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What grinds your gears?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by IluvBread, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. There is nothing that grinds my gear so much as having a discussion.
    Person A says X.
    Person B says X has several flaws and it lacks proof and reason.
    Person A Says Person B.. I don't even want to discuss this with you, you're too stupid. (or something along those lines.)

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get banned from EF now because of my recent posts involving said type of discussion.
    I suppose I was too blunt.

    Thanks for letting me vent. <3 Ciao.
  2. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    How vague. Leat you couldve done was post a link to said discussion on ef.
  3. The above has several flaws and lacks proof or reason!
  4. This was mainly me venting, but I can't just go around and vent.
    So this thread is for everyone who wants to vent some frustrations / anger out, they can do like me.

    Tell me what grinds their gears.

    Why should I post a link and make someone look like a fool? That would be rude, and I'm not.
  5. This is a intriguing Topic.
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    If you're here to try and continue the argument, you came to the wrong place.

    Just sayin'.
  7. For the record, we don't ban folks on EF for disagreeing. :smile:

    We ban folks for repeatedly breaking the forum rules.

    Note: "Repeatedly" is relative to the seriousness of the problem and could refer to one or ten repeated rule infractions.
  8. Idiots! Ax + By = C

    Therefore, C is the guilty party!

    I've got proof in a book around here someplace....
  9. narfi

    narfi Lost

    OH, I "C" what you mean!
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  10. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    If you already are sure you will get banned you must know you did something wrong. If you did something wrong why would you want to vent it here? That is plain weird to me.

    It seems like all discussions that are ended on EF by either someone being banned or a thread being locked are continued here now. I'm not sure I like that trend...

    Anyway just me venting:wave:
  11. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    well, if you noticed, we have rules too ... ;)
  12. You do realise this was from the 17th of July right?
    And not really, you've seen one thread being continued here, and another (this one) which describes what happened on EF, and there is no continuation of what happened there, in this thread.
    So please.. Don't even go there.

    I personally have no trust in EF at all, I might be stupid or whatever but the fact that if you utter "Neomaven" once, you're canned, puts the whole site in a bad position for me and well, I'd say there is a fair bit of overmoderation.

    So basically, I don't think I ever did anything wrong, but I was blunt and it wouldn't surprise me if my bluntness would have ended my account in a ban.
  13. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    Yeah I do not completely disagree with you. It is just that I do not see the point in complaining/talking about it in a different location. It does not get you anywhere.

    Anyway no harm intended:grouphug:
  14. Nobatti

    Nobatti Guest

    Are you person a or b? In either case not responding would be better course of action. If you are b, everyone knows that 90% of stuff on forums has flaws and lacks proof or reason, no reason to state it. If you are a, why respond to the detractor,you'll only encourage him/her and appear even more foolish.
  15. if you have no trust in that place, why go there at all?!??... Said it once, will say it a million more - MA should have it's own forums, especially now that there is an official "community manager" that's outside of the realm of being the only way to really talk to the guys inside the company.
  16. If you check the EULA/ToU you see they speak about a forum .... but what forum ... maybe they had one ? EF is more populair ?

    But even if there is an official forum then ppl still are banned because of misbehaving etc etc
  17. Mindark is smart not to have an official forum.

    Its a total legal release of liability on their part. If they had to monitor discussions like the one yesterday where personal information was displayed they would be wide open to lawsuits. Its best to leave the hosting of such discussions to independent groups as the independent groups are less juicy targets financially, and mindark is not liable legally.

    In order to adequately police a forum hosted by Mindark a paid staff would have to be employed for the sole purpose of monitoring interactions within the community. Volunteer mods would not be the answer here, nor would compensated players be the answer, as both would open the same doors to bias we have now --- ultimately solving nothing.
  18. I literally dropped my jaw over this.
    Are you serious?
    You mean that in a discussion people should be allowed to run around telling whatever lies and unproven theories as truths?
    I'm sorry, but you and I are obviously on two different playing fields, a discussion should be based on facts.
    There are different kinds of discussions, for example if you discuss a movie, litterature or anything like that you can't really prove anything because It's all personal opinions.

    But when it was a discussion like it was in this case. (I'm sorry I don't want to go into details because as I said, I was only here to vent and not make anyone else look foolish.) opinions should always be based on facts.

    For the ammount of people ofcourse, I rarely post there.
  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    When childish penguin Fers -rep me for congratulating someone for their first global.

  20. Drop that idea, the human mind does not work like that.
    Even scientists will kick and scream if reality has the audacity to disprove the facts they based their theory on.

    And in internet forums the rule is that: "if a dislikes b, all facts presented by b are untrue" AND "if a dislikes a presented fact and ignores it, that fact is untrue"
    more positively phrased one could say that you cannot enforce anyone to accept any facts they don't want to accept.
    So just don't rack your brain about it, no matter if you are right or wrong, if someone doesn't wanna discuss, just leave it alone.
    Much less stress that way :)

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