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Finding more Information
  • Most individual TP pages have a lot more information than this table, click a specific TP name to access its page
  • Click the "Browse ... Teleporters link in the bar above for additional information and options
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Adding a Teleporter

  1. Enter the exact ingame name in the field above
  2. Click the "Add/Edit Teleporter" button
  3. Enter data in the fields of the form
  4. Click the "Save page" button
  5. Optional: Add additional data in each section of the TP page by clicking the Edit link of the according section

Editing a Teleporter (Infobox data)

  1. 3 Options:
    - Click the the Edit Pencil in the last column of the table
    - Click the name of the Teleporter, then on the TP page click the "Edit with form" tab
    - Enter the name of the TP in the field above, click the "Add/Edit Teleporter" button
  2. Enter data in the fields of the form
  3. Click the "Save page" button

Editing a Teleporter (Page sections)

  1. Click the name of the Teleporter
  2. On the Teleporter page click the Edit link of the according section
  3. Click the "Save page" button

Questions, suggestions, bug reports?

Ajoite Ridge(125046, 88557, ?????)Next IslandKoraha Area11.5.1In GameYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Ancient Ruins(138557, 82988, ?????)Next IslandCrystal AreaIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Biggle Bog(130476, 93471, ?????)Next IslandWao AreaIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Biological Research Area(137468, 83968, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In GameYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Boar Field High(137648, 83545, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In GameYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Boar Field Low & Medium(137499, 83366, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In GameYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Borass Rock(133785, 92033, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Bustamite Forest(132932, 97130, ?????)Next IslandIn GameYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
CND Suites Boat Entrance(144171, 87535, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Champion Beach(145266, 89702, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Club NEVERDIE(144068, 85473, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Crystal Arrival(136209, 84245, 227)Next IslandCrystal Area12.3.2RemovedYesYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Crystal Bay(137093, 83307, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Crystal Center(137351, 83243, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Crystal Cove(137042, 84286, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Death Valley(132411, 93861, ?????)Next Island11.5.1In GameYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Dodona(33629, 22705, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Drusy Blue Ridge(133905, 88477, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area11.5.1In GameYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Eclipse Valley(145723, 85260, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Emily's Lookout(124343, 92686, ?????)Next IslandWao AreaIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Enchanted Coastal Research Lodge(129332, 94046, ?????)Next IslandWao Area11.5.1In GameYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Enchanted Village(125372, 93124, ?????)Next IslandWao Area11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Enchanted Waterfall Ridge(126916, 93294, ?????)Next IslandWao Area11.5.1In GameYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Ephesus(39798, 20273, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Eruption Time Travel Club(141022, 86709, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Fenster Landing(135825, 88737, 192)Next IslandCrystal Area11.5.1In GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo12px-Edit_Pencil.png
First Wave Settlement(136379, 84366, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.3In GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Hidden Beach(146299, 89196, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Hidden Beach Underwater Passage(146331, 89516, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Hunters Waterfall Outpost(134435, 87442, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area11.5.1In GameYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Island Girl Spa(143867, 85148, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Jungle of Deams(146955, 88668, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Jungle of Dreams Ruins(146651, 88476, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE Island11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Kyanite Lake(125785, 86395, ?????)Next IslandKoraha Area11.5.1In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Kyanite Lookout(126006, 86929, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Macedonia(35264, 23071, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Misty Outpost(128378, 92653, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Morion Outpost(128982, 84245, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Mount Diete(38016, 17247, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Mount Olympus Basecamp(34992, 21967, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Mount Olympus Peak(34720, 22687, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Mount Pele(142156, 85632, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Mount Pele Checkpoint(142166, 86370, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Mushroom Marsh(126485, 90978, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND 500 Raceway(146244, 88626, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND 500 Raceway Market(144717, 87887, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Cove Hunting Ground South(145160, 86863, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Suite - Venice(143868, 86929, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Suites - Champions(143740, 87376, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Suites - Ibiza(143920, 87219, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Suites - Malibu(143541, 87054, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Suites - Samoan Princess(143527, 87546, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
ND Suites - South Beach(143427, 87248, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Neophyte Village(138044, 83951, ?????)Next IslandCrystal AreaIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Old Abandoned Post(136227, 91130, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Olympia(35008, 20207, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Omens Ridge(145611, 87265, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Omens Ridge East(146227, 87920, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Omens Ridge West(145530, 87600, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Orpheus' Cave(36000, 19871, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Orpheus' Way(136531, 86598, ?????)Next IslandCrystal AreaIn GameYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Papoo Village(137822, 83276, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Pearl Cove(137711, 85159, ?????)Next IslandCrystal AreaIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Raver's Beach(140054, 86697, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Sacred Ground(145579, 88876, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Salvation Outpost(128880, 89261, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Samoan Spa Suites(144225, 84879, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Serpentine Village(128000, 86646, ?????)Next IslandIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Shepherd's Beach(133747, 83236, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.3.0In GameYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Sherman Outpost(127648, 88419, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Sparta(35616, 19391, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Surfer's Paradise(143048, 83123, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Sypherton Gardens(133517, 93874, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Syracuse(33472, 19119, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Tanzanite View(135383, 88562, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
The Pit(137425, 83341, ?????)Next IslandCrystal Area12.4.2In Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Thebes(36208, 20703, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Thebes Amphitheater(36512, 20783, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Thebes Market(36048, 20511, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Thrace(38352, 23327, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Troy(39624, 22320, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Underworld Teleporter 1(35130, 19557, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn GameYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Underworld Teleporter 2(33983, 22065, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn GameYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Underworld Teleporter 3(38667, 22494, ?????)Ancient GreeceIn GameYesYesYesYesYes12px-Edit_Pencil.png
VS Nightclub(145953, 83454, ?????)Next IslandNEVERDIE IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Vulcans Pass(132626, 91602, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Warrior Peak(132351, 95632, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Xrager Island(134967, 96212, ?????)Next IslandIn Game12px-Edit_Pencil.png
Total: 88

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