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what are these for?

Discussion in 'Items' started by calemus, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. so, i have a list here :read:

    agrellite crystal, apophyllite crystal, adamite crystal, charoite crystal, ammolite crystal

    i have a considerable pile of these all in my storage and these specifically are TT valuable
    ,most xtals are not valuable even in quantity,
    but these are getting to burn a hole in my pocket
    i was wanting to know if any1 has found ANY use for NI specific drops yet? :confused:
    BP's i dont know about? (time xtal bp's dont count, i know thier requirments)
    i'm seriously looking forward to getting rid of these hundreds or thousands of stuffs whene there purpose shows up
  2. muscovite and obsidian are the only two crystals with any use at the moment.
  3. i would do some strange and quite possably illegal things to be able to get some BP's to use this NI loot with


    i feel like the little snot nosed brat in the back seat going
    "are we there yet? no,,,, how bout now? r we there yet??
    ........how bout now we there ye S M A C K "

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