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Mini update, bug fixes
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  • Performance improvements.
  • Fixed issue affecting some make up masks.
  • All split and merge functions for bags working correctly again. Weight limit correctly in effect.
  • Keyboard map key binding functioning correctly.
  • Stackable items updated correctly when stacking.
  • Inventory updated correctly when items are moved to mannequin and shopkeeper.
  • Items categorized correctly when dragging between inventory, storage, blueprint book etc. also looted items correctly categorized.
  • Blueprint books display correct level.
  • Avatar society correctly displayed above avatar after teleport.
  • Maximum texture size for ad sequences increased to 1024x512.
  • Raw materials updated when used in refiners.
  • Items can be moved in loot panel.
  • Pet deed removed from inventory after taking pet from stable.
  • Multiple friend status bars can be drawn from friends list.

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