Your Dream Land Area

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by itto, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. How would your favorite Land Area be designed?

    what kind of mob would you like to see there
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  2. for other:

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  3. Combibos jam jam, big ones, really big ones ohh and estos is nice as well
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  4. ARMAX!!!


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  5. hmm
    Kind of suprised that Maffoids getting that much support :shock:

    Well well you learn something every day ;)
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  6. Hi Klod,

    I have good news for you.
    Our soc. is the new owner of LA28. (Chinook Jungle)
    The maturity has been raised a bit and 2 dna samples Estos at maximum spawn now.;)

    A lot of events are upcomming on the Esto's with variable maturities adapted to the event.

    And dunkel had been found by 4 ppl I know in the last two day's. :ok:

    I'm open for ideas. If you wan't to create event's you can alway's aks me for sponsoring prices...

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  7. Im tempted to try a event down since it was so long ago I did it last time. Hmm Im happy u give me the opportunity and will spend some time to create something intresting.
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  8. maybe i am just odd but i like good views like good scenery ( sry about bad spelling)
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