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Where to go after lvl'ing up?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by 10010110, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. So ive been on and off playing for about 3months now. Im still a newb and was wondering what to do after you kinda get experience it shooting punys down and all. Im pretty much set on being a hunter/medic/sweater. Thats where ive been lvling up most.

    My question is what weapons and armor do I advance to after xx amount of ranking. Im using the Sollomate Opalo, Vivo T1. I currently have no armor was waiting till I lvled up to get some. Other then that I dont sweat or hunt out side of the SSC much.

    My skills are as follows.
    1st Aid-50
    Sweat Gatherer-203
    Laser Weaponry Tech.-147
    Combat Reflexes- 36
    Weapons Handling-27
    Inflict Ranged Dmg.-20

    Figured id ask to see if anyone knows if I could upgrade things or if I should wit more and continue to lvl up.
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    If I were you, I'd stick with the Opalo and Vivo T1 for now. I realize it's probably not very exciting shooting all the small stuff, but it's the best thing to do if you want to ensure you do not end up in the same situation as most of us, where you'll suddenly find yourself going on 300 PED hunting trips which last 2-3 hours, and then wondering where the heck all your money went.

    I'd use the Opalo until you reach about 1.5k - 2k rifle, and slowly move up. Start with Daikibas (perhaps obtain the iron mission on them, and then hunt them east of PA). You can move to MERPS, and later on Argonauts, or Drones. Armour-wise, I'd go with Shogun. It offers decent protection, and is quite eco to use. If you find the Opala won't do for the mob, either downsize the mob, or look into buying an amplifier to add to the gun.

    The worst possible thing you can do is rush yourself. I did, and regret it. I ended up buying a Justifier MK2 within a week, to kill bigger mobs, and then was wondering where all my PED kept dissappearing to.
  3. Nobatti

    Nobatti Guest

    Search around, find Alice's Guides. You will learn much. Join a soc, you will have all kinds of help. Search for the weapon SIB charts, those are awesome too.
  4. Yeah im paranoid about want i spend ped on. Figured biiger mobs and tougher mobs = bigger loots. But gotta spend ped on a better weapon and armor to do that. But thanks for the help was wonding where I kinda sttod at the moment. Also ill look for Alice guide and check that out as well, thanks.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well. The thing is that bigger and tougher mobs do no guarantee bigger loots. If only that were the case. But it is entirely possible to have a real crap run on Atrox, where you come back with 30% of your spendings. Bigger stakes = bigger chance to loose. Hence, the safe way of playing, if you're not swimming in cash, is to stick to low level mobs, with maxed out guns. I own both an imp21, which is supposed to be a seriously eco handgun, but at level 62 Laser Pistoleer, I make more money shooting drones with my Unlimited Riker 2.
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  6. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Just thought this needed a quote. Never know when and where you will learn something.
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Welcome to the universe :)

    First off, you have some great replies already in this thread.

    Next I would like to change your view on skills a little bit in how they relate to your progression.

    You have listed your skill levels which is great, and you are progressing. But the reality is that all skills do is contribute to your Profession Levels.

    What you need to do when considering upgrades to equipment is to look at your own Profession Levels in comparison to the requirements for that item.

    You should do some research on the Wiki here at EntropiaPlanets.com as well as the one at entropedia.info, you will find alot of information that you are looking for there.


    that page will show you the different professions, and if you look at them, they will show you what skills contribute to that specific profession.

    Since you are using an Opalo your main Professions will be Ranged Laser (Dmg) and Laser Sniper (Hit)
    Here is the info on the Opalo,

    As you can see it is Maxed at level 5. This means that you can not use it to its full potential till you have reached Level 5 in both of the professions used for it. (Ranged Laser (dmg) and Laser Sniper (hit)

    Once you have the Opalo maxed, I HIGHLY recomend you ONLY use weapons that you have maxed the Professional levels on. As Admin said above this is the best way to make your ped last longer. (he is maxed on his Riker and does ok, but not on his pistol which looses him ped faster)

    Now you want to use the next gun in the progression of your character.
    Go to,
    and look at the chart for the type of weapon you have been using. (Laser Carbine) (note: there are new weapons comming out with all the new planets, so there may be stuff missing but this is a good starting place)

    The next gun after the Opalo is the Breer M1a(L) (the Ukash is a promotional gun and not easily obtained) (the Opalo is the last economical unlimited gun you will use for many years to come unless you want to invest ALOT of money into the game)

    So you look up the info for the Breer M1a(L)
    It is maxed at level 7.
    This means you want to keep using your Opalo till you have reached level 7 in both professions used for it. (Ranged Laser(dmg) and Laser Sniper(hit))

    The last(or first) thing you want to look at when considering a new weapon is how eco it will be for you.
    Go to this page,


    Now select the gun you are considering, and the markup price you will be paying for it. (remember its (L) so you have to keep buying them as well as paying markup for them)

    I have entered into the chart the Opalo, the Breer M1a(L), and the Breer M1a(L) with Omegaton A102 amp attached.
    The opalo has a markup of 100% since you can buy it and repair it for direct tt value. The Breer I left at 107.57% since that was what the default was. (when really doing this enter the price as you actually pay at auction for more accurate results)

    After entering each weapon you are considering hit the 'add weapon' button and it will be added to the chart at the bottom for you. (dont forget to set markup and Profession Level for each one)

    Now you have a nice comparison of your options at Level 7 and can decide what is best for you.
    The opalo does an average of 4.08 damage per second with 2.752 damage per pec spent including markup. (no mu on opalo)
    The Breer M1a(L) does 4.93 damage per second with 2.814 damage per pec spent including markup.
    The Breer M1a(L) with Omegaton A102 attached does 7.39 damage per second with 2.931 damage per pec spent including markup.

    As you can see the opalo is not the ideal weapon once you have the skills. But be careful, bigger doesnt always mean better. If you add a weapon that you dont have skills for yet, or that you have to pay too high a markup for,I you will see a reduction in your damage per second and damage per pec spent.

    I recommend that once you have the opalo maxed you never use a gun that does less than an average of 2.8 damage per pec, and really till you reach higher levels you should avoid going below 2.85 damage per pec.

    Knowing what guns you can use effeciently is only the first step though, now you need to learn what mobs are appropriate for that weapon/amp combo, and that is an entirly different topic :)

    good luck in your progression, and have fun ;)


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