Wanted:Koco TRAKSIMUS Dojcinovsk it's war

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Johan Roadkill, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Johan Roadkill

    Johan Roadkill Awesome

    For Koco.. go a head and post your side of the story you and your "MANY powerfull friends who was gonna make no1 believe me" but why do you refuse help clearing this and giving my cahs back if your are innocent an dwhy do you have nightmares vehicles saying almost exactly the same things to him as me word me word by word?

    your chances are over.....

    I have now given him every chance of redemption but he spits in my face with his exuses and stories that makes no sense if he wnat war then fine

    i Have a rep of beeing wierd etc but i have nothing but helped people and this is what i get? fk my rep i will destroy his life

    5Ped for telling your society and friend about him
    i will pay any1 outing him as a scammer or any dissrespecting words 5ped for a picture with his name n a public place
    and 10ped for killing him also calling him a scammer

    and 1 +rep to anyone that tells a friend this story and posts it here

    i will ruin his eu life so much Calypto will feel loved =)

    here is the story

    Koco is in Starfleet Comman Currently logged out in the Shinook jungle mobile house


    Importantly! no dissrespect or anything against Starfleet Command this has nothing to do with them only one of their members

    Koco TRAKSIMUS Dojcinovsk asked me for help earlier saying he wanted to retrieve some vehicles from acu there were bids on ... him having talked to me many times b4 i trusted him

    of course he got my peds as i bought a car he had in acu thankfully not all of the stuff he asked me
    and ofcourse he acted as he had computer problems

    as Valliville stated he scammed a few people earlier .. the sleipnir and the gungnir was the other items he wanted removed from acu so Car is 99% surly stolen aswell

    well as i will get locked for trading in stolen goods it's time to make EU unplayable for him ever again

    so moral i guess is don't trust people you've "known(of)" for a long time even hunted with years ago

    if you want pics i will provide
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Moved this to the black hole. If you have any evidence, feel free to attach them.
  3. Johan Roadkill

    Johan Roadkill Awesome

    Oddly surprised to be unbanned... Pics and chatlogs will be provided both regarding my case and nightmares
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