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xtal refiner

Discussion in 'Items' started by calemus, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. i was just told ingame that a "crystal refiner" dropped monday :(
    this is thursday and i am VERY interested
    who got it
    what did it drop from
    will there be craftable and lootable xtal refiners
    whats the tt
    whats the mark up
    and if it's craftable what will the 101 version cost to make in matts per try
  2. Interesting... Maybe this is why you can't refine crystals with the energy refiner anymore. But you'd think they would have introduced a crystal refiner first before disabling the energy one? Or at least doing something about the size of the unrefined crystals in inventory??
  3. Crystal refiner?


    If it's not a joke, then things are getting all the more interesting... i guess there will be no MU yet but i sure as hell want to know more :D
  4. If a new item is discovered it is normally reported in the Hall of Fame. I have not seen a crystal refiner reported.

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