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  1. Hey, this is my first week and I am loving the game! I am Canadian though so it is hard for me to deposit, I would like to offer a service in exchange for PED. Many of you are using wix and do not have good domain names, I can help with that. All money earned will stay in game and be used for my playing. [​IMG]
    I am offering my experience in web design and hosting in exchange for weekly or monthly deposits in PED.

    I am currently studying web design at university and have been doing it for years prior in my youth. I am willing to create, design, register, and host your websites in exchange for PED. I can create a blog for you, or an informational homepage for your society or game application/service.
    I have experience with HTML and CSS as well as systems such as forums and wordpress. I am decently skilled in Photoshop and can create all images for your website as well.

    Cost is determined on how many features you want and how long/much effort it will take me. Contact me in game or in this thread and I will determine the cost based on your specifications. I will create the website prior to payment but host it on one of my existing domains, when payment is received I will purchase your domain name and add it to my hosting server. I will be the legal owner of the domain but you will own all contents and we can create an agreement to that. A single google advertisement will be placed in a non intrusive part of the website, less extra is paid for it's removal to help pay for the cost of hosting, as all PED earned will remain in game I must pay for it somehow.
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    Good luck with this. One thing I would like to know though is why it is hard to deposit as a Canadian?
  3. Canada has banned Neteller from operating there in any forum of gambling or gaming, including Entropia.
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    Aha I see, so just get a creditcard then :)
    Hope you will get some funds trough your webservoce.
  5. Nor Alien

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    This is what I use in Canada. :wink:
  6. Never mind, never mind. If only it was that easy...
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