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Who is going to Participate in Merry Mayhem this year

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Justin Thyme, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Einstein

    Einstein King of Atrax Beach

    I dont think I will be able to participate unfortunately this year.

    Only have 2 hours internet/day :(
  2. Not me .... due to work commitments, I only get online Friday & Sunday evenings for serious playing ..... besides that, I've no chance against the big guns anyway, so why even try:dunno:
  3. definitly not :D

    may support someone, but joining myself, no way :D

    last year my soc and I supported a soc member who even won a mayhem harness, but he was in the "newbie" rang of that pretty much. so he had a chance :P

    i would compete against dps, ped amount and time of ppl who have way more of each :D

    no need to try
  4. no. :afro:

    1. will not have time for that most likely (second baby was born just a month ago)
    2. it would mean 5-10k losses very-very-very likely which I do not need
    3. much better players in my category aswell...

    extremely tiny possibility that I will win loads on lottery and will make myself enough time and do not have to think about the minuses gained =)

  5. After MA :nutkick: and :puke: all over me in this bloody "SGA" thing i'd have to be :bduh: to take part in anything for the forseeable future.

    So they can :poke: all they want... I'm not gonna fall for it again.

    If they want x-mas bonus cash, they have to find it somewhere else.
  6. I don't know all that is involved so as a silly noob i will attempt to compete.
  7. You have to be top 10 ingame in your skillrange by killing the most mobs specific for your skillrange during 6hour x6days shift. May not exceed 6hour online time per 24hours. You will most definatly need people who help you by killing the mobs 45% so you can just focus on finishing em for fastest speed
  8. Mice

    Mice BLP niblet

    The change was actually for the better =)

    AoW will compete this year too, well ofc depens on the rules but I hope they stay the same as last year.
  9. have ma even said there will be one yet?
  10. I think NeverDie said there will be one. There has to be a Merry Mayhem event due to the simple fact of Mayhem armor coming closer to a full set...if they do a mayhem this year it means only 5 more years until we see full sets unless they do more mayhems a year..which they should. I doubt we see a full set before game goes out of business otherwise
  11. MA have said SGA ends together with Marry Mayhem this year on the 30th December at midnight, but they haven't posted any specific rules yet.

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