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Worldwide fraud networks have recently shifted to using CS:GO keys to liquidate their gains

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2019.

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  1. Oh wait ? 2007...hmmm hmmm... Richard Devil and his R&R fund scammed the society of Entropia the big way ?
    I slightly remember, but...

    Is everything explained in the thread ?
  2. @McCormick I wasn't playing PE / EU back then in 2007, but with 70+ pages of the said thread? I think it's comprehensive enough

    The oldest investment trust fund scam in EU, I guess
  3. I was hoping for a short summary...but okay :P
  4. So based on what I've read:
    - This guy Richard offered a chance to join his investment fund
    - Got first red flag when someone asked the details of how he was going to operate the fund, but he gave blurry answer, stating that it could give away his trade secret
    - This guy is supposed to be "trusted", with long playtime and a lot of posts in pcf. Some ppl put their peds and trust on Richard. He got some ppl defending him from the skeptical ones
    - Some time passed. The fund worked well and investors were getting paid
    - After some time, this guy suddenly became inactive for quite a while, worrying the investors
    - Some of the investors knew this guy IRL / knew his personal contact, so they tried contacting him by phone
    - He finally went back to posting in pcf, stating that he had been busy preparing for his MS certification and indicated that he was going to close the fund, and would pay back all investors
    - Richard then went vacuum for a long long time again. Sometimes popping in EU and answering emails, but just for a very short time
    - Investors were getting impatient and their withdrawal demands were very very late
    - This guy was then contacted again, and he said that he almost got no time to manage the fund, but still assuring that he will pay back all he owed
    - Some ppl found out that this guy was trading the investors' PEDs to make profits and distribute the dividends. Some even said that this guy was a blatant reseller / AH camper. Others said this guy paid uber miners to mine for him, thinking that ubers got profit all the time
    - The investment became a lot more complicated, where someone's collateral was used to pay other's debt (Borrow from Peter to pay Paul)
    - According to the thread, some investors did get their money back, but the rest didn't get any news from him
    - One of the investors got a collateral from Richard for some trade deal or so, after not hearing from him, decided to sell this collateral and distributed the profit to the rest of investors that haven't been paid fully
    - Some said the total value of investment reached 47k PEDs
    - Angry investors even threatened to sue this guy, since they got his personal info and MA also advised so
    - Then, Richard suddenly showed up, showcasing his "resource tracking" software that worked similarly to LBML. He hoped that this software can be used to pay the rest of his debt by whatever means and investors got free access to it. He got trashed by investors and players alike
    - Some time again passed, and the investors moved on. No info anymore about the lawsuit or anything
    - I laughed at their stupidity

    TLDR guy bit more than he could chew. Chose to stay silent rather than informing the investors. Surprised investors got his IRL contact. Tried everything he could do to pay back his debt. He couldn't

    It was exciting to read the whole thread. Made my afternoon
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  5. Thanks, lol.

    Nice entropian classic investment. ;D

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