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Community edited up-to-date (18 October 2014 21:36:54) guide for Entropia Universe and all the planets, including tutorials, let's play, videos, maps, lists, charts, etc etc etc for beginners and advanced players. This guide's pages have been viewed over 765,177 times.

Entropia Universe???
Looking for general information about Entropia Universe? Please refer to the following wiki page: Entropia Universe.

Beginners guide???
Looking for an introductionary guide for beginners? A tutorial orientated overview addressing newbies and covering almost everything from choosing a planet to download and installation to interfaces to first steps in game to further directions and much more can be found there: Entropia Universe beginners guide.

More or others questions???
Haven't found what you are looking for or want to ask something right away? You are invited to ask any question in the guides and help forum: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/guides-and-help.21/

Entropia Universe Guide Icon.png Welcome to the "Entropia Universe Guide"!
Shortcuts: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/Guide

For specific sub-guides and topics please use the dynamic tree menu in the top-right corner. It can be found on any page belonging to the guide including this one.

The guide contains the following sections and topics.

Before starting[edit]

Getting started[edit]

Good to know[edit]

Further steps and basic activities[edit]

Out of PED?
Sooner or later you run out of PEDs, ammunition or whatever resources. The you have too basic choices:

  1. Depositing money into Entropia Universe - the recommended way, pay small fees for your entertainment
  2. About Making Money in Entropia Universe - the hard and for most boring and pointless way, spent countless hours to receive the tiny amounts of money
    • Shortcut to the most popular activity for generating PEDs: Sweating guide

Becoming more efficient:

"The big three":

About this guide project[edit]

The goal of the project[edit]

The goal of this project is to create an as complete as possible guide (incl. tutorials, how to play, ...) of Entropia Universe and keep it as up-to-date as possible.

The wiki is predestinated for such a project since anyone can edit it, various types of content can be embedded, elaborated structures and styling can be applied.

Further info and discussion to be found in the forum thread Project Entropia Universe Guide

Contributing to the guide[edit]

Any contribution is welcome no matter whether its a 30 pages elaborated crafting guide or just a typo fix. Anything can be part of the guide, for example a map of a city, a single line remark like "there's no mining in Ancient Greece", a picture guide on how to file a support case, a youtube video introducing swunting, a written text guide on a 3rd party tool, etc etc etc.

If you have created a guide yourself please consider contributing it to this project, if you know someone else who created a guide please ask the person to contribute it to this project. Basic wiki editing is as easy as posting on forums; if you still feel uncomfortable contributing to the wiki directly please refer to this forum thread: Project Entropia Universe Guide.

Using content from the guide[edit]

The content created for the guide is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Using content from the guide at other place is not only allowed but encouraged. For further information on the license please to EntropiaPlanets Wiki:Copyrights.

Resources for creating guides[edit]

A number of resources are available to help creating and improving guide content, for example templates for displaying keyboard shortcuts such as Alt+Control, tooltips such as ...this tiny tooltip, and image libraries for example for skill icons.

Learn more about the available resources following this link.


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Basic Space Guide22,238
Entropia Universe Planets19,878
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Entropia Universe hunting guide10,333
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