Wild Boar

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by CodeMonkey, Dec 9, 2010.

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    these mobs agro like atrox, and can kill you if your not watching out, because they spawn right on top of you out of no where

    good thing though these can be taken down pretty fast, though if your new i would suggest teaming these with opalos or better.

    regular players may want to use 15-30 damage gun and some armor for these, though do not let the armor be pixie, because pixie doesnt work too well on these, specially when your mobbed by them in a big pack.

    to the new player trying to solo these, dont bother with opalo, vivo t1, or some armor.
    i think this mob is for the low level player, and if a medium level player wants, they can use no armor, there vivo t20, and a korss h380 or something.

    PS: again these are rough estimates, please provide some feedback to help fine tune this.
  2. did you find a decent spawn ?
  3. there is also a good spawn of these at drusy tp, but they are stalkers and prowlers, and they do hit hard and fast.

    there is a low density spawn north east of adamite beach.
  4. Mature




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