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Z-Games Resurrection - A Mining Event

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Mercury, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    OLA 45 & OLA 46 – Miner’s Paradise & Proteron Pasture

    Coordinates of Shopkeeper/Revival
    OLA 45 (18080, 59300)
    OLA 46 (19000, 62300)

    Land Area Owners
    OLA 45 – Atami Tami Atame
    OLA 46 – Darth Skippie Boobie & Jenna Star Mercury

    Event Coordinator
    Jenna Star Mercury (See me if you have questions)

    1st Round of Z-Games
    Start: 2010-11-1 @ 16:00
    End: 2010-12-1 @ 16:00
    (Screenshots accepted 24 hours after this must show time stamp from before the end of the contest)

    General Information/Rules
    The Z-Games have a card similar to the game “Bingo”. The goal is to fill in you card with entries forming a straight line 5 entries across; they can be arranged horizontally or diagonally. You fill in your card by obtaining Ore or Enmatter finds which start with the letters G, A, M, E, and S. The coordinates of your resource claim deed will be used as well when filling in your card. This will be done by selecting 1 number or 2 consecutive numbers in EITHER your X or Y coordinates for your claim deed.

    *Important Note: You MAY NOT fill in your card vertically since this would result in having to find only 5 of the same resource (which is far too easy).

    **Important Note #2 - New to the Z-Games Resurrection: In order to help promote both Land Areas, a new requirement has been added. You must use at least 2 claims from each Land Area on your card when submitting it.

    An example: Gold found at (3133, 33333)
    This would fit into the G section of the card and would be usable for any 1, 3, 13, 31, or 33 in your card’s G section. *Note that there is no 31 or 33 possible in the G*

    Another example: Solis Paste found at (3125, 32500)
    This would fit into the S section of the card and would be usable for any 3, 1, 2, 5, 0, 31, 12, 25, 32, or 50 in that section. This wouldn’t be very useful though as the card’s S section is in the 60-75 range.

    *Important Note: You must specify which of the numbers you will use that particular find for when the screenshot is posted. You MAY NOT use the same find for multiple numbers in that section. Because of this Editing of posts isn't allowed. If you make a mistake, post right after it saying what the mistake was.

    As you can see there is no Z section on the card. This is a bonus multiplier. In order to obtain the multiplier, you’ll need to find either Zanderium or Redulite in any location on the Land Area. You may also substitute globals and hofs added together valued over 2k as your Z-multiplier if neither Zanderium nor Redulite is found.

    The word GAMES was selected because there is at least 1 resource on this LA starting with each of the letters needed. Garcen, Gold, Acid Root, Magerian, Melchi, Erdorium, and Solis are all known to be found on LA 45 as well as Zanderium. There are many other resources not beginning with G, A, M, E, or S found on this LA.

    *Important Note: If you do happen to find a mineral or enmatter not listed that begins with G, A, M, E, or S, feel free to use it!

    How to Win
    Filling in your card wins you a minimum of 25 PED. Keep in mind that the Z-Games Resurrection requires 2 claims from each Land Area on your card.

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are decided by the combined claim size values of your 5 claims used to complete your card (5 roman numerals added).
    The Z-Multiplier gives you an extra 200 PED (or in the case of the teamhunt with 3, 15 minutes) toward the top 3 prizes. This means if you get 1st place and have found Zanderium on the LA as well, you’ll receive a 600 PED hunt with one hunter, an extra 15 minutes with the 3 hunters, or 750 PED for a prize. The bonus prizes will get a 2x boost with the Z-Multiplier but will not get the 200 PED additional.

    “Z-GAMES” Card
    The Z-GAMES card may change after the completion of the current month so be sure that you have the most recent card before participating. The current card will be displayed below as well as the card from the month prior.

    Current Card


    Event prizes (every month)

    First place:
    Option (A) 400 PED ammo hunt with Atami, Skippie, or Star. Full armor used on any mob (The one you pick takes the decay, they pay the 400 PED, and you loot mobs!)
    Option (B) 30 minutes of hunting with Atami, Skippie, and Star. You pay the ammunition used and they cover the decay. (They take decay, you pay ammo, you loot mobs killed by the 3 of them!)
    Option (C) 550 Pure PED (Paid in PED PED PED!)
    *Mob must be within reason and able to be killed without horrible difficulty.
    **Option A, B, or C, not all 3.

    Second place:
    OA-104 (L)

    Third place:
    OA-103 (L)

    *Add 200 PED to any prize if you have the Z-Multiplier
    (Bonus Prizes don't add 200 PED but do double if you have the Multiplier!)

    Screenshot rules apply
    All screenshots must have the time and position (C/P) and the claim deed must be open with the claim position and size visible. If it is a Global or HOF, please be sure to have the Global or HOF message visible.

    *All screenshots must be posted within 24 hours

    Additional prizes
    Pioneering Claim: 10 PED for any mineral or enmatter found but not yet listed currently on the threads for OLA45 or OLA46.

    Highest Single Claim: 50 PED for the highest claim found each month.

    Most Claims: 100 PED will be awarded for the most total Global and HOF claims found on this land area each month.

    Post your screenshots in this thread within 24 hours.

    Best of Luck and dust off your gear for the Z-Games resurrection!

    If you have questions feel free to ask in this thread or PM. I reserve the right to slightly adjust the rules within the 1st week in case there is something I missed.

    Addition to the Rules: Post ONLY your Globals, Hofs, or Scorecard finds in this thread. If you find a larger find that fits the scorecard you may substitute it in. Do not post random normal finds unless they are Zanderium or Redulite.

    Important Note: Having run rounds of the Z-Games in the past, it has been realized that we could save confusion regarding scores if we have some additional rules in effect for posting your scores. Please post your find Size, Type, and Spot on the card when posting. Also, if you finish a line, PM Mercury with the line you've finished as well as your score. Please check your opponents to be sure everything is in line and bring attention to anything that doesn't seem right in their screenshots.
  2. Reserved for Scoreboard.

    Please provide any input about the event and how it can be made better. We're really trying to find a good way to make it so both LA's get equal traffic during the event. Suggestions to make this happen would be appreciated.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Nice looking event, 25ped guarantee for finishing the card is a sweet deal for even the low level miners.

    good luck to everyone competing ;)


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