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Appearing in the timeline:



December 2014[edit]
November 2014[edit]
October 2014[edit]
September 2014[edit]
August 2014[edit]
July 2014[edit]
June 2014[edit]
May 2014[edit]
April 2014[edit]
March 2014[edit]
February 2014[edit]
January 2014[edit]


December 2013[edit]
  • ...
November 2013[edit]
October 2013[edit]
  • ...
September 2013[edit]
  • ...
August 2013[edit]
  • ...
July 2013[edit]
  • ...
June 2013[edit]
  • ...
May 2013[edit]
  • ...
April 2013[edit]
  • ...
March 2013[edit]
  • ...
Febuary 2013[edit]
  • ...
January 2013[edit]

Entropia Universe TEN Banner.jpg


December 2012[edit]
  • ...
November 2012[edit]
  • ...
October 2012[edit]
  • ...
September 2012[edit]
  • ...
August 2012[edit]
  • ...
July 2012[edit]
  • ...
June 2012[edit]
  • ...
May 2012[edit]
  • ...
April 2012[edit]
  • ...
March 2012[edit]
  • ...
Febuary 2012[edit]
  • ...
January 2012[edit]
  • ...


December 2011[edit]
  • ...
November 2011[edit]
  • ...
October 2011[edit]
  • ...
September 2011[edit]
  • ...
August 2011[edit]
  • ...
July 2011[edit]
June 2011[edit]
  • 21 Jun 2011: 12.0.0 Space!
  • 16 Jun 2011 12:30 UTC: Planet Calypso back to MindArk: "MindArk wants to inform our users that the cooperation between SEE and MindArk has been terminated. From now on, MindArk will run the operation of Planet Calypso."
  • 14 Jun 2011: 11.10.5
  • 12 Jun 2011: Entropia Times June Issue
  • 08 Jun 2011: 11.10.4
May 2011[edit]
April 2011[edit]
March 2011[edit]
Febuary 2011[edit]
  •  ?? ??? 2011: 11.7.2
  • 22 Feb 2011: 11.7.1
  • 16 Feb 2011: 11.7.0 New Feature & Planet-Specific Release
  • 09 Feb 2011: 11.6.1 Avatar Makeover
  • 02 Feb 2011: 11.6.0 Dynamic Content Distribution Step 2
January 2011[edit]
  • 26-01-2011: 11.5.6 3-D Secure
  • 18-01-2011: 11.5.5 New Features


December 2010[edit]
November 2010[edit]
October 2010[edit]
September 2010[edit]
August 2010[edit]
July 2010[edit]
June 2010[edit]
  • 30 Jun 2010: 11.2.2 Improvements and Fixed Issues
  • 23 Jun 2010: 11.2.1 Improvements and Fixed Issues
  • 21 Jun 2010: Implementation of a major feature: Vehicles
  • 21 Jun 2010: 11.2.0 Vehicles
  • 09 Jun 2010: 2010.3 Calypso Gateway
  • 09 Jun 2010: 11.1.3 Improvements and Fixed Issues
  • 07 Jun 2010: 11.1.2 Improved client stability
  • 07 Jun 2010: 11.1.1 Improved client stability
  • 03 Jun 2010: 11.1.0 Reimplemented Mindforce
May 2010[edit]
April 2010[edit]
March 2010[edit]
  • 24 Mar 2010: 10.9.2 Improved server and client stability
  • 17 Mar 2010: 10.9.1 Bug fixes
  • 17 Mar 2010: 10.9 Improvements and fixed issues
  • 11 Mar 2010: 10.8.4 Fixed issue with repair installation in Client Loader.
  • 11 Mar 2010: 10.8.3 New features, improvements and fixed issues
  • 08 Mar 2010: 10.8.2 Improvements and fixed issues
Febuary 2010[edit]
  • 25 Feb 2010: 10.8.1 Repair Installation, bug issues
  • 24 Feb 2010: 10.8.0 Quest/mission & Beauty system
  • 19 Feb 2010: 2010.1 Preview [[missions], fixed issues
  • 02 Feb 2010: 10.7.2 Mini update
January 2010[edit]
  • 28 Jan 2010: 10.7.1 Bug fixes
  • 27 Jan 2010: 10.7 Bug fixes
  • 19 Jan 2010: 10.6.6 Bug Fixes
  • 14 Jan 2010: 10.6.5 Bug fixes, add Enhancer Technology Skill


December 2009[edit]
November 2009[edit]
October 2009[edit]
  • 29 Oct 2009: 10.2 - Teaming, Sweating, Enhanced navigation,
  • 22 Oct 2009: 10.1.2 - Mini update, bug fixes, Apartment/Televators working again
  • 17 Oct 2009: Launch of this wiki, EntropiaPlanets Wiki
  • 08 Oct 2009: 10.1.1 - Mini update, bug fixes
  • 06 Oct 2009: 10.1 - Teleport chips and Skill implants working again.
September 2009[edit]
  • 24 Sep 2009: 10.0.14 - Mini update, bug fixes
  • 21 Sep 2009: 10.0.13 - Mini update
  • 17 Sep 2009: 10.0.12 - Mini update
  • 16 Sep 2009: 10.0.11 - Mini update
  • 11 Sep 2009: 10.0.10 - Mini update
  • 09 Sep 2009: 10.0.9 - Mini update, bug fixes
  • 04 Sep 2009: 10.0.8 - Mini update, new outposts & bugfixes
  • 01 Sep 2009: 10.0.7 - Mini update, bug fixes
August 2009[edit]
  • 26 Aug 2009: 10.0.4 - Mini update, bug fixes
  • 17 Aug 2009: 10.0 - CryEngine2
    Cryengine2 Logo White.gif
April 2009[edit]
  • 8 May 2009: GSA Magazin 12, 12th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
April 2009[edit]
  • 08 Apr 2009: 9.4.4 - Mini Update
  • 01 Apr 2009: GSA Magazin 11, 11th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
March 2009[edit]
  • 18 Mar 2009: 9.4.3 - Mini update
  • 05 Mar 2009: 9.4.2 - Orbs removed
  • 01 Mar 2009: GSA Magazin 10, 10th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
February 2009[edit]
  • 18 Feb 2009: 9.4.1 - Mini update, bug fixes
  • 16 Feb 2009: 9.4 - New Genesis building, TI rearranged, updated Transfer Center, Cash Card temporary disabled, official Vista support, launcher update, new website, EULA update, CE2 and planet updates
January 2009[edit]
  • ...


December 2008[edit]
  • 02 Dec 2008: GSA Magazin 09, 9th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
November 2008[edit]
  • 16 Nov 2008: GSA Magazin 08, 8th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
October 2008[edit]
September 2008[edit]
  • 19 Sep 2008: GSA Magazin 06, 6th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
August 2008[edit]
  • 09 Aug 2008: GSA Magazin 05, 5th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
July 2008[edit]
  • 13 Jul 2008: GSA Magazin 04, 4th issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
June 2008[edit]
  • 30 May 2008: GSA Magazin 03, 3rd issue of the German Entropia Universe fan magazine.
May 2008[edit]
April 2008[edit]
March 2008[edit]
February 2008[edit]
January 2008[edit]
  • ...


December 2007[edit]
November 2007[edit]
October 2007[edit]
September 2007[edit]
  • ...
August 2007[edit]
  • ...
July 2007[edit]
  • ...
June 2007[edit]
May 2007[edit]
  • ...
April 2007[edit]
March 2007[edit]
February 2007[edit]
January 2007[edit]
  • ...


December 2006[edit]
November 2006[edit]
October 2006[edit]
  • 13 Oct 2006: 500,000 accounts
"MindArk are delighted to announce that we've just passed 500,000 registered accounts for the Entropia Universe. Passing this milestone feels like a great achievement for both us and the community, and rumor has it that the number of rare items that certain mobs carry seems to have increased.
A big thanks to everybody around the world who make the Entropia community as great as it is. See you all at 1 million."
September 2006[edit]
  • 30 Sep 2006: Über mag Issue 1, 1st issue of the Entropia Universe fan magazine.
  • 25 Sep 2006: The bankruptcy of MindArk is completed
August 2006[edit]
July 2006[edit]
  • ...
June 2006[edit]
  • ...
May 2006[edit]
April 2006[edit]


March 2006[edit]
  • ...
February 2006[edit]
January 2006[edit]


December 2005[edit]
November 2005[edit]
  • ...
October 2005[edit]
September 2005[edit]
August 2005[edit]
  • ...
July 2005[edit]
  • ...
June 2005[edit]
  • ...
May 2005[edit]
  • ...
April 2005[edit]
  • ...
March 2005[edit]
  • ...
Febuary 2005[edit]
  • ...
January 2005[edit]
  • ...


December 2004[edit]
  • ...
November 2004[edit]
  • ...
October 2004[edit]
  • ...
September 2004[edit]
  • ...
August 2004[edit]
  • ...
July 2004[edit]
  • ...
June 22004[edit]
  • ...
May 2004[edit]
  • ...
April 2004[edit]
  • ...
March 2004[edit]
  • ...
Febuary 2004[edit]
  • ...
January 2004[edit]
  • ...


December 2003[edit]
  • ...
November 2003[edit]
  • ...
Oktober 2003[edit]
  • ...
September 2003[edit]
August 2003[edit]
July 2003[edit]
  • ...
June 2003[edit]
  • ...
May 2003[edit]
April 2003[edit]
March 2003[edit]
  • 05 Mar 2003: 5th issue of The Gate, the official Magazine created by MindArk: The Gate Issue 5
  • 19 Mar 2003: BN – Robots Blast Supply Ship to Bits!This evening, beginning at 9 PM MA time and for the following few hours, a Class III Hawker Clark Type Supply Ship will be hit by an evil robot attack. The explosion following the destruction of the ship will spread supplies all over Calypso! Guns and ammunition is scattered throughout the landscape and it’s up for grabs – by those fortunate enough to be there!

Omegaton officials deny the rumor that the cargo includes several high-valued items, such as the M2875 laser pistol or the Fire Forge DAR 9300. “That is utter nonsense – that kind of weaponry was not on this peaceful supply ship deployed to help the brave colonists during these hard times when the machines are attacking us once again,” Omegaton junior board member Jace Rykheer expressed in a short statement.

Those on the ground will know whether this is the truth or not.

Febuary 2003[edit]
  • 17 Feb 2003: The company MindArk PE is registered with the Swedish business register
  • 13 Feb 2003: MindArk and Telia Strike a Deal [4]
  • 05 Feb 2003: The company MindArk PE is formed
January 2003[edit]

With Version Update 4.2 on 28 January 2003, the game was considered “Gold”.

VU 4.2 PE Gone Gold!!!




IN PROJECT ENTROPIA! IT MIGHT PROVIDE THE INFO YOU NEED BEFORE APPROACHING PROJECT ENTROPIA SUPPORT! *** Welcome! The Version Update 4.2 (“VU 4.2″) for Project Entropia is a major step in the development of Project Entropia. Information about the content of the version update is located in this document. The VU 4.2 is scheduled for a release at the 30:th of January 2003.

VERSION UPDATE FEATURES Participant versus Participant combat available In a special area on the western shore of the continent of Eudoria (marked on the in-universe map) there is a special area where combat between participants is allowed. When entering this area the participant will be notified about the current status. Avatars are not lootable. The area in itself is quite valuable, with rare mineral deposits and uncommon creatures roaming round. Personal Storage Facilities present

In various areas in Project Entropia each Avatar has the ability to use a Personal Storage Facility. This functions as a safety deposit box, in which you can store items of your choice. Certain items may not be placed here, namely Blueprint books, Deeds, the PED Card, Exchange certificates, and the orange starting clothes. The maximum amount of items that can be stored is at present limited to 500 items. A single stack of several items counts as one item in this Storage Facility. The Storage Facility is currently free of charge.

NOTE: In the next VU (4.3), the weight allowance will be reduced on your Avatar. Therefore we urge you to maintain a reasonable number of items on your Avatar. Also remember that a smaller inventory will increase performance and load times across the board.

Avatar look redesign All old participants have the option to redo their Avatar looks. The Avatar will keep all items and skills. To keep the old Avatar look just press “Accept” without modifying the settings. You will also be able to change your Avatar name.

PLEASE NOTE that the name chosen is indeed your Avatar name, not your personal name. Also note that titles and ranks will soon be implemented in Project Entropia, reducing the need for entering such “names” as Avatar names. The Avatar name CANNOT be changed after it is entered and accepted.

Hall of Fame updated The Hall of Fame (“HOF”) has been updated. A new area of fame is the crafting section. The HoF is also split in two sections, one for “All Time High” events, and one that shows the greatest effort of the last 24 hours.

Exchange enhanced Several updates and enhancements have been made in the Project Entropia Exchange. Better information is available, and the interface has been tweaked for better understanding and functionality.

Skills are rated Each skill has an individual rank associated with it, indicating how good an Avatar is in their respective field.

Skill experience tweak The rate at which an Avatar gains experience in his or her skill levels has been set to the correct level.

Skill icons The skills interface has new icons, making it easier to find a typical skill. NPC:s populate Project

Entropia In various location there will be NPC:s (Non-Participant Characters) present, doing their thing. Enhanced transfer capabilities Several enhancements in the Bank Interface while transferring money from a real life credit card to PED:s have been made. Many of the problems with getting the now infamous “Internal error” message have been eliminated.

Limit amount of items per transfer The number of items you can transfer in a Trade Terminal is limited to 40. A single stack of items (for example ore or ammunition) counts as one item.

Blueprint books tradeable You can now trade and sell blueprint books.

Drop Confirm dialogue box Every time you try to drop an item you have to confirm it.

Monsters drown After a short while below water the monsters not ordinarily living in water will drown. Drowned animals will not drop loot.

Clothes More various clothes are present in Project Entropia.

Faster Society functions The technology running the Societies has been updated and should not take as much time as before accessing it.

Attributes Rating Values Fixed The avatar attributes (Strength, Agility, etc.) were shown wrongly on the client. The correct values are now shown.

Invisible weapon accessories now visible

Weapon accessories, like scopes, laser sights and amplifiers, are now shown correctly. Weapon decay mismatch fix

In some rare instances the value of a weapon was shown differently from the time you last logged out of Project Entropia, compared to the next time you logged in. This has now been resolved, and the correct value is always saved on the server.

New client loader and login screen Project Entropia has a new leaner and more capable client loader, updater and information viewer.

Resumable downloads The auto-updater utility keeping Project Entropia current has received an added resumable download capability. This means that if the connection should fail during a download, once you restart it, you will begin downloading the files from the point the connection failed.

New firewall ports Sometimes the participant can’t connect to the Project Entropia Virtual Universe because of their firewall. Opening the following ports in the firewall you use can easily solve these problems. · 20, 21 (TCP outbound) – Additional TCP port outbound for passive mode FTP

· 30584 (UDP inbound/outbound)

· 30592 (TCP outbound)

· 31111 (UDP inbound/outbound)

Newbie Guide online On the Project Entropia web page there is a newbie guide present to educate newly arrived colonists about Calypso of what to expect and how to use Project Entropia, while downloading the client software.

Exploit Information Reward System active At the Support section at http://www.project-entropia.com a new Exploit reporting category has been added. Participants who encounter “exploits” (bugs that can be manipulated into cheating) and report these to MindArk can be rewarded with up to 1000 PED:s.

KNOWN ISSUES Radar is not updating all the time Yes, we know. It has become better though. It will be completely fixed in the future.

Yes, you can run through trees This is not a bug.

Missing icons on clothes and items On certain PC configurations sometime the item icons in the inventory become invisible, or you receive a dummy icon called “Unable to show”. If this happens to you, please update to the latest video card drivers, check if Project Entropia officially supports your video card, and also change the video settings on the Setup button in the initial login screen. If this fails, please contact the Project Entropia Support.

Background music causing Crash To Desktop (“CTD”) Sometimes a bug in mp3 decoder system causes the Project Entropia client to crash to desktop while playing a music file. If you experience a lot of CTD you could try to completely shut down the music in Project Entropia using the Options Interface.

This message was edited January 28, 2003 15:30:56 GMT Regards Marco Behrmann

Community Representative

MindArk AB


December 2002[edit]
November 2002[edit]
  • 29 Nov 2002: VU 4.0 Construction system
  • 11 Nov 2002: Second Issue of The Gate, the official Project Entropia Magazine created by MindArk: The Gate Issue 2
October 2002[edit]
August 2002[edit]
Jun 2002[edit]
May 2002[edit]
Jan 2002[edit]


December 2001[edit]

-> Press Release:$100,000+ To Be Available in Project Entropia, Commercial trial phase

November 2001[edit]
  • 16 Nov 2001: Project Entropia Development Report 4 by Patric Sundstrom
  • 06 Nov 2001: Version Update: "notable features included new camera controls that allow rotation around your character and zooming, an improved armor system with multiple pieces in place of single whole-body armors, upgrades to the inventory system, a number of new monsters as well as more of them than before, and a variety of new terrain objects to help make the world look and feel more complete."
October 2001[edit]
September 2001[edit]
  • 21 Sep 2001: Beta Phase II Screenshots:
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 01.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 02.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 03.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 04.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 05.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 06.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 07.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 08.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 09.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 10.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 11.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 12.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 13.jpg
  • Project Entropia Beta Phase II 21 September 2001 Screenshot 14.jpg
August 2001[edit]
July 2001[edit]
June 2001[edit]
May 2001[edit]
April 2001[edit]
February 2001[edit]
January 2001[edit]


December 2000[edit]
  • MindArk AB protects its brand name [17]
November 2000[edit]
October 2000[edit]
September 2000[edit]
May 2000[edit]
Apr 2000[edit]
March 2000[edit]


  • "The company, MindArk AB, was started in 1999, with the purpose of bringing the work of the two groups together, and to finalize the development of

Project Entropia." [19].

July 1999[edit]


August 1998[edit]
  • 28 August 1998: The company MindArk was registered with the Swedish business register
  • 14 August 1998: The company MindArk was formed


  • "In 1997, it was decided that a new company should be founded with the purpose of implementing the concept designed by the two groups." [20].


  • "The concept design of Project Entropia was initiated in 1995 and was performed by one group of engineers in Switzerland, lead by Benny Iggland, and by one group in Sweden headed by Jan Welter Timkrans." [21].

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