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Who is playing?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Liu, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Liu


    Dear All,

    I don't want to be nasty, but negativity is a constant value here regarding MA capabilities and intentions .
    It can bring its strengths but it also has its weaknesses.

    Therefore I would love to know, who on this forum, is still regularly playing the game ?

    I am not talking about logging in to not lose the account but actually playing.

    Thank you for your participation.

  2. Well...I stopped my daily hunting/mining/crafting long ago.

    There are times I get the chance to lend high end items, to waste my free PEDs on random actions.
    It sucks anyway...even if I play for free...no matter if I loose or "win"...too many things got promised and never arrived.
    Its dull. For everyone. :D

    Sometimes it felt "retro" while hunting/minign/crafting...but the good vibes vanish as fast as they showed up.
    This game got fucked too many times by its own "developers".

    Most of the old players live in this retro bubble.

    For a long time and still ocassionally...I do discover bad glitches/bugs/exploits and report these.
    Sometimes I got randomly payed a reward...but usually NOT...honestly, there are still horrible exploits out there...but Mindark simply does not care.

    So even bug-hunting got dull. Especially without recieving any kind of appreciation.
    Which also makes me completely dislike Mindark as a company.

    People throw up repetitive ideas and solutions since 15 years...we read about them again and again and again.
    It never changes. And when they throw a bone at those addicted gamblers and fanboys, it is always enough for them,
    to forget about the harsh truth. Because they are simply addicted. They are fanboys.

    To me it was ALWAYS more then addiciton and chasing the next global...you know that Liu.
    And we know each other since 2004.

    As I can SEE, you still play and hunt and stuff. Good luck, you'll need it. ;)
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I still hunt. I mostly stuck to Argonauts the past few years, logging in every so often to kill a few of them. I usually got bored within no time. I switched to Tantillions for a while, then left Calypso for Cyrene. Initially hunted primarily the weeds, now switched to another tiny mob using the TT pistol and carbine.

    I typically get bored far too quickly. The game just feels outdated, and isn't fun. I haven't deposited in ages, and most likely won't anymore either. There's simply better value for money out there, especially with Humble Bundles and what not. I still have 17k PED in TT value stuff, and intend to start looking into selling as much of it as possible so I can pull as much of it out as I can.

    Selling stackables at boxes.
  4. Liu


    God damn yes ! We know each other for over a decade !

    Well, I've had my years long pauses and I play, still, especially since I've started to withdraw a bit...but the thrill leaves fast . You do know that.

    Yup, I do live mostly in that retro bubble like you call it, and you are a big part of it, along with Etopia, who is long gone.

    I think I have my periods. I play intensely for 2-4 months a year. Then I leave it alone.

    We all, I guess, thrive for what we found 15 years ago.

    My initial question was who, here, is fully positive and full of hope and expectations for the future?

    Optimism is my new way of life and living, and I wish to apply to every aspects of my life. Even EU.
  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I play rarely but one could still consider it regulary. Mostly when there's something special like an event, and I've still not given up on recording and documenting instances and wave events although I got stuck in the first few thanks to weird bugs :) So, yes, it's actually MindArk preventing me from playing more.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  6. I have been playing pretty intensivly, not a BIG player, I just did my thing. (Like 7 hours daily)
    A few weeks before Loot 2.0 came, I almost started to depo small amounts.
    Then Loot 2.0 came, and I was like, just wait a little longer, and a good choice that I waited.
    Then somehow the fun was just gone, all seem to go downhill. (We all know the story's, well most of us.)
    Trust was all ready on a low point for me, but it sinked even deeper, and the time for them to recover from that, would be way to long for me to stay around.
    So I moved on to my new hobby, and glad that I did. (way better value for the money I spent on it.)
    I think I thanked MA for pushing me away from them, if not, here it is.
    Thank you MA :headbang:

    So tomorrow I will be starting to play this one.

    No MA for me anymore.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    2005 - 2014
    I don't spread negativity here. Contrariwise, Project Entropia saved my arse when I was at the dark side of real life. I met nice people from all over the world. I had a lot of fun in PE/EU. But it became too expensive to me and I didn't like all the bugs (some of them for two years). So I sold everything. I log in occasionally to have a look at my once beloved universe or make a 3D-grab for 3D-printing and nowadays for VR. But I don't play anymore.
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  8. I play since 2004. I try to see the positive side too. It is not always easy. The company made some insane choice with the Castle and compets and a lot of other stuff. But I am glad the game is still here. I have some hope for a better future.
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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I still hope for a better future, too.

    Unfortunately, as long as MA is the proprietor, I simply don't see that happening. There's no vision, no inspiration, no passion, no originality, no business ethics, poor project management, no customer services, no integrity, poor qa processes, extremely poor management, and far far too much overhead.

    #MakeEUGreatAgain #AnybodyButMA2020
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  10. Liu


    Ha ha ! Make EU great again, we somehow all wish that.
    So far, from the answers I see more former players than actual (heavy) gamers.

    Anyone else feels like joining the talk here ?
  11. i'm still a depositing player, but i don't take EU that seriously anymore. that helps me alot to save both hassle and cash, especially in the long run, because i kill many of my dreams before they even evolve. (let's call it the why-even-bother-syndrome)

    but yes, i think people alike me are the truly and broadly supporting playerbase of EU. sure, we maybe don't spend millions, but in my example, it's a consistent amount of financial support every month, which sums up to a crazy sounding figure after my 13+ years...

    what i love about this rather crappy game? well, the tickle is still here, and ofc all the social aspects. because of the RCE nature of EU, its community seems rather grown up, and behind (nearly) every player there's a human sitting in front of his screen.

    love em or hate em. maybe both, or just ignore em. maybe fight em? hell yeah, EU is a wild wild west, and mindark is a nasty old sheriff nearly everyone hates but their own profiteers... but i don't give a fuck, it's my originating saloon for a very long time now, like 1/3rd of my life. lol!

    so, how to make EU great again? well, i'd have a rough idea. but i better shut up, before they turn my loot off like akbar's... :nana:

    actually i think MA is way better on track currently, than they'd deserve to. gz & keep it up? i dunno! :bigsmile:

    maybe i'm just still here, because of people alike you... :thumbup:
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I've barely been in since they messed up the control system, although from scanning the vu notes, it does sound like it might be approaching usable now, but I've yet to hit a day when I've felt like figuring it out/adjusting.

    But prior to all that I was popping in now and again (maybe once or twice every week or two) and pootling about as I do. Normally wondering around and seeing what I find to do. In short doing what Wistrels do.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2019
  13. Not all posts are negative, also not all posts are about MA lol.
    Your question seem a bit unfair to me aka who do not play don't have right to express his opinion.
    For example i played from start for at least 16-17 years and very intensive.
    I didn't play for free but paid my gameplay with heavy deposits.
    I still have all my skills (over million), have all my gear and still posses unlimited vehicles, houses, and so on.
    Regardless my break in game play I think that an average active veteran player have to play 10 or 15 years more to catch me.
    After 17 years of promises, misleading promises, never developed systems and unfinished in game projects, ideas without back up, one remain a bit deluded and I think is normal.
    Instead to insinuate that who do not play do not have right to express his opinion maybe you should listen what people have to say.
    And this forum do not exist to spread negativity against MA but contrary to support game, to help newcomers too, to offer data and info with wiki too and ofc for other games too
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  14. Liu


    I must have wrongly expressed myself Dan59.
    You are fully allowed and invited to express yourself here and anywhere else you feel like :-)
    I do believe though that for the newcomer this forum seems a lot like former players complaining. Especially when talking about EU or MA. And fortunately you're right, not all topics are about these two subjects.
    Which is a good thing.

    I only wanted to have a clearer understanding of who does what. It only sometimes feels like this forum lacks objectivity, which led me to this thread.

    Glad to know more about you tho :)

    Edit: been playing myself since 2004, guess I do share a lot of your thoughts and experiences
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  15. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I've recorded at least 25 games from start to finish in 2019 already. Ok, many short indie and retro games, but also longer titles. I've played a lot more games, including MMOs like TESO or EU. One could say I play a lot.

    In the past MindArk definition of an "active player" was someone who at least performed 1 microtransaction in a month whereas a microtransaction could be firing 1 shot as this is ultimately transfering a micro sum of money into MA's pockets.

    I wonder what everyone's definition is of a "regular" or "hardcore" or "casual" player. What's to be considered? Time spent? Money spent? Levels climbed?
  16. Liu


    Very good question, although MA's definition is definitely wrong...

    I guess it's a balance of these three aspects. Time spent/levels upped or social interaction and benefits for the community ?
  17. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I played pretty consistantly this winter for 4 months, nov - feb, a global or two a day during that time so not high activity but consistant anyways. Had a bad run of luck end of feb and figured i would log off for a week till I was in the time window for my depo budget, but havent had the urge to log in since.

    Always thought I would give Eve a try but never had, so started learning it, about two weeks in and enjoying it so far, not sure it can be an Entropia replacement, but its a fun diversion and 3 months omega is cheaper than my normal 500ped a month i play on. Time will tell, I will never 'quit' entropia, but as the years go by my playing time has certainly gone down from my prime.

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