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In Entropia Universe hunting is one of the major professions/activities. Hunting basically means equipping a weapon and killing creatures but depending on one's style of playing can involve a lot of "parameters", for example: matching protection type to attack types of creatures to hunt, finding a spawn of specific creatues with the right size and re-spawn rate, team settings for team hunting, etc etc etc. If you don't find answers to your questions in this guide please ask on the forum: Tutorials, guides and help.

Hunting video tutorial[edit]

The very basics[edit]

W - Run Forward, S - Walk Backwards, A - Turn left, D - Turn Right. E - Jump. Q - Toggle Walk/Run. R - Toggle Auto Move Forward. Spacebar- Toggle: Aim with mouse/Mouse Cursor mode. Enter - to chat. G - Keyboard Hot-key setup, L - Editing Panel (Must be pressed to Edit Keyboard Hot keys). I - Inventory. Y - Action Library (All of the in-game commands, emotes, etc). J - Friend's List.

How to get a weapon[edit]

Do not beg. No one will give you something because you're about to cry, grow up. Starter weapons can be purchased from the TT (Trade Terminal) machine for a few PED. You will Notice they all start at level 0 and are SIB (Skill Increase Bonus) weapons. Your first few days you might have sold a bit of sweat, or spent $10 to try this new game.

Using a Weapon[edit]

Press I key for inventory, Right click your weapon> "Equip Item".

In "Mouse Cursor Mode", You can repeatedly Click on a creature to use the tool, or setup a hot-key to "Toggle Auto-Use Tool". Once the creature is Dead, press your Auto-Tool Hot key again to stop shooting.

In "Aim Mode", where your mouse movements turn your Avatar; you can Hold down the left click while your Weapon or item is equipped to "Use Tool". You can also Auto use tool in Aim Mode; simply equip weapon then aim your Crosshair at the creature and hit your Auto-Tool Hot key.

Rememeber to hit Spacebar to Toggle between the two modes.

Finding a creature[edit]

Run. The R key Toggles Auto-Run/Stop. Look at your Radar, it has a compass on it. M key will Open the Map - this will help you find the location you are heading to faster. You can also Right click anywhere on the Map to create a waypoint, once you are close - the waypoint will appear on Radar. If you can't find the creature or location you are looking for, you can ask in local chat or try Entropedia for Player updated Mob Locations/Teleporters.

Killing a creature[edit]

Once you start, don't stop unless you need to heal. Weigh up if you have enough ammo for the creature too - if you get half way through and run out - then it will regenerate HP and you'll have wasted what you shot into it.

Looting a creature[edit]

Double click the creatures Corpse. It will have a few shiny Gold bubbles floating around it if it is your loot. You can find the "Loot" Hot key in the action library; Very handy to assign to a key so you're not spamming the Double Click. My loot key is V.

More basics[edit]

In some cases, Higher level players will have better returns. The ultimate goal of Entropia is to spend as little as you can. This can be referred to as Economy or Eco.

Damage Per PEC is something you must be acquainted with. I like to call think of it as "More Bang for your Buck". Higher end hunting Weapon setups can get very close to 3.0 Damage per PEC, anything near this "Cost per Shot" is considered to be Economic.

Don't be scared away from this idea of "Only the Super Uber Skilled players get all the Good stuff", yes they are spending more than you so will probably loot bigger and more frequently. This doesn't mean it will take you Ten years to do the same. Check out this story about a week old Player who got an "All Time High". (ATH is the top 100 BEST loots ever. Once one is surpassed, it drops off the top 100 list)

Link to story>> [1]

Using Armor[edit]

Different Creatures do different attack types, and different percentages of these damage types. Having "The right fit" is another Mathematical problem you'll encounter. An Exarosaur for example, does 100% Impact damage. There are various Entropia Information sites just like Entropia Planets which will help give you these numbers and variables.

Using a Healing tool[edit]

Start with your Free tool in the Starter area and Heal EVERYONE! After it's dead, you'll probably be looking for another one. Just remember the SIB rule, Tools are SIB too.

Using Weapon Attachements[edit]

Weapon attachments other than Weapon Amplifiers, are said to increase Hit Ability and also Skill Gains. Many tests have been done to understand more what these attachments actually do and how much they do it.

Here is a Quote from Mindark:

Entropia Universe 11.2.0 Release Notes 21 Jun 2010

Attachment Parameter Changes

•Skill Bonus on Attachments. The skill modification effect now have a clarifying tool tip. The attachment gives a bonus to the user's hit ability and it has full effect when the target is on maximum weapon range. When the target comes closer the effect decreases and it reaches its minimum effect when the target is in the immediate vicinity. Since the effect is variable the hit ability parameter display is not affected by the skill modification.

•New Parameter on Attachments. A new parameter has been introduced on laser sights and scopes. This new parameter gives the user a skill increase bonus when the attachment is attached to the tool. The skill increase bonus of the attachment will affect the skill that the tool affect. The number does not indicate an actual increase rate percentage but a higher number is better than a lower.

Here is a link to a thread on the Planet calypso Forum, written by a player who shared their results using Attachments.


As an Economic Standpoint, it is probably better NOT to use extras unless you feel it is the right thing to do, or you have more money than you can care to count.

Using enhancers[edit]

Enhancers are a Stackable item which can be placed into an Item's Tier slot, once it has been unlocked. Enhancers break randomly during use so it can make your weapon more efficient if they last for a while, or it can reduce the economy if they break quickly. (L) Limited Items will Tier Upgrade Automatically, while Unlimited Weapons will hit Tier 0.9, the require a Manual upgrade by Right clicking the item> Tier Upgrading. Manual Tier upgrades require a list or recipe of various loots Such as Tier I Components, Nova and Piles of Garnet.

• Weapon Accuracy Enhancer

Increases Critical Chance.

• Weapon Range Enhancer

Increases the Weapon's Maximum Range.

• Weapon Damage Enhancer

Increases the weapons Min/Max Damage, decays weapon faster and increases Ammo Burn.

• Weapon Economy Enhancer

Reduces the decay and ammo burn on a Weapon

Mining Tools, Medical Tools and Armours also use Enhancers, More information about them can be found by searching the forums. At a low level, you will not need to worry about enhancing Weapons, it is probably less cost efficient to use because of the Market Value for the Enhancer.

Team Hunting[edit]

Some creatures have more HP than you could poke a stick at, this is where it's advisable to find a group of friends to work together to take it down. Make sure you setup a team with "Shared Loot" settings; this setting means you will each be distributed loot based on damage output. It is usually the fairest way to distribute your loot. Some people like to split Item loots between the amount of players in the team, this is not mandatory and in fact it is sometimes looked down up. If you loot the item, it is yours unless you have arrangements prior to the hunt.

It is good for players to have similar damage ranges so that loot is relatively even. If you're using a level 2 weapon, hunting with a player using a level 50 weapon - you will not be doing a lot of damage in comparison meaning you will not be looting half as much as you are spending.

In Teams, you can "Set Team Target". This will help your team know which one to shoot at next. Nothing worse than 3 big creatures coming at your team all at once, and someone has to Tank them all in an attempt to save you all from being brutally beaten down. Setting multiple targets can disorient your team. It is best that you assign one player in the team to be the Targeter; they will Target a Creature, pull it with their ranged gun and then everyone can start firing together once it is in range.

Tips for eco hunting[edit]

In this section you can find tips for hunting more economically. Some might fit your preferred play-style, others might not, consider to adopt what you like.

Hunt at your level[edit]

... So you're a level 20 now? Thinking about trying those Atrox? Go for it, just make sure you're not over spending for your level.

You max the Opalo or any other TT weapon around level 5, after this - start looking for a (L) Limited weapon which you have Yes or not anymore for. This will greatly change the possibilities of which creatures you can now hunt. You'll eventually find something which is a good level for you to hunt. A lot of people come to Entropia looking for ALL the answers straight away but it will take you some time to fully understand where you are at and where you are going; which mobs are easy and which are harder.

Chat to people in game to ask what they think is a good mob for your level.

Hunting "naked"[edit]

Don't wear any armor. When being hit armor decays. Just make sure to hunt creatues you can kill without armor. Alternatively, use the "Armour Advisor" on Entropedia. This will tell you which armour is the most economic to use against a specified Mob. Armour plating will increase the size of your Armour repair bill, so try hunting unplated first.

Balance your Armour and Medical costs and try to determine which will be cheaper in the long run.

Don't heal[edit]

Don't heal yourself with a tool. Healing tools decay when being used. You can hunt creatures that rarely hit you before you manage to kill them or you can just wait until you health is fully recovered and do something else meanwhile, fx chat, read a page or 2 in book, etc etc etc

Use eco amps[edit]

Amplifiers can increase your weapons firepower. Some amps might be sligly more eco than your weapon, using them will make your setup more eco in total. More firepower can also result in being hit less before you kill a creature, consequently potentially saving armor decay and healing decay. A more in-depth look and an example can be found there: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/weapon-amplifiers-why-do-they-matter.9397/

Avoid overkill[edit]

When a creature's health is that low that one more shot will kill it you can try to avoid making much more damage than it would take to kill the creature. You can use another weapon doing less damage than your standard weapon, a so called "finisher" for the so-called "kill shot".

Don't hunt but "swunt"[edit]

... A Patient Hunter probably started by Sweating to get his/her first Gun/Ammo. Sweat can be sold at it's various Market Value. If you have patience, you can sweat the lower level creatures with no Armour then kill it once it is dry.

From time to time, you will see sweaters all blasting at a Dry mob together, Quite an efficient technique!

Don't hunt without a mission[edit]

Before you start shooting hundreds of creatures without realizing how many you've actually killed, Grab the Mission for that Mob; if one is available. Most Missions can easily be found on Entropia Planets or entropedia.info

Avoid taxed areas[edit]

... More conspiracy theory than anything, Some players believe that every loot received on an LA is missing the % specified by the Land Area. This is another test which would require a lot of Money to test and even then would prove unconvincing results.

the Western Continent on Calypso "Amathera" is riddled with Player owned Land Areas.

Employ a healer[edit]

... Factoring in your Armour costs VS a Creature, it may save you a bit of PED to use a smaller armour or No Armour, and employ a Paramedic. Just like with Weapons, Healing tools are become more Economic to use when they have a higher "Heals per PEC". A Medic will keep you alive while you hunt and the money you save on your Armour Bill can be spent on other things, like Tips or more Ammo.

You will generally see a Hunter with a very small Med-kit such as a Herb box healing themselves for 20 seconds in-between mobs.

Utilize SIB weapons[edit]

... You will notice on an item's "Item Info" window, it will show a level requirement.

Do not use an item if it says "Not Yet" to Skill Increase Bonus. If it says "Yes", you will gain Skill Increase Bonus (Faster Skill gain). Although this may not be economic, it will boost you up in Profession level very quickly. Someone asked me the other day exactly how much more in % you gain than using Maxed Weapons, this is a MASSIVELY expensive test, but 10 years has proven SIB works.

The Most Economic way to use a weapon is to ensure you have maxed it. Using items and Weapons which have "Not Anymore" to Skill increase bonus, ensures you are using the item to it's maximum efficiency. The ultimate Goal is to get as much "Damage inflicted, Per PEC spent", "Damage per PEC" or "DPP". [3]

Certain Setups with amplifiers can increase your DPP, thus creating a more Economic Setup.

Old School Unlimited Weapons and items may say "Never" to SIB. Ultimately, this means you will not Max the item until level 100, therefore making it quite un-economic to use. Individual tests and setups with high end gear can possibly counter this, But SIB is the way to go.

Avoid getting hit[edit]

... Contrary to popular belief, Being hit by creatures gives you a chance at gaining some skills, Particularly Defensive skills. So not taking damage can be detrimental to your Avatar.

The more damage you take over time, the more your Evader and Dodger levels rise. For economy purposes, you'll want to spend as little as possible on your Armour and Medical costs. Inevitably, you will be hit. Get used to it :)

Tag creatures[edit]

... Rifles generally have a lot more Range than Pistols (Duh). Using a cheap Tagger, like the Opalo with it's 55+ meters range, then a higher level DPS gun can prove effective. This will stop you from dragging over ALL the creatures you're looking at, just the one you "Tagged".

Walk backwards[edit]

... Back in the day, there was an in-game exploit where some creatures were slower than your back pedaling speed; so you could hunt taking absolutely no damage. This since has been fixed and many new players back pedal thinking the mob wont hurt them. Yes, it will follow you. Back pedaling wont save you - in most cases you'll not be watching your surroundings and bump into another Mob's aggro range.

Use gear with high tier rates[edit]

... Higher level players will use a large Amplifier to increase their Economy and overall DPP. Enhancers can be put into Items when their Tier is unlocked. (L) Limited items will automatically upgrade whilst Unlimited items will require a "Recipe" of ingredients to be Manually upgraded.

Weapon Accuracy Enhancers will usually make your Weapon more economic. Armour Durability Enhancers will increase the durability on your Armour. Miners may find Enhancers for their Finder which will increase their Eco also.

Higher tier rates on (L) items means you will unlock Tier Socket faster.

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