Work In Progress: Jungle Shorts

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by NextIslandForum, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Are those colorable? And can we get a closer pic?
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  2. Yes they are colorable! ;)
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  3. Where is the pic of yours? :)
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  4. In my wallet! LOL
  5. WANT!!!!!! NOWNOW give to kitta!

  6. Well take it out of your wallet, scan it and post it :sneaky:
  7. There you go! Now ya know what???.... Enjoy! :p

    M Jungle Shorts 3.jpg F Jungle Shorts 1.jpg
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  8. The male shorts look amazing - perfect for the high temperatures :D
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  9. They look great!

    Just one quibble: as a female ava, i would really like to have a pair of nice baggy long shorts just like the male ones. why the heck can't I? IRL I can go into a shop and buy male clothes for myself ...and frequently do! In EU, I can only get a drastically modified female version, most often! A totally different garment, indeed.

    Oh !I also think that male avas should be allowed to wear the female clothing if they want...but I doubt that many really want! But , c'mon guys, it is NORMAL for women to wear "men's " clothing. And in EU, that option is especially needed since we don't all want to be pushed into the Barbie Doll/porn star mould, and we don't all want our bleedin' figures to be hugged by all our outfits :D

    jay :)
  10. WOOT!! Which pic is you? LOL j/k

    Gotta say I like the male ones better. What is with the line down the female ones? Maybe that will go away after coloring.
  11. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    One of our goals with these shorts was exactly what you've said -- providing practical jungle clothes for lady avas. Hey, I like a pair of virtual stilettos as much as the next girl, but I prefer sunglasses and shorts (and jungle boots soon!) for hiking the virtual jungle.

    We ran into some issues with the meshes for these, which is why the lady version ended up without the cargo pockets that the fellows have, but both sets of shorts are a sturdy fabric, with a default neutral color, something we all felt the Elysian scientists would choose. I also wanted the female version to to be a bit shorter than the fellows' and a bit more fitted -- just because our Islanders are scientists, hunters and explorers doesn't mean practical clothes have to be shapeless!
  12. Ohh did you just give away coming content? :)

    LOL how about jungle boots with stiletto heals :)
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  13. i look almost like lara croft now. need to make the guns you carry in inventory are holstered at the clothes that be nice =)
  14. islandwear.jpg

    I love the new clothes!!!!!
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  15. Mak

    Mak Mak McMak

    Gratz Kitty!!!

    Cool looking outfit ;)
  16. Elysian Top.jpg Elysian Top2.jpg

    i found me the back of the top has very nice detail. like some protection on it.

    the front could use these also that be greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!!

    and for boots id prefer some which i have on in the picture just in form of hicking boots. some which are as high like the ones in the picture.

    nice things!
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  17. What boots are those?
  18. they are the ones from the arkadia newcommer mission just decay to the ground so they fit from the colors to the pants =)
  19. ahh that make sense :)
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