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Mini update, bug fixes
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  • Creatures no longer continue moving when they die.

Sound issues

  • Missing sounds from fast fire weapons restored.

Location issues

  • Shop containers that were underground have been adjusted and moved above ground.
  • Background color adjusted in map.

Settings issues

  • Client Loader now correctly saves chosen Options settings after exiting.


  • An issue that caused items not to be visualized in estates after a server restart has been fixed.
  • Claiming an estate now correctly changes item ownership also.
  • Key bound Actions can once again be initiated on objects that are in-focus. Previously it was required that objects be selected in order for key bound Actions to work.
  • The Equip/Unequip icons are displayed appropriately in the Item Info panel.
  • Market Value panel snaps correctly to right side of Item Info panel.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • An issue where certain creatures were causing a sudden drop in frame rate has been resolved.
  • An issue in the private chat system, which displayed no message despite the user responding to the incoming message icon, has been fixed.
  • Auction Tabs and Buttons color adjusted to display consistent active status.
  • Optimizations to reduce memory consumption.
  • Falling animation restored.

  • Localized client versions available again.

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