When people keep posting ideas...which are already ingame since a decade...

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. ...and others jump in, screaming how great the idea is ! x'D

    I have followed the idea section of the other forum since its early days.
    And I always wondered...do people really forget that fast...or do they really dont know, we already have that ingame ?

    It is embarassing how oldtimers keep re-posting threads labeled as "new ideas", which are already in the game.
    Always believing they had the supa-dupa idea.

    Or how newbies keep posting ideas, without doing any forum search....and oldtimers jumping in, screaming what a good idea just got posted. Wuuuut ? x'D

    Something is definitely not right with this the memory of this community.
    I also blame it on many, many sold avatars.
    I wont make a list of the people and their repetitive ideas...that would be no fun...at all...and it wouldnt change anything...vicious circle...boring...

    Regarding the real oldtimers it only shows how much they really care and how much they really know about Entropias ingame systems and Entropias history. Wow...

    Just the latest example...

    ...when german oldtimers from 2007 think a reward system would be a good idea...but the reward system has been around since 2001.


    "Too much room for interpretation ftw !" x'D

    Just keep writing support cases, until support thinks its worth 500 or 1000 PED of universal ammo.
    Or a weapon or an angel harness etc. And damn, I have reported so many awfull things in the past 16 years...it really had to be something making Mindark loosing money...else they didnt really care.
    And some of those reported glitches/bugs/exploits do still exist in todays Entropia. But I wouldnt advice you getting caught with these...

    I gave up finding exploits...also because MindArk wont really value your proof and opinion at all anymore.

    exploit reward.jpg
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  2. That's a great Idea of Slarty. Cool, I will go give him some + rep.
  3. Oh, I love this thread and idea and the 'reward' given. The whole idea is wonderful and something I had posted in the past. I think this should be resurrected and shown to the community. :thumbup:
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  4. Really McCormick?
    I see I can learn a lot visiting this forum once every couple of years. BTW, joiníng the forum does nothing have to do with joining PE.

    you can drive a car for 40 years without any accident, nevertheless you can stay a bad driver and a risk for others.

  5. wondering.png

    Yes really, this game has never evolved...it never will.
    When you have understood that, there is no reason to waste time on posting "precious ideas".

    Whatever...keep posting ideas of 40 years ago...this game had so many accidents...it has a bad driver...and noone cares.
    Neither the driver, nor the PEDestrians getting involved into the countelss accidents...again and again and again and so on.

    SEE you again in 2 years.

    I play Star Citizen and never read their forums. Its not needed.
    It is also not needed to read the PE forums if you join PE.
    But if you decide to read it...read it right please. ;)
  6. Calls out MA beeing lazy and laggy...claims we dont understand what they need...o'rly ?

    xavier ma understanding.jpg
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh I can't remember when I gave up. Still.. I think in recent years with support you have to pick and choose your battles. For example, "The details guy" is real and I had some luck getting some cameras moved to actually be on a tree rather than floating in midair because "that'll do"'ness. Even historically I wonder if I had any influence on the PEC bug as tons complained but unless it was just coincidence they fixed it right after I pointed out how embarrassing it was for them to be running an RCE that they wanted folks to have confidence in, and couldn't even fix a such a tiny mistake.

    As for ideas yeh I think it all died for me when Alf wanted away with mirrored textures and then the fuckers just put them back again. Who knows. Maybe you are right, maybe there is something up or maybe people are selling the forum avatars along with the accounts. As for not reading a forum first that is just the yufe of today I'm afraid.
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