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Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by narfi, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I recently purchased a shopping booth at the Club Neverdie tp. (right across the path from the Island Girl revival)


    For the most part I have been stocking it with low to mid level (L) weapons with a few odds and ends thrown in for variety.

    Sales have been better than I expected trying it out with no advertizing at all, but I would really like to know what you guys are needing/wanting.

    Because of my schedule I am limited to re-stocking once or twice a week so I would like to make sure that I am able to fully utilize the few slots I have with items you actually need or desire.

    I appreciate any feedback I can get,


  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I will be restoring tomorrow night so this is your last chance to make a request for that one odd item you can't ever findd

    good luck

  3. sorry Narfi..... that shop has been a little neglected with the area..... new players don't get any TP on that whole island. They never get the chance to sweat mobs at Island Girl, they need a ride nowadays.

    That shop gets very few passers by, and seems to have been passed around a bit, I hope it treats ya better than the last owners Narfi
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I am actually pretty pleased with the location, or at least with the sales so far.
    If it is not a tp that new players get, maybe low lvl weapons aren't the best for me to stock. Thanks for that hint and I will try and target people who are more likely to be more mobile.

    Unfortunately with the space bug I have been tumbling in space all day and support still hasn't relocated me, so I wont be able to restock till later this week :/

  5. Yeah, i was doing cartwheels in space also.... too bad MA does not take this game as seriously as some of the players...

    whenever i goto NI i try to give a few new players rides over there, its one of THE BEST places to sweat solo

    Island girl spa, and Samoan Spa, were great spots to sweat the mobs, then drown them. and have a quick turn around time
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Booth and Shopkeeper are now fully stocked with weapons for your hunting pleasure.

    Korss H380
    Korss H400


    Please let me know what you need, I will try and keep it in stock for you.

  7. Nyx


    Hope the locale works out for U Narfi. Whenever I'm on Ni I try to give new players a lift over there to CND and Island girl (via Mt. pele). So I hope U will stock a few items for beginning players. Also some basics like enhancers for Herb boxes and swords for the Ancient Greece bound players would be nice. Good luck.
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    What would the best stack size for enhancers be?
    And do you mean UL swords, or (L) swords? (I am not crafting anything, so mostly just buying stock to put in the shop, so I'm not sure if NI weapons would be practical or profitable for me since you could buy them locally from other players)
  9. Nyx


    I just was referring to Enhancers For the AG swords, but mostly medical enhancers for budding player entrepreneurs - probably smaller stacks of 5-10. Sometimes the N.I. auction is so lacking on little things like oil or pile of garnets that one gets so use to just grabbing off Au when on Caly. BTW is there any signs or other advertising you could utilize at crystal center? Good Luck.
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Ok, thanks for the feedback, I'll see what i can do next re-stocking.

    I have looked around Crystal Center and other places but haven't seen any billboards to advertize on, so I'm not sure if I am just blind, or if there actually aren't any like there are on the other planets.

  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The event I was participating is over, so I finaly got time to come to NI today and restock my booth and pay the fees. (still sucks that NI is charging monthly fees when no other planets do)

    For your shopping pleasure you will find a range of low to mid lvl weapons.
    This includes HL6/8, BL1000, LR41, lots of low tt Korss H400s(left over from my support team) as well as some low/mid lvl Arkadia laser pistols and carbines.

    good luck and have fun :)

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  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Bump it up...

    What can I do for the economy?
  13. aia


    I think generally something it would be good to have a supply of would be some Damage I enhancers (can be used on pretty much all (L) weapons) and stacks of time travel crystals. Maybe stacks of Nexus (to help sweaters get a market for their sweat).

    Though if it's still a rule you must always set price TT+1 even for low TT or low markup items then it's probably hard.
  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Yeah. I am limited by the +1 rule :(

    I will do what i can though :)

  15. It's great that you are willing to provide a local source for purchase of goods. Seems like most of the Crystal Resort vendors have disappeared except Wang's Hut. I have not been in-world for a while but with 6 or so pages of NI auction items there was not much selection--plus with the bidding process you could never be sure you would get what you want. If you had to play that game at the supermarket you might go hungry occasionally. So retailers with reasonable prices and useful items are welcome.

    Best wishes to you.
  16. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I put some Enhancers in the booth and they were selling well, thanks for the tip :)

    Unfortunately I am super busy with other projects in the game and in need of ped, so I sold the booth.

    Good luck to the new owner, I have confidence that He will be able to keep it stocked and managed better than I did ;)

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