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World of Firepower 2010: Rules

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Rayne Jade, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. World of Firepower (WoF) Official Rules and Info
    The WoF Committee that enforces the Rules of the WoF is at present: Hurrikane, Clam J Boy Jamphrie, Rayne Jade Blackmoore. Hurrikane has the final say.
    The WoF is an international hunting tournament held yearly on and around the planet Calypso, within the Entropia Universe.
    Every year sees dozens of teams getting thousands of scoring kills, with regular attendance of over a thousand avatars. These are the Rules, set in stone after 3 years of trials and honing.

    Firstly, what the WoF represents.
    1. The WoF is an event free to enter and open to all.
    2. The aim of the WoF is to include as many people as possible.
    3. The aim of the WoF is to leave those people entertained.
    4. Its a 4-month tension relieving blowout and a great way to make friends.
    5. Its an International Online Hunting Tournament.

    Setting Up:
    Some months before the first Matches, announcements are made and the Sub-Forum on EntropiaForum is activated, as well as any dedicated websites for the coming years Tournament (This year will see the first ever dedicated WoF website, soon to come).
    You choose the nation you wish to represent. If your team of choice is not on the list, please contact the WoF via Rayne Jade or Hurrikane with your proposal for a new team.
    You may join or form the team of any Nation recognised by the WoF. No duplication is allowed (only one team per nation).
    These include all current nations of Earth and the two virtual continents Eudoria and Amethera, found on the host planet. If you are unsure if your Nation meets the requirements of entry, please contact Hurrikane.
    You are urged to recruit as many team-mates as possible in the build-up to the event.
    When you sign up to a team, you must also name your choice for Captain. You may vote for yourself. If the Captain has already been voted in, there is no need to do this.
    You can also name your own preferred role in the Squad (optional):
    Captain: Leads the Main Team and Support Team(s)
    Vice-Captain: Assists and deputises for the Captain
    Coach: Organises Main Team and Support Teams for each match.
    Main Team Member: Those with the firepower
    Support Team Leader: The best of the rest
    Support Team Member: Willing and able
    Runner: No PED but eager
    Votes for each teams Captain will be counted and the result announced 1 month before the first Qualifying matches. The Captains should be made aware of any preferred roles within the Applications.
    Types of Team:
    For the first month or two of recruitment the sign-up threads of each team will be a long list of names. After being elected, the Captains will then choose the best 12 hunters the Nation has to join the Main Team. Everyone else wishing to help that Nation becomes the Support Team(s).
    The Captain is not required to be a member of the Main 12.
    There is no limit to who, or how many people join each Nations Support Team.
    In these early stages, organisation is the key, as well as a continuing drive for recruitment.

    The Captain first picks the Main Team, and then nominates a Vice-Captain and Coach.
    The Captain is the teams contact to the WoF.
    The Captain gets 2 votes in any voted dispute within the Main Team.

    Optional Roles:
    The Vice-Captain is there to oversee in the Captains absence and assist in strategy.
    The Coach is there to organise the team and provide the people needed for each match, as well as working with the Support Teams and assisting with the selection of Support Team Leaders.
    Support Team Leaders:
    In the Support Teams, well-chosen Support Team Leaders can make all the difference.
    Support Team Member:
    Those who wish to hunt and help the Main Team in any way they can.
    Runners can be teamed Support Team members too, but the term in this case means Supporters unable or unwilling to hunt, who wish to help by other means (Running ammo, herding mobs, scouting)
    Other Roles: Each Team is allowed to name one of their Main or Support Team as their Chief Medic, purely for the purpose of the records.

    Recruiting/Team Joining Notes:
    Those who join a Main Team may not join another Nations Main Team if they have hunted and scored for their first choice.
    Anyone is technically able to represent any nation, regardless of actual origin. The WoF cannot ascertain the nationalities of its participants and they are free to choose which nation deserves their efforts. Those who wish to commit to 3-hour hunts in the name of a nation show sufficient patriotism for the WoF. Captains of individual teams can choose to refuse non-nationals and the WoF utterly respects their decision in doing so; a purely home win is just a bit more special.
    Teams who wish to reward or recompense their Supporters for their efforts do so within the Rules. Hiring Mercenaries is another thing the WoF has no way of preventing, and therefore must allow. This is the subject of much controversy but the WoF is open to all; soldiers of fortune included. It must be remembered that anyone who takes part in a WoF hunt, for whatever reason, is representing a Nation, whether their own or at the expense of their own.
    Please contact a WoF official with any recruitment plans you are unsure of.

    Teams must first pick a time slot from those provided on Entropia Forum and on any dedicated WoF websites. As the tournament progresses, timeslots will have less availability and choice. We ask all teams to show an understanding of their opponents needs. For most timeslot options there will be 5 slots on offer and each team must suggest 3 they would agree to. Teams are urged to be attentive to correspondence in the time before a hunt to set this up as soon as possible.
    On the agreed time, teams head to the Start/Finish Point for each stage ( Co-ords are given in the Stage Info each time). Here they Check in (and Check Out).

    Checking In
    At the Start/Finish Point will be a number of Judges. There are two ways to be judged:
    1. Teamed Judges: The Judge joins the hunt team and is able to record scores and communicate by team chat if necessary.
    2. PM Judging: When insufficient judges are present, Teams must add the Judge to a members Friend List and communicate through PMs during the match.

    Teams that are given PM judging will be prioritised for Teamed Judging in later matches.
    As the match draws near your team will be assigned a Judge. You must then either Team or add the Judge (to your Friend List). If adding the Judge to PM, please send a message containing the names of the Hunt team that match. This is not necessary with Teamed Judging as the names are given in the team list.
    The head Judge will mark time then announce that the next thing they say will be the start. This will be as close to the posted MindArk time as possible to avoid confusion.
    The start announcement may differ but will always end with GO GO GO!!!!
    No scores are recorded before this.

    Late Starts:
    Any avatar or team arriving late must first check in with the judge, and must play the match in the remaining time.

    Early Finishing:
    Any avatar leaving a match before the end must travel back to the Start/Finish point and Check Out by informing a Judge, or be penalised by the MIA rule (see below).

    Checking Out/MIA:
    The end of the match will be relayed by the Judge to the team by Team Chat or PM. It is the Main Teams responsibility to inform the Support Teams.
    End Match announcements are: STOP and STOP and Return. These may be preceded by 10 minutes hunting time remaining or similar if time allows.
    All Main Team members in the match must travel back to the Start/Finish point to Check Out. Here they hear the scores and any details of coming matches.
    Any Main (Hunt) Team members not back by 10 minutes after the end of the match get their team a 10 Point penalty. Exceptions can be made in cases of catastrophy, please contact a WoF Official.

    Teams must strive to achieve Globals on selected prey within the time constraints of the match. Each legal Global, HoF or ATH scores points. Different points are awarded depending on type and maturity.
    Each Stage features a different Moblist for both Main and Support. The Moblists for each Stage are announced shortly after the end of the preceding Stage.
    This should consist of 4 Mobs for the Main Team, 3 for the Support Team and 1 Bonus Mob (for a one-off score).

    Example of Moblist Format:
    Malcruentor: All Maturities: 10 Points
    Trooper: Gen 07 and Above: 9 Points
    Ambulimax: Provider and Above: 8 Points
    Hispidus: All Maturities: 7 Points
    Trooper: Gen 06 and Below: 6 Points
    Ambulimax: Old and Below: 5 Points

    Armax: Guardian and Above: 4 Points
    Faucervix: All Maturities: 3 Points
    Armax: Provider and Below: 2 Points
    Combibo: All Maturities: 1 Point.

    Bonus Mob:
    Equus: All Maturities: 25 points.

    Scoring will always include the scores 1 through to 10 on non-bonus mobs, but may differ in maturity/mob allocation from that posted above.
    The Bonus Mob can be scored on by either Main or Support but only once per Nation per Match, except if being used for scoring in the SCAR Award and not the match score.

    Other Bonuses:
    HoF scores double the usual points for that single score.
    ATH by Main Team doubles the entire total score.
    ATH by Support Team doubles the Support Team score.
    Loot Boost: (Group and One-On-One Stages only) The team with the highest total loot by TT value from scoring globals is awarded 15 points.
    Variety Boost: Points are awarded for the amount of different types of Mob globalled on.
    Main Team Receive 10 points for 2 Mob types, 25 Points for 3 Mob types and 50 points for all 4.
    Support Teams receive 10 points for 2 Mob types and 25 for all 3
    Sweep Bonus: If the combined Main and Support scores include a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 25 (all types of score available) then the Nation has completed the Sweep and is awarded 75 points.
    Susan 113 Bonus: Any scoring Global or HoF with a tt value of 113 PED is a Susan that grants double its usual points. This Bonus is in memory of Susan 113 Smith who attended the first WoF before she was sadly taken from us.
    Winning Bonus: (Group Stages only) The winning team in each Group Stage match (Stages 3 and 4) receives 100 points towards their Stage Total.

    Team Sizes/Scoring Caps:
    Although the Main Team contains up to 12 members, each match is played by selected Main 12 avatars who form that matchs Hunt Team.
    The number of players in the Hunt Team differs between stages.
    Support scoring is capped at different levels through most stages, although Support Teams can be of unlimited size or number. The cap does not include the Bonus Mob or any bonus scores except for HoFs.

    Cheating: The following are regarded as cheating;
    1. Submitting scores not scored by legitimate teams or outside of match time.
    2. Repeated Kill-Stealing/Score-Stopping Slaughter (The odd pk is part of EU, but any team able to decimate their opponents and stop them from scoring for any considerable length of time should know better and play fair; clear screenshot evidence of the above will lead to severe penalties.)
    3. Manipulating spawns to prevent other teams scoring on Moblist mobs.
    4. Anything else deemed by the organisers to be unfair and illegal (not all cheating is something you expect).
    Penalties will range from docking points and forfeiting matches to total disqualification.

    Land Owners/Sponsoring Mobs: Land Owners can offer their Mobs for inclusion in the WoF, primarily in Stage 3. This stage offers the most hunting on a single moblist but not all mobs will be suitable depending mainly on what else is in the list. For rates and applications please contact a WoF Official in good time.

    Here is the Hunt Calendar with Hunt Team allowances and Support Scoring Caps included. (Dates to come)
    Stage 1: Qualifier A All teams (Hunt Team of 4, Support Cap 100)
    Stage 2: Qualifier B All teams (Hunt Team of 4, Support Cap 100)
    Stage 3: Group Stage A: 24 teams (Hunt Team of 4, Support Cap 200)
    Stage 4: Group Stage B: 12 teams (Hunt Team of 4, Support Cap 200, SCAR AWARD)
    Stage 5: Semi Finals: 6 teams (Hunt Team of 5, Support Cap 250)
    Stage 6: 3-Way Final (Hunt Team of 6, No Support Cap)

    Also mentioned is the SCAR Award which is awarded from any contributions to the WoF to the fastest Support Teams to global on all three SCAR Mobs (sometimes from the current Moblist, sometimes not) during a WoF match in the stage selected. The exact times will be posted nearer the run-up to the SCAR. This year we should see the inclusion of a certain annual migration into the fray.

    Hurrikane's thoughts:
    The WoF has evolved from a great start to something stupendous, something that Im proud to be a part of and amazed at every year. The feeling of camaraderie is the best of many things to come from the WoF, as dozens of frenzied patriots join forces for a mad three hours, over and over again, with scores getting higher and higher. Id like to thank again all of the wonderful people who have made it possible, fun, and better each time.

    NOTE: There are team threads setup at EntropiaForum. If for some reason (reason is not important) you cannot use EF, simply let someone who CAN use EF know your desired team and I am sure you be counted. It will be difficult enough for us to watch the 30+ team threads on EF. I cannot start 30+ threads here as well. I had mentioned a while back that I would keep this forum informed about WoF 2010 so here it is.
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