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Planet Calypso: Xmas gifts 2017 - The clones of the past

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by McCormick, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Seems like everyone got these this year. Even if you havent deposited at all.

    The tree itself is the very same tree item, as it was handed out as xmas gift in 2002/2003.
    Making them more or less worthless now. Nice one !
    Also, no item description and different TT value.

    Fireworks anyone ?

    The Skumtomte Candy, was already released before, but as statue/decoration. Not as chewable Speed Boost. Ah well, free itamz, yayyyyy....

    xmas gift 2017.
  2. Dont remind me... i have 2 of the older trees
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Oooh I hope I get a tree for the apartment. (But sorry to the folks who just got devalued - Entropia is dynamic again).
  4. San


    I really think this is one of the last things to worry about right now. They would have gotten more heat if they spent time on trinkets while there are such existential issues as the type of bugs that keeps multiplying lately. So recycle an old design which was liked is only logical. I keep getting surprised what objects people find worthy for speculation...
  5. Oh ya San, back in the days, an xmas tree was one of the rarest items on planet calypso. :)
    And yes, this isnt the 1st time MA cloning items to devalue them.
    For now its decoration, clothes and low end items, because they need to keep their rich guys depositing.
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    While I do get that this is bad for people who have value stashed in old items I can't help feeling one if the biggest issues around say property was that MA made internal decoration way too expensive in the early days. For what it gets you, it is far too pricey for most people to want to consider kitting out a nice pad.

    MA never really got houses/furnishing right imho.

  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Or clothes for that matter.
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ah well you win some you loose some. In my case, I won this year (loved putting all the presents under the tree).

    Entropia 2017-12-19 20.32.54 [2, 53431, 69291, 147].
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    PS if anyone ever wants to teach me how to stack or put things on walls that shouldn't normally be allowed on walls. I would be a very happy bunny.

  10. Be carefull what you wish for :)
    I have a painting on the wall that actually belongs there, but hey, I can't remove it anymore. lol
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  11. I didn't have a tree yet, so I am happy.. I also didnt have a train.
  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Kira Red:


    I’m the happiest Christmas tree,
    Ho ho ho he he he,
    Someone came and they found me,
    And took me home with them.

    The Omegaton West Habitat is a large collection of apartment dwellings on the western side of Amethera. In one of the towers, in one of the apartments, lives Red. She often refers to the habitat as the “West Slum”, as it is certainly not an upscale neighbourhood.

    In antiquity, on Earth’s northern hemisphere, the winter solstice was the time of the last great feast before the famine of winter. The festival brought together the community for fellowship and celebration. In many cultures, a decorated tree, the Tannenbaum, would serve as a centrepiece. Many families would often keep one of their own, in addition to those decorated in public areas. As the winter solstice marked the end of the year, some individuals would also take time from the festivities for solitary reflection and meditation. Red was one such individual.

    Now, in her apartment, she had made a small bowl of Atrox tail stew. A Feffoid trader had once taught her how to prepare this odd dish. Once there was a time when there were a few of the mutant Feffoids who were brave, or perhaps foolish, enough to accept human company. The one who gave her the recipe; she had called her friend. While she ate, she wondered what had happened to that particular Feffoid. It was likely not pleasant, she thought, although she preferred to believe he was alive and happy somewhere.

    She had turned off all the lamps and the room was lit by the flickering of Advent candles and the soft twinkling of the lights decorating her Tannenbaum.

    Clutching a small worn doll, she sat gazing at the tree. She popped the cork off a bottle of Sjoeblom Crystal and poured some into a flute glass. She thought of all the changes in her life – some good some bad. Change is an on going thing, she contemplated. She curled up in her chair and held the doll against herself. She remembered doing the same, as a child. The child, then, she considered, knew nothing of how the future would unfold – growing up, the emigration, the new world - all the horror and delight that is life. Good or bad, it was the people who made a difference – all else is only survival.

    Her communications link buzzed. It was a public channel.

    “A Merry Christmas to you from your friends at Unlimited Hardware. Remember this is the season for family, and your family is sure to enjoy the wonderful items you can buy for them at any of our outlets. Come on down and enjoy our low, low prices. And while you’re there, be sure to visit Santa and talk to him about our crazy year end discounts on all our quality merchandise. For a limited time only, when you purchase any of our specially selected items, we will donate one PED to the Save the Homeless Children Fund. Remember, with Unlimited Hardware, you can make a difference.”

    She turned the link off. Thinking to herself that she should have known better than to leave a public channel open, she spoke softly, under her breath, “you are not my friends.”

    Picking up the bottle of Crystal, she walked toward her Tannenbaum. Sitting near it was a Julbock. Handcrafted and made of straw, the effigy of a goat sat quietly beside the tree. The light from the tree and the candles danced soft shadows around it.

    She picked up the Julbock and brought it and the bottle out to the balcony of her apartment. She looked up into the sky and gazed at the stars twinkling much as the lights were on her tree. Earth was so far away, she thought, this is now my home. Placing the Julbock on the balcony, she then took several steps back and fixed her eyes upon the goat made of straw. She took a drink from the bottle and mused to herself. Placing bottle down, she then raised a plasma pistol, flicked its energy capacitor to minimum, and fired. The Julbock immediately ignited.

    Dropping the pistol, she fell to her knees and watched the flames dance upon the burning effigy. As it was consumed by the flames, she remembered those of her friends who were no longer here to bear witness.

    She wept.
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  13. Nice story written when people had genuine affection for PE and it’s storyline.

    Re Christmas Trees: comedian Al Murray last night quote ‘chop down a perfectly healthy tree to enjoy watching it slowly die in your living room’ lol
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