduce popup
  • Added a Safe mode setting level to Graphics-Options-General Graphics Quality, all Graphics-Advanced dropdown menus, and to the Client Loader, that conserves graphics resources as much as possible
  • Adjusted all the other graphics setting levels to improve performance
  • If another avatar is too distant to be drawn, items carried by that avatar should no longer be drawn either
  • Improved performance by better distance-dependent handling of animation, inverse kinematics, physics et cetera for other players’ avatars

Item Issues

  • Rotation of an item in Item Info is no longer restarted when the item is equipped
  • Mining Survey UIs are now rendered on the display of the object even when the window is hidden
  • Left hand inverse kinematics is now turned off when holding a sword in relaxed pose, so the left hand is no longer twisted inside the body
  • Logging on with an avatar wearing a face mask no longer causes wrong appearance of the face

Graphics Issues

  • Added blurry reflections support
  • Fixed bug that caused wrong avatar appearance when logging in at a populated areas

Location Issues

  • The interior of Crystal Palace should no longer become invisible when you teleport there
  • Interior textures of the domes should now always be loaded when teleporting from Calypso to a dome
  • Fixed issues with indoors shopping booths
  • Items with a condition of less than 1 pec can now be dropped inside the owner’s own estate

Teleport Countdown Issues

  • Pressing alt-tab out of fullscreen mode while waiting to be teleported to revive terminal no longer freezes the countdown window
  • Fixed bug where death teleport timer was not reset to 10 seconds when killed while waiting for [[teleport] to nearest revival terminal

Miscellaneous Issues

  • It is again possible to add friends to Guest list on estates
  • Improved client stability


  • Decoys don’t bleat

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