What is the ettiquette for none-stackable loots?

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by nexus7, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. I'm wondering what is the correct ettiquette (no idea if I spelt that right) for none stackable loots if the team setting is set to stack-share? Now, I know that stackables are of course equally split, but if say the team leader recieves a none stackable item, is he/she obliged to TT the item (or sell it through auction) and then split the proceeds, or is it fair game to keep it?
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  2. Generally I think the income from unstackable items should be shared equally, if you don't have a very very big difference in weapon damage and thus money spent on the mob. Then you could always decide on some % share of items. Most important is that everyone in the team is OK with the rules.

    I have both heard and read many stories about unstackable items with high markups that has not been shared by the looter, so my advice is to always make up rules for how you will handle unstackable loot before you start the hunt. Also, only hunt with people you know you can trust.
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  3. Yep - I can agree with that, I was also thinking that none stackable items should be TT'd and then the proceeds split evenly. Problem I've noticed is though, that you forget what you already had in your PI and what you didn't, so I've often wished that MA would devise a methode for splitting the value of the none-stackable item or items as you go along, with each person in the team being credited accordingly. So the one who actually ends up with the item would have it reduced in value accordingly. This would make things alot easier at the end of the hunt.
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  4. Some non-stackable items have quite a high mark-up value (ask Una :)). If MA did that we would be much worse off than we are. IN these cases it's best to auction stuff and split the money after the item is sold.
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  5. Yep, of course... That's a good point :D - and I even said "or sell it through the auction" - silly me:D
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  6. There used to be this option before the silly removal of PED from the loots - there was the 'equal' share option which IMHO was a really good way to hunt.

    Now it seems the default rule is looter keeps. I rarely argue about this when team hunting, it seems like too much like hard work to get everyone to agree a split at the end of the hunt.

    I agree thought that it's a rubbish way of going about it, having a truly equal loot would be much better.
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