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World RallyCross Championships: General Info

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Icekiller, Feb 7, 2011.

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    We all notice it, since cars are available on Planet Calypso, everyone wants to go faster, and search the limits of speed and thrill.
    This results in an exponentially expanding amount of illegal racing. It is dangerous for both driver and visitor. The young, often inexperienced drivers are overenthusiastic about it, but don't know what they get themselves into.

    To counter this illegal business, the InterGalactic Racing Federation presents:

    The World RallyCross Championships

    Enjoy the thrill of racing, totally free, totally legal,
    there are prizes to win!
    All you need is a Valkyrie, all Marks are accepted.

    The WRCC will consist of 6 events:
    - Port Atlantis City Rally (4-6 March)
    - Swamp Lake Rally
    - (decided later)
    - (decided later)
    - (decided later)
    - (decided later)

    This is how 1 event will look:
    Friday 23:30 MA time: Preliminary 1
    Saturday 19:30 MA time: Preliminary 2
    Saturday 22:30 MA time: Preliminary 3
    Sunday 21:00 MA time: Main event
    There is no maximum amount of racers for the Main event.
    The maximum for the Preliminary events, is set at 50 racers, for each Preliminary.
    A racer can enter in multiple Preliminary races! (When you are qualified, you can not enter any other preliminary races)


    Preliminary Race Info:
    - They are totally free
    - 4 racers race at the same time, first one to the finish wins.
    - Points are distributed: (5, 3, 2, 1) after each heat.
    - Every driver will complete 2 heats.
    - The best 20-25% will get a free ticket to the Main event.
    - Some drivers will complete 3 heats, when the amount of drivers is not dividable by 4. This 3th heat will not award any points.

    Example (with 11 drivers):
    heat 1: drivers 1,2,3,4
    heat 2: 5,6,7,8
    heat 3: 9,10,11,1
    heat 4: 5,9,2,6
    heat 5: 10,3,7,11
    heat 6: 4,8,1,2
    In the 6th heat, only driver 4 and 8 will receive points, because it is their 2nd heat. Driver 1 and 2 will not receive points, because it is their 3th heat.

    Main Ranking:
    Everyone in the finals will get a certain amount of points after every event. The racer with the most points after 6 events, is the winner of the first season of the WRCC
    Points awarded after every event:
    1st (winner of the A-final): 12 points
    2nd: 10 points
    3rd: 8 points
    4th: 6 points
    5th: 5 points
    6th: 4 points
    7th (winner of the B-final): 4 points
    8th: 3 points
    9th: 3 points
    10th: 2 points
    11th: 2 points
    12th: 2 points
    Everyone else who makes it to the main event (either through entry fee, or preliminary) will get 1 point.

    - For every event: (this is a minimum, the prizes might raise, allways looking for sponsors!)
    1) 125 Ped
    2) 50 Ped
    3) 25 Ped

    - For the Main ranking:
    1) (Decided later)
    2) (Decided later)
    3) (Decided later)

    You have to be registered for a race (preliminary and/or main event) at least 2 hours before the start of the race!
    You can register to every event, in its designated thread!!

    Link to event 1 (Port Atlantis City Rally):

    Event-specific information can also be found here.

    In association with, and sponsored by BIG Industries
    BIG Industries (link)
  2. Additional Rules and FAQ:

    Q: Can I enter with every Valkyrie (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3)?
    A: Yes you can.

    Q: How do I know when my heat starts?
    A: The drivers that have to report at the starting line, will be announced in local chat. When the starting grid is complete, I'll say "10 seconds", "5", "GO". At the "GO" signal, you start racing.

    Q: Do I have to get a ticket in all 3 preliminary events, to enter the main event?
    A: No, if you win a ticket in 1 of the preliminary events, you are qualified for the main event. Other than that, you can also pay 5 ped to enter the main event, that way you don't have to enter in the preliminary events.

    Q: Is teleporting allowed?
    A: No, this will lead to disqualification.

    Q: What happens when my vehicle is stuck?
    A: You are allowed to pick up the vehicle and spawn it close to you.

    Q: What happens if I register for an event, but don't show up?
    A: If it happens on multiple occasions, you won't be able to register for any of the events.

    Q: Can I register here?
    A: No you can't, Please look at the section 'Registering' (first post) for more info.

    Q: When will the event take place?
    A: The WRCC consists of 6 events, look at the section 'The WRCC will consist of 6 events' (first post) for more info

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