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Wistrel is a noob and needs help!

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Wistrel, May 19, 2010.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    OK so something I was warned about and am now coming a cropper of is MA's change to respawn rates. Anything vaguely tough that I used to be able to handle by perseverance can now heal quicker than I can, a fact I had gainfully demonstrated to me yesterday by a combibo stalker happilly chanting "I can heal quicker than yooohooo!" at me while I sat there franticly hammering my vivo T5 >_<

    Sooo... aside from falling back on my "emergency sword" (katsuichi) what can I kill now?

    I'm almost on to the breer m2a (I mean nearly maxed a m1a) and er.... healing, think I've nearly maxed the vivo T5 and am on to a T10 as soon as the T5 is done with.

    So can I get some advice on what I need to run away from now? :tongue4:

    edit: sorry specifically any help/ advice on what I should be hunting would be great. Or stuff I can do to skill up a bit

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I would recommend not using a weapon until it is maxed. Don't let the term sib trap you into thinking you should use it during the "yes" period. With an amped opalo/m1a I would recomend snable, diakeba, combibo young, small sabakuma & merp. The good thing about the merp is that they are one of the mission mobs. (if your into that sort of thing)

    All of these can be hunted with pixi or no armor and you shouldnt hunt anything that requires healing during a fight. You cant get cheaper than a vivo t1 for between fights.

    good luck and have fun,

  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    1. This makes no sense... if I use a weapon after it is maxed I don't get the SIB. The only advantage is better economy. I think a better idea is the compromise of not moving to the next gun till the previous is maxed. That way you maximise SIB and minimise misses/lower damage. Surely?

    2. Yup both amped, 101 and 102. Man those are dull mobs... is that seriously it?

    3. I really really hate merps (horrid scurrying things) what mission and where? I've only seen/completed the intro missions so far.

    4. Sure thats sage wisdom but one of the good old challenges was occasionally going up against something a little bigger and trying to survive. Certainly gave me a buzz. I can still use the sword of course but ideally would like to still be able to take the occasional tougher mob via guns, armour and fap. Even stevens can make for some of the most exciting fights! :)))
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    A good read would be hijackers study on sib skill gains after vu10.

    FYI: SIB vs Non-SIB skill gains with a V-rex 2000 SGA

    Basicly yes, you do get more skill gains while in the sib period but,
    a. The loss of economy isnt worth it.
    b. The kill skill bonus on smaller mobs have a greater affect than the sib for skill gains.

    I agree, everyone wants to hunt on the edge, I was just recommending economical mobs.

    Mobs you could kill with an amped opalo/m1a wearing pixie and a T5...

    Revive killing large sabakuma near the saba camp tp is fun.
    You can kill argo young with that setup kind of ok, just not eco.
    Kerberos used to be great but they arent ingame anymore ;( physicaly big but easy to kill so all the rush of a big game hunt but good for low level.
    Berycled are fine maybe even eco with that setup.
    Rippersnappers should be dooable depending on maturity.

    oh.. i just remembered something... check out this,

    The Mob Ladder - A guide to what mob to hunt next

    teaming is always great for hunting the bigger stuff to and is also an eco way to go about the game.

    gl and have fun

    *sorry ep admins, hope you don't mind my external links
  5. I'd suggest running away from this game is probably the best idea. If you feel you must stay, sweat and chat until your sick of it, then log out. Its not the same game it used to be, and not for the better imo.
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I have found that while SIB seems to work for weapons and/or regular items, for FAPs, it's totally not worth it. In fact, with my 125, despite the SIB, I am pretty sure I got more skills before, using a maxed FAP one step down from the ladder.

    And the one thing to always keep in mind, you might gain a few skills a bit faster, but it comes at an efficiency cost. And at the rate things are going those skills are not worth a thing. You get free skills with the missions now (albeit now too many), and every time there's a "three time skill bonus" event, your avatar's value (which basically is what the yes-people tell you is your nest egg) drops faster than a snable shot with a rocketlauncher.

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