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Well Im really bored now :)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Klodvig, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Some days U prepare ur self for a long day of PE, but thing come in the way and makes ur life a long wait for some action. Hmm Perhaps I could do something else for a while but thats not so easy when u have planned this and know u want to do it :). Well luckely PE servers arent down every day at least but its still annoying. Does other feel like this as well or do u just carry on with something else and relax? Lol guess not based on forum activity on all PE related sites :)

    At theese moment we need something to do. Perhaps even a offline PE version, nah just joking but we can at lest try to be a bit constructive and have a little game prepaired for the next time we all sit here and dont do to much waiting :).

    I have no idea yet on what this game could look like but anything could be fun, Perhaps just do a PE storie in which we determine order to write or something.
    Anyone have some suggestions? :)
  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    hehehe It is sad that the only time I see so many people here in this forum is when the PE server is down. ;-)

    We need a board game of PE, like Monopoly, with a dice to roll and little plastic Atrox to chase us around the board. hehe
    The deluxe version of PE-The Board Game would include a little sprayer, so you could squirt snable snot on the other players, and a little plastic hunting horn so you could make the Global sound. :-)

    Damn that actually sounds like a great idea - think I will go get some cardboard and make my own version, as it looks like we will have pleeenty of time before the server is back up again. :twisted:
  3. Hi
    Well i can let you have a small preview of what comming

    1. a chat client will be added to the forum
    2. arcade games is in the pipe
    3. have been looking at radio module

    As Klod say the PE servers arent down every day but it sure get boaring when they are :-\"

    So if you have more suggestions about stuff to add here pls let me know or post it under Forum News
  4. Lol u need to send me a version Burger so can we sit here and send pm:s to eachother wich content like :
    Burger moved: e11 to e24 Burger managed to kill a old daikiba He moves on to e96 to pick the loot. The message he recieves is "no loot"

    Klod wants to move: b14 to k52 and kill the molisk standing on the garbage can

  5. Sounds great Itto :) I willfor sure be here then :) and other times as well of course
  6. some other suggestions for this kind of Downtime-events would be:

    Send a few invites to ppl to join the forum (the more ppl the more fun forum)
    Write something about you, your gaming or something you dreamed last night :)

    Im working on the chat as we speak ..
  7. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Good idea about the PMs Klod :-)
    And the board game using PMs would probably be faster than the real game has been recently, with all the lag and delays before you can loot a mob.

    Hmmm maybe that is what this downtime is for? Perhaps the lags and slow gameplay has been due to a server fault or overload, and MA are transferring everything across onto a new server system? That might explain the long downtime, and it would be well worth the wait if the server was less laggy and slow.

    Oh please please please let it be a server upgrade. :-)

  8. The downtime is due to some kind of hardware issue according to Marco. He posted some on EP about it a few hours ago or something like that.

    Sounds like ur doing a great job Itto :)
  9. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    If your really bored.......

    If your really bored then you can open the game folder and look for the sounds and open them with winamp or other music player and sit back and visualize. (Now that is pitiful.)

    But one thing for sure. We have saved a bit of money tonight. So when/if MA opens back up we will be able to play twice as long.
  10. lol u always look at the bright side dont u :) Agree that would be a really pityfull thing to play the pe sounds just to satisfy the need. Hmm btw u know where to find the global sound anywhere, Ijust need to have that one on my phone :)
  11. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    :-k There are 1,434 sound in the sound file. That should keep you busy at least for an hour. LOL :twisted:

  12. Now what is wrong with the ol' 386 ?? :hehe:
  13. Any suggestions what is going on with the servers?
    Did they could not pay the bill after the last ATH?
    Or did the charwoman hit the powerbutton with her mob ? :)

    the mainserver answers to a ping so the underliing system is not running.
  14. Nope no clue but would be nice if I ended up with 5k on my pedcard after this. lol typical it happends freday the 13 yup
  15. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Have a look in the PE/data/sounds folder for these files:

    For added realism play this sound file a few times first:


    Then indulge your crafting dreams by playing the following sounds on repeat play:



    And to help you wind down after the hours of non-playing, try this sound before you turn off the computer for the night:


    Hours of fun and amusement could be had with these wav files and a few plastic Atrox to chase you around your computer desk, and all for free. :rolleyes: hehehehe

  16. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    info from other forums.... response by Marco

    NetStalker wrote:
    So Marco, does this mean that no VU is forthcoming? its purely a hardware issue? servers are down, so no reason not to spill the beans....

    Marco wrote:
    Nope - next VU is coming in about 3 weeks.
  17. hmm guess the ol' 386 made his last day at work today :)
    How about some redundancy MA?!

    Call me im cheap ..compared to being down :-D
  18. would that be 470009 and 470010?
  19. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Hi Suncatch,

    Yes if you have windows set so it does not display the file type, then these sound files would appear to be named just 470009 and 470010

    Burger :-)
  20. oh, you already found them :( i looked them up, but didn't see page two of this thread were you already mentioned them lol

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