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Wowzers - Star "give me all your money" Citizen

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Wistrel, May 2, 2019.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

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  2. I admit...this would be totally lovely, having hundreds and thousands of different avatars around you...and as always my 1st thought was...this could have been Hadesheim...
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Alas I skipped past the SC update video by the "unbiased" guy who had dropped a grand into it already and found this one. Watching the 2nd half of the video, have to admit it looks like the kind of glitch fest you would enjoy but sadly it looks like an empty glitchy techdemo with no obvious end to its development. I think for now we are better off just watching the pretty videos and accepting that it unlikely to ever be released.

    I love this comment: "The second half of this video feels like you describing a vivid nightmare you had after experiencing everything in the first half."

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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator


    I totally should go check Star Citizen out again. I was a backer of it during the kickstarter. Never really bothered checking it out, though. The first video definitely looks great, though, although I fear I might have to buy a new PC to properly enjoy it.

    And yes, if MindArk hadn't been so shit at what they do, they could have achieved something perhaps remotely resembling SC. Of course the funding is completely different. And the SC team has talent. And creativity. And not an entire useless layer of management.
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    oh bad luck... from the 2nd video it really doesn't look very ready. That said, Mr Sausage Fingers (check youtube) who did a bunch of entropia vids as a n00b on a n00b mission did some SC vids and seemed to like it. So I dunno.

    I'm someone who wants a completed game though so I like to leave these things till they are ready.

    I'll go check that article now, but I already agree with the title. After all, if the money is already made, what incentive really to finish it? A bit like half life 3, what incentive do valve have?

    edit: OK read it now... sounds like time for investors to try and get their money back and head for the hills!
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    So what are you doing playing EU? :D

    The article did look massively shady. And I am somewhat annoyed that SC still has not been officially released yet. However, looking at that first video, it looks fucking amazing. I was a backer way back in 2014, so I should actually be able to log in and explore. I won't be buying any spaceships, though. Maybe when it finally does launch.

    Fingers crossed.
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well this is a nice screenshot regardless...

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  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That looks fantastic.

    What really sold it to me was in one of the videos you posted, where they mentioned that even though the entire planet(s) are/will be procedurally generated, the city looks and feels alive. There's people going about their business, buildings serve a purpose, and most locations will contain objects you can interact with.

    There's been NPCs in games for quite some time. Sometimes they were just there to provide a bit of Arcade fun in an adventure (like Police Quest 1), but other games had them going about their daily lives, and your actions directly influenced their behaviour (Hill Street Blues comes to mind. It's filled with NPCs going about their daily lives. If you set up too many roadblocks in order to block off a murder suspect, they get angry. Similarly, they will not be very impressed with you if bodies stay lying on the streets for too long.

    Those games are both decades old, though. Most MMOs nowadays offer NPCs, but they cannot all be interacted with. I hope that at some point, games will become so 'realistic' that you could pretty much interact with hundreds if not thousands of AI controlled beings (randomly/procedurally generated). Red Dead Redemption 2 already took us a step in that direction, giving us the ability to greet pretty much anyone. Or rob them, for that matter.

    What I'm hoping for is something similar to Westworld. But perhaps in VR. NPCs with life stories. Personalities. People who could turn violent towards you at any time. Or people you could romance, if you were so inclined. NPCs you could befriend, perhaps?

    Part of me loves that I was born in a day and age where we shifted from TVs you had to walk over to to change the channel to smart TVs that connect to services in the cloud in order to present you with a movie or series of your choice from your chair/sofa. Where computers evolved being able to offer us pixellated characters to characters that we have trouble distinguishing from real people. Shit, the Lord of the Rings movies will soon be 20 years old, and shit's only evolved since those.

    20-25 years ago, I read an article in a magazine about VR. It was so close, it promised. Soon, we would be able to move around virtual worlds, and instruct computers with our faces and/or minds. It took until a few years ago for computers to get powerful enough to actually show VR (I still do not consider EU to be VR, regardless of what our president or MindArk say).

    Part of me would love to see what'll be next. Will my daughter actually get to control a computer to do her biding by moving her head, or thinking of the colour blue? Will we ever see a game that mimics real life in its' complexity?

    I like to believe Star Citizen is somehow going to take us a step closer to that. Yes, they are delayed. Yes, they need ever-more money. But there seems to be some sort of chaotic vision behind it all. And slowly, but surely, they are making progress. On an ongoing basis. Undoubtedly people will tell me MindArk is doing the same thing. Maybe they were, 15 years ago. The RCE aspect of EU was a unique and visionary aspect of it. But most of the things we have seen since then have hardly been innovative. The Debit card? Dead in the water. The planet system? It's been a number of years since it was released, and I think calling it a success would be a stretch. Arkadia might be doing okay, but C RD never happened, ROCKtropia was massively scaled down, NI was reclaimed, SEE withdrew, Theryon Wars didn't materialize, Cyrene is still awaiting MindArk to pull their finger out of their ass, and countless other ideas never even came close to happening (Hi Skippie!).

    Landplots were never finished. Taming sucks. Space is just annoying. Missions and/or achievements are hardly unique to EU. Neither are loot pills, boiosts, buffs, annd what not. EU is just constantly catching up with gaming industry. Mobile games? Too little, too late. Blockchain? Too little, too shady, too late.

    Personally, my bet is on whoever is behind SC for creating some innovative game mechanisms. MindArk won't. And in fact, I'd still be highly surprised if EU is going to be around a few years after SC would properly launch. MA's finances aren't exactly hopeful. And the playerbase seems to be in a perpetually stale state. The 500k USD for Crystal Palace are (in my opinion, at least) triggered more by greed than by hope.

    I actually put in a withdrawal today. With a bit of luck, more will follow soon :) Who knows? They might buy me a ship in a more exciting universe.
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  9. Hi,
    I also wondered for years how SC would ever end up...I was suspicious...I never tried it...all this hyping...bah ! ;D

    But thanks to another entropian oldtimer, I started using my last withdrawals to invest into SC and buy a spaceship.
    (thank you Mindark !) x'D

    In short : (and it wasnt possible to do it any shorter)
    Its a fucking huge universe and even a bad-a$$ gaming PC can have its problems with it. But it also can work on 10 year old PC, without messing with the graphics too much. And the graphics are still very good. Be sure you have at least a 4-core CPU, with at least 12GB RAM and a graphics card similar to a GTX960 + SSD harddrive and you are ready to go. Those gigantic towns from the videos are not the places you want to explore with an "old PC" though. But it is playable.

    Exploring space and planets and spacestations have never been this detailed and that exciting. All those lovely animations when you pick up cargo and carry it to your shuttle...opening the cockpit, climbing into it...

    I mean, you can land with your small shuttle ontop of a bigger shuttle or even in a big spaceships hangar, that flies right next to you, hop out and walk around in the big spaceship...seamless...you got to SEE it to believe it.

    I felt just like after my 1st login into Entropia in 2004...I had absolutely no idea what was going on, how to move...what to do next...it took me like 4 hours with the old friend, to learn the basics of my character, mobiglass, map, missions... how to call your ship, finding the hangar (which you get free with a spaceship purchase + a small appartment) blahblahblah...overwhelming...

    Yes, its (far) from finished and there are mean bugs at times. But, thats already 2 reasons why I already started to love it. :'D
    I learned to not to crash my shuttle and use the landing gear early, pretty fast. You can fly anywhere on all those gigantic planets...it will mark many places for you from the cockpit in advance...but you can just fly into the desert...or the ice world...just dont walk out too far, my helmet froze and I could barely look around...and the timer and oxygene on your suit tells you for how long you might survive on that planet. :D

    Always close your cockpit, or others can "steal" your ship. :)
    Thiefs and Killers can end up in a high security prison...but you can also (try to) escape from it.
    You can pay your fines if you are a criminal...if not, NPCs will start to "dislike" you. xD
    They just introduced a food and drink system...I got a small smart Buggy to drive around as it was a special bonus week...
    The community is mature and very helpfull at once, there are no toxic kids.
    Should the game crash, you automatically get a "Support Window" where you can describe what happened before and send it.

    This is what I can describe from about 12 hours of SC.
    I need a rucksack suit and mining equipment next, to work with all the stones and plants... on all those planets.

    Entropia as a sci-fi MMO, is indeed just a tiny and dirty casino, compared to the world of SC, that I have explored by now.
    This is how I would always have imagined Entropia, regarding space travel and exploring. Holy f00k.
    Sure, Id prefer to play GTA6, but I really needed an alternative to Entropia, WITHOUT the real cash casino bullshit concept.
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'm sure MA could do that:

    If player.criminal = false then
    npc.say("Have you seen my children?")


    Seriously that is great to hear Mr McC. I'm super chuffed that you've found something that evokes those same early feels. I know your quest well as I am on it too. I used to watch MrSausageFingers' youtube videos about playing Entropia on all the different planets using just the starter quests/gear which were both interesting and funny but I note that his channel grew and he seemed to be enjoying himself to started branching into other games, one of which being SC. And indeed he did seem to like it.

    Obvs I've been super skeptical of it for all the money it has swallowed over the years and still have the feeling it might be a growing black hole that may implode one day but indeed it is encouraging to hear you are liking it and that it is passable on a 10 year old PC. Alas I may struggle as mine is limited to 8GB and I only have 6.

    That said though I have a bunch of other games going at the moment. I've only had one bash at NMS so far and didn't even get in the spaceship yet (was enjoying the exploring the planet too much). Would be good to hear more of your adventures in SC though.

    I wonder if SC will become the new "Afterworld". By which I mean I remember going into Afterworld and immediately running into a bunch of old Entropians!

    Good luck with the adventure!

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