ze gatofias gato

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Burgerman, Mar 8, 2009.

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    This guy is in the society Tugas on Power (TOP). I tried finding the society leaders in the forums to private message them, but was unable to find them so I'll post this warning here instead.
    On my last flight from CND to the planet, I experienced an interesting scam pulled by ze gatofias gato. The pilot was one I have flown with many times, and I consider a reputable pilot. After booking my ticket, and waiting awhile as usual for the flight to fill up (4 passengers), when there were 3 passengers in the team the pilot called to say we were ready to go. Upon entering the ship, the pilot asked for a higher than normal ticket price. Turns out that this ze gatofias gato person had told the pilot that myself and the other passenger had agreed with him to pay extra so as to fly with only 3 not 4 passengers. Nobody had agreed to any such thing, it was just ze gatofias gato trying a scam because he was impatient to get off CND.
    So beware. He is certainly added to my kill-on-sight list. :hehe:
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