Planet Arkadia: What do other planets have that you would like to see on Arkadia and vice-versa

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  1. So preety much a the title says, I'm asking you guys;

    what would you like to see on Arkadia (ambience / content / x ) which other planets have - or - vice-versa?

    Let me start off with an example;

    it would be really nice if Arkadia had an "upgrade viceroy" mission, where players loot needed part to turn in and get for example an improved viceroy with increased stats and maybe a buff, kind of like upgrade vigi/nemesis on caly..

    Sadly the same can't be done with the faps tho (ek2xxx, shrooms), since for that - there would have to be a very common ark UL fap to begin with,...

    Speak your mind freely :smirking:
  2. The one thing I'd like to see planets other than Rocktropia have is mobs with health below 10 health, and mobs below 10 health that are in an instance. At the moment, the trolls and rocktropians near the Noobs Noobs Noobs Club and in the Bar Fight instance one block behind that club on Rocktropia are the ONLY mobs in the entire virtual universe that have fewer than 10 health. Why is this important you may ask? Well, your chances of skilling up due to the lower health are substantially higher on mobs like that as you get the "kill bonus." Essentially, you can get twice as many skill gains on 5 hp mobs as you can vs 10 hp mobs for the same amount of decay costs... On small weapons that do low damage such as ul viper whip, ul ngl grenade launcher, and similar low 1-5 hp damage weapons you can't ask for anything better than that to "skill up" on... especially if you have a qr 100 explosives bp to go with that grenade launcher. :whistling:
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  3. Wistrel

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    One of the biggest offputs for me on ARK was the lighting bugs that were in many if not most places. there was soemthing very wrong about the lighting generally. I have to admit I have yet to spend a "long" time on Arkadia though. It didn't seem as pretty as the other planets (RT, NI and some parts of Calypso). Calypso is home for me so harder to feel at home on ARK as it doesn't have the familiarity. I found the main city to be offlimits due to terrible graphics performance too.

    I admit I have not been there for some years.
  4. I find the problem with Ark is that Arkadians are so unhelpful. Those of us who don't really know our way round get short shrift - usually like go find a map ! It would be good just to have arkadians who want to help others join and get to know the planet.
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  5. RAZER

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    In al, honesty it has been a while since I played, but I encountered helpful people on Ark. Sure it all depended on the day and time of day.
  6. Mobs with other damage types than the usual imp/cut/stab or pen/burn. Why not use cold/elec/acid more?
  7. Other planets have things that i cant ask (civilian life) because Arkadia is based on successful but exaggerated strong military theme and backstory.
  8. I'm still working on missions that give stam or agility attributes or evade skills on caly, when I am done with those I will look around for the same on other planets. grind grind grind.
  9. how about fewer bugs, and stuff... that map is a little crazy. Up in the town up north you can't swim too far because avatar gets stuck in the beaches... does that on most beaches on ark actually, just more apparent up north there... On the East you have that starter area, but it's all blocked off from the rest of the areas with huge mountains and invisible walls in those mountains... makes travelling to new tps for both new and old avatars a pain in the ass in certain corners, even if you do have a vehicle or tp chip. All of ark is more or less a bigger version of treasure island on calypso, just like most of rt is a dupe of what cnd should have been as asteroid on caly... Fact is Mindark made a huge mistake by making the damn planets... should have just introduced new continents. Space is boring as hell, and empty mostly except in a few zones around a few planets...
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    Sorry, going OT but I wouldn't entirely agree but I do get where you are coming from. There is a LOT wrong with the planet model and maybe at the end of the day, when all is said and done MA should have as you suggest simply made new continents where people who bought them had free reign over design and story and mobs and items. One of the biggest failures is space. Or rather is isn't a failure. it just is so unfinished it hurts. Maybe space itself should have been licenced like the planets are. Then there would be someone actually developing the damn thing.
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  11. The good thing on Ark is the 5k/10k Killpoint missions they implemented (I don't know when). Been here now for a week and finished like 6 of them and half way to 3 10k KP missions and I received some nice rewards (better rewards compared to Caly).
    The Arkadia Underground idea is also pretty cool, but it sucks that you are not allowed to use a TP chip in there and have to fly around for minutes to reach a place far away from the regular TP. Also some guns looted are pretty nice, though I also miss a UL fap to loot at Ark.
    After a week of hunting there I will fly back to Caly for supplys because Weapons and (L) armor is kinda empty on Arkadia auction. But this is something Arkadians have to change, not the Planet Partner. Another thing on Arkadia is the high hit frequency of some mobs. Hunting them is a total loss due to high decay on L armor.

    At the end personally I think Arkadia will be one of the few planets that will somehow survive because their staff at least communicated and listen to playerbase ideas and suggestions. Other than Caly, where MA itself rules.

    Oh....and what Ark could implement is some kinda "Find the secret BP" or "Resource" kinda thing where people have to search for a new incridient by adding different stuff like ore, animal loot parts etc. and find some new unique whatever-kinda-thing that is needed to craft. Similiar to the Miner Log finds on Caly. Cant explain better just now, need more coffee :)
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  12. At first I disliked the "darkness" of the night on ARK, later I think they made it a bit better though. I would certainly like ARK night cycle to be shorter.

    Np, I know what you mean, a waste of space in EU rofl..
  13. I can already SEE the forum posts of the angry space owners, how they get surpressed by MA and no support either...desperately asking for $ / investors or trying to (re)sell space...for years... and how they try to survive with "Most globals in space win" and "Most pirate kills in space win" *sigh*

    Something is defenitly missing here, to become an immersive, alienated MMORPG again, with storyline and lovely details everywhere...

    Without bridge investment, banks as shareholders and some truly, highly addicted gam(bl)ers in here, Entropia would have shutdown around 2009 already.
    My opinion.

    Next years big sale will have to do with... "Space"...or invisible vehicles...invisible weapons (we had that already) or invisible pets...
  14. I suggested it years a go in place where my post sounded like sheep surrounded by wolves ie in a pkers thread of pkers subforum about space.
    I suggested that space get auctioned and sold in parts like LA's.
    We don't need to guess what would happen, we know it already and have a proff on Caly.
    New owners of parts of space like LA's could decide if their portion of space is pvp or not - or how to say they could decide if they want hunters and miners on their space LA's or not.
    So with little luck space could become like Claypso Amathera - no pvp at all.
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