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Name Beladoth
Picture Moblist thumb Beladoth.gif
Origin Planet Arkadia
Destination(s) Arkadia
Class Animal
Stab (%) 40
Cut (%) 40
Impact (%) 20
Penetration (%) 0
Shrapnel (%) 0
Burn (%) 0
Cold (%) 0
Acid (%) 0
Electric (%) 0
Movement Running
Combat Close
Aggression Medium
Tamable No
Sweatable Yes
Version Update



Large and frightening with its natural body armour, the Beladoth is a strange Creature indeed, and will go out of its way to attack and potential threat.

It is quiet, strong, and well protected, and is capable of doing serious damage and withstanding quite an array of threats

Name Explanation[edit]

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Maturities and stats [edit]

LevelSweatHealth LevelDamage
75px-004.pngBeladoth Young1,530311530MassiveLarge15152015322012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-004.pngBeladoth Mature1,650351650MassiveLarge16152016523012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-004.pngBeladoth Old1,780381780MassiveLarge17152017824012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-005.pngBeladoth Provider1,920411920MassiveLarge18152019225012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-005.pngBeladoth Guardian2,080452080MassiveLarge19152020826012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-005.pngBeladoth Dominant2,230492230MassiveGreat20152022327012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-006.pngBeladoth Alpha2,340532340MassiveGreat21152023428012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-006.pngBeladoth Old Alpha2,470582470MassiveGreat22152024729012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-007.pngBeladoth Prowler2,610622610Extremely HighGreat23152026130012px-Edit_Pencil.png
75px-007.pngBeladoth Stalker2,750682750Extremely HighHuge24152027531012px-Edit_Pencil.png


MissionDestinationMission ChainMission ScopeMission GiverPositionStart ConditionObjectivesRewardsVU
IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 1ArkadiaIFN Challenge - BeladothHuntingIFN Terminal(?????, ?????, ?????), Kill 75 Beladoth Skill:Diagnosis (~0.7 PED TT)
IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 2ArkadiaIFN Challenge - BeladothHuntingIFN Terminal,(?????, ?????, ?????)IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 1, Kill 400 Beladoth Skill:Intelligence (~ PED TT)
IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 3ArkadiaIFN Challenge - BeladothHuntingIFN Terminal,(?????, ?????, ?????)IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 2, Kill 1200 Beladoth
IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 4ArkadiaIFN Challenge - BeladothHuntingIFN Terminal,(?????, ?????, ?????)IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 3, Kill 4800 Beladoth
IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 5ArkadiaIFN Challenge - BeladothHuntingIFN Terminal,(?????, ?????, ?????)IFN Challenge - Beladoth Stage 4, Kill 12000 Beladoth

Land Area Zone Quantity Maturity Old
14370, 29870 Zone 0/10 0/10
19952, 17335 Zone 0/10 0/10
14400, 30000 Zone 0/10 0/10
Location Zone 0/10 0/10


Item Frequency Last VU
item Common x.x.x
item Common x.x.x
Item Common x.x.x


Hunting Log[edit]

Average Return on Beladoth:  %


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