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Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Crue Knight, May 8, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to withdraw for the first time and I'm sorta nervous about the fail transfer fee of 700 PED.

    Obviously the bank account number is clear, but what about the BIC (Swift) number? Is that the same thing as what you would use a normal domestic routing number? Or is it not personal information but rather the bank's ID number thing?

    This international stuff is sorta new to me. I'm in the US. Does it work differently from setting up a bank transfer from US bank to US?

    UPDATE: (Withdrawing from the USA)

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  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I asked my bank what info I needed for an international bank transfer.. they said a different bank.. :eek (2):

    But what I know now is that it's best to ask your bank about it first and then get all the info from MA as well. If the two match then you should be ok with the withdrawal.

    By the way gratz on the first withdrawal and hope you have many more!! :thumbup:
  3. I have Bank of America and they do have international transfers AFAIK. I suppose when I get the time I'll could head over to a teller and ask them what all this is. :P
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Normally, the paper statements from your bank ought to contain your SWIFT/BIC numbers. They are mostly meant as a unique identifier for international banks :)
  5. Anybody here using Bank of America?

    My checks have my account numbers and routing number. Don't know if it's the same thing as SWIFT/BIC.
  6. If you do a google search for bank name + SWIFT it should bring it up. A lot of banks will have it listed on their website too.
  7. KiriHime

    KiriHime Natural Born Killers

    I called my bank and asked for the info.
  8. Here is somthing from Bank of America's website.
    Ok, so the US does not have an IBAN number. And entropia asks for "IBAN or Bank Account Number:"
    So I'm guessing I put my regular bank account number just like I would on any other direct deposit site in the US.

    So I would put "BOFAUS3N" I suppose. But entropia asks for "BIC (swift) or Routing Number:".
    That is definitely not my routing number, but I supposed it's what should be used for all international transactions?
  9. It sounds right to me. Not positive though, since I haven't yet withdrawn.

    In US terminology, "routing number" is not the same as Swift. Though other countries may call the Swift code the routing number. If that makes sense. They need to identify your bank (swift code) then your bank needs to identify your account (regular account number) so they can get the money to the right place. At least I think that's how it works.
  10. So what did you use? I'm wondering as well?
  11. Ok guys. Sorry it took so long but I finally got my withdrawal. Main reason it taking so long was due to summer classes and a busy life on the side.

    So if you're using a bank from the USA, hope this helps:
    Use your regular account number and your regular routing number. No international SWIFT number needed. Your routing number from your checkbook will work in the "routing/swift/bic" input.

    Also another tip. I waited about 2 months without response, but contacting them via submitting a Support Case will speed things quickly. I wasn't in a hurry, but it sorta worked out as I had to contact them for a different issue and happened to mention my withdrawal timing which the staff was nice enough to notify the withdrawal team. I got the withdrawal about 2-3 weeks after that.
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  12. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Gratz on getting your cash!! :smile:

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