where are the defenders?

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  1. hi dose anybody know were the defenders that have been globaling are located at? or the bigger BB and is there anywere where i can find bigger attackers......... thanks for any info you can give

    ok found attackers 05 to 08 at 76316 x 69552 the south path leading to the volcano and attackers 01 to 05 south of east scalla mountains in the north path leading to the volcano
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    I, too, am deeply disgusted at the lack of Defenders. The imperial government taxes us up the wazoo, and claims it is protecting us, while the sad reality is that we see little more of them other when there is a photo op where they can show off their fancy armour and weapons, the money for which was coughed up by you and me, but for which we see little else.

    Why is it that we are charged "protection moneies", and yet are not protected? Where ARE the defenders?

    (But I know that is not what you were talking about. Sorry, any time the Imperial Government is brought up, it really gets to me. Status-soliders, they are. Nothing more. Paper tigers strutting around in fancy gear paid for by the common man).
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  3. Last time I saw big defenders on the beach east of Fort Troy. Smaller ones were near Jurra Plateau, SW I think.
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    Hi Sherpa

    I saw some on the coast on beach East of troy and up the coast a little. Sorry can't remember co-ords but isn't far out of fort troy at all, you should find them.

    At least they were there maybe a week ago.
  6. I am quite sure there is reason info is lacking, as they are quite vicious.
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