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Planet Calypso Roadmap for 2010 posted by First Planet Company CEO Marco Behrmann on Entropia Gateway on February 5th, 2010.[1]

Planet Calypso Roadmap for 2010

The year 2010 is a turning point for both First Planet Company (the developer of the MMORPG Planet Calypso) and for MindArk (the developer of the Entropia Platform). Beginning with the next version update the releases will further show the separation between the two companies; MindArk will release the familiar VU 10.8 containing systems updates for the platform and FPC will release its first exclusive content release, called 2010|01. The name derives from the current year and which release in order for that year that’s being released.

I want to address three different areas of development in this statement. First I want to take a peek on some new stuff never before seen on Calypso, followed by a status report on old pre-VU10 systems not yet available, and finally share my thought and ideas on what FPC’s grand goal and ambitions are.

First Planet Company has some very exciting stuff going on for 2010. In mid February the next addition comes to the Planet Calypso colonists – the preview of the Quest/Mission system! This preview will contain a limited number of missions both for us to show what can be done but also allowing FPC to gather feedback in a controlled environment. A few weeks later we intend to release a large number of additional missions and will continue doing so for future releases to come. Missions will come in various forms, some ranging from assignments or jobs (typical MMO “grind” quests) while others focus on the experience, background and storyline of Planet Calypso. The mission system is a very advanced tool that MindArk has developed allowing for some quite interesting and unique-feeling experiences. Expect the complexity and depth of the missions supplied to increase with each new mission expansion release.

Another new system MindArk has shown FPC is one of the most anticipated systems ever (I think it was first mentioned back in 2005!) – The Vehicles system. We have had the opportunity to race through the Calypso underbrush at 60 km/h, jumping off cliffs and skidding into lakes. I personally believe the vehicle system is a great addition on many levels, from the actual experience of driving around, using it as tool for day to day activities but also from a business standpoint; who will become the Henry Ford of Calypso? Vehicles are expected to arrive during the spring.

Going back to the missing systems from VU 9.4, there are currently a few left that have not yet been re-implemented into the VU10 generation. The first of the missing systems to make a comeback is the Beauty system which will come in the Entropia Platform VU10.8 coming in February. Soon the avatars can get their hair done and make those nip/tucks needed after the Christmas festivities. The system next in line after that is the Mindforce system, which will come with additional powers and a new revised vision on what it is supposed to be; which part it will play in the bigger scope of things from player activity to the economy as a whole. The old system has been analyzed quite a bit and you can expect a better balance and more purpose in the new one. The MA devs also promise us that the basic system allows for adding additional powers quite easily, which I personally think is ideal as it brings FPC the ability to expand this area as time goes by.

When it comes to Taming, Mentoring, Makeup, and Beacons, MindArk has promised all of these will be back before the end of the year. Once FPC gets progress reports we will share them with you.

On a larger scale of things FPC is working on a Quality Enhancement Programme. We believe that quality is the key to achieving great entertainment and a fulfilling experience. We will not cut any corners when it comes to polish and the finishing touches on FPC content. The term quality is a difficult one to describe. The way we see it is to add beautiful vistas, great looking visuals as a whole, add to the Colonist Experience in terms of sense of purpose and belonging, adding much more lore, mythos, and background into the mix. To take Calypso to the next level and to make it feel energetic; as an entity that lives and breathes. The work of increasing the quality has already begun (you will see an updated server area in the 2010|01 release – we look forward to your feedback) and will continue during 2010 and beyond.

A very interesting reflection was when the Real Estate Development programme was launched late last year. It opened up options for estate owners to customize their lands and real estate. The programme has been a huge success. This has in turn allowed us to put more effort in quickly adding to it and advance it. As it looks right now we will probably add a new section and hire staff that will work full time with only the Real Estate Development requests and expand on it to allow more customization – I would like to see the option for an apartment owner to completely redecorate an apartment if desired and a land owner to be able to add villages and towns to their land.

I wish to close this statement by thanking each and every one of you who partake in Planet Calypso. Without you we wouldn’t be here. The last couple of months have been a bit rough and we really appreciate your patience and perseverance during this time. Together we can take Planet Calypso to the next level in every aspect of the word.


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