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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by mastermesh, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Ahhh ... the egg. EU VR again.
    Unfortunately I have to say that two of three in my family got motion sickness immediately. Additionally we have several different VR headsets meanwhile. All incompatible with each other.
    • Oculus Rift
    • HTC Vive
    • PlayStation VR
    • Lenovo Explorer
    • Dunno if there are more out at the market meanwhile.
    I'm curious how the small company in Gothenburg will handle this issues until May.
  2. *sigh*

    (a short version can be found at the end of this wall of text)

    This article is not even about Entropia, yet the people on "the other forum" go all woohooo again, without even reading what has been written. Top notch ! All usual suspects involved. :p

    Ok, 1st of all "Venture Bros" starts with a nice :
    "Zee government gave zee dollars to Mindark, VR is next month !!!11"


    Now, lets look and SEE what happened in reallife instead...

    MindArk (got adviced to apply) applied to Vinnova, a goverment assigend agency in sweden (feel free to google yourself or read the wiki link)


    Vinnova then decided to whom they would hand out the money. The money, provided by the government.
    Be it areas of technology, transportation, communication or labour. Its VINNOVAs choice.

    The government itself can not decide on behalf of the agency in "handling an individual case".
    Which this would be. So vinnova decided on its own.

    vinnova non goverment.

    Startup loans:
    The public Swedish institutions ALMI and Vinnova supports startup companies through
    Startup loans, which supports a lot of Swedish startups not least in relation to FinTech.

    http://www.finansraadet.dk/Nyheder/Documents/2015/CPH FinTech Hub_Full report.pdf

    Ok, so far so good. MA talked to VINNOVA and got 220.000 $ for their "Business2Business VR Room idea"
    (which stilll hasnt seen any release date) This money is not meant for enabling VR inside of Entropia Universe !


    Now, that you know what Vinnova is doing and who they are, lets move forward to something called :
    "Innovate Finance, the UK membership association for global fintech"

    Innovate Finance ? Global FinTech ?
    Innovate Finance (formerly Fintech UK)..lets call it the UK version of "Vinnova". Fintech means "Financial Technology"

    Mabye you remember the names "Lawrence Wintermeyer" or "Oliver N Oram" by any Chance ?

    Now, Lawrence Wintermeyer was the CEO of "Innovate Finance" in the UK for 2 years, until Aug. 2017.

    Also Lawrence Wintermeyer was the contributor of the Forbes Entry about "Oliver N Oram".
    "Oliver N Oram", you know, the guy who got "asked to advise the creation of a new world and said yes"


    Be quick, if you google -vinnova "lawrence wintermeyer"- results about it already got removed.

    But lets go on :
    "Oliver N Oram" is the founder of Chainvine.

    Lawrence and Oliver now act as advisors for MindArk, according to :

    So is "Shaun Klein" aka. Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro

    ma deeptoken advisors 2018.

    Ofc, MA has to add some numbers and PR-gags to this deeptoken crap :
    MindBank launch planned for 2019, 3 new planet partners by 2020, 10 companies joined the IPX project, 3 mio. $ additional income through IPX...3 million accounts...new mobile games...yeah, thats the way aha aha...get ready to throw your $ at MindArk again. x'D
    I bet its 3 Neverdie Planets that (might) get introduced aka. AmeVRica or...blah...

    deeptoken mindbank 3 planets 2.

    I have posted about this VINNOVA "funding", which you "can apply to" in dec. 2017 :


    MA's press release :

    Coming in December 2017 to PC and Mac via HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets,
    and to mobile via Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, this virtual reality platform uses 3D
    positional voice technology, lipsyncing and fully-tracked head and hand movements to aid avatar expression.


    Short version :

    -This is NOT about Entropia (except for many new Entropia mobile games, 3 new planets blah)
    -The "Chainvine" founder (Oliver N Oram) now acts as an advisor for MindArk.
    -The (ex)CEO of "Innovate Finance" (UK version of VINNOVA) Lawrence Wintermeyer, now acts as an advisor for MindArk.
    -Avatar Meculus (Shaun Klein) now acts as an advisor for MindArk.
    -The DeepToken founder (Henrik Nel Jerkrot) is now the CEO of MindArk.
    -MindArk decides to talk about "Mindbank" and ingame content (3 new planets, many new Entropia mobile games, VR, AR blah) on their deeptoken site instead of sharing it on the official forum ?

    All of this got announced before. Various times. Again and again.
    Advertisements, commercials, new partners (reallife cars in hadesheim anyone ?) and MindBank.
    Here we go again...ROUND 2745290452845, FiGHT !
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  3. (only available via the google cache, this seems to be an exact copy of the deeptoken.io site)


  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I think VentureBros was just pointing out that, according to the deliverables of the funding, it fairly clearly (without much wiggle room for interpretation) says VR in Entropia in the next month or so.

    I doubt he believes it any more than anyone. I don't think we can expect anything more from MA this year than more announcements of things that won't happen and maybe the odd bug fix from the poor dev who is still sitting there trying to steer the train.
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  5. To be honest, VentureBros acts like an payed MA booth babe and is always afraid of negativity about Entropia.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Really? I always just thought VB was a VR fan and didn't VB make ped2click also? The prettier but dodgier and less good by far version of entropiapartners.com

    In other news... I love how this is meant to be the "easy to understand fluffy video" yet I don't get how it works at all. It just feels like nonsense words.

  7. Lets not turn this into a VB thread ;D

    The video could almost be a new Entropia trailer...just exchange text...

    In the end, we can already imagine how all this will end up, cant we ?
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    What's the VR stuff at PCF about? (I avoid sites operated by scammers, liars and cheaters)

    "Additionally he is the founder and acting director of one of the largest business entities within the Entropia Universe."


    You are either "participant" or employee / contractor, you are never both.

    (not that they ever cared)
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh have to admit the voice over reminded me of your and Dub's old trailer
  10. San


    I participated in that discussion, although with a very different angle (the implications of being moved from being a customer of a game-producing company to an account holder at a financial institution, should that bank thing happen). Yet this bit -
    fell out of my awareness when I went on with comparing Linden Lab's Sansar project. Thanks for pointing it out again.
  11. It clearly says that it will be in entropia at the ens of the period which is april. I doubt it will happen but it says that clearly.

    Also www.pedtoclick.com is far superior to EP just check it out we have better and more varied earning options that pay more. We also have numerous support agents available to meet in game to reteieve earnings.
  12. Well I do get paid based on the games performance.

    I run www.PEDtoClick.com which earns based on new and non depositing players

    I run www.EntropiaTutorial.com which makes affiliate income from brining in new players.

    In addition to that I am the Canadian Representative for Entropia and do some booths and the like (out of my own pocket) and recruit new players that way. Like Neverdie used to. Haha I guess I am a booth babe.

    I am also the elected Minister of Education and am payed based on monthly hunting statistics on Rocktropia.

    I am very invested in this games success.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  13. Thats what I said.
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'll have to have another look then. I'll admit it's been ages since I checked the site. Last I did, it appeared to be neglected and in decline in comparison to EntPart. Lots of stuff not working, payouts so small it wasn't even worth it. But sure. I'll take another look.

  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Why advertise your game when your players will do it for you? Can't argue with that one.
  16. Why I would agree here as well, for any other game, that is, it is truly different in this special case.

    This WILL BE just another rush-job trying-to-grab-cash-fast from the-usual-cashcows and-blind-newbies without-delivering-any/acceptable-results...postponing...posting lies & excuses, just to become silent again...just taking a wild guess here, ofc. ;D

    The usual suspects already fell for it.
    Again and again and again. Always hoping to "make some pretty penny this time".

    100 million $ ? x'D

    10 million $ to start MindBank...for research !? SAY WHAT ?! x'D
    Keeping in mind the bank was already granted and ready in 2009...

    3 New planets ? 1 million $ per planet ? Just to throw out some old ND-MJ crap, which is already waiting on old HDDs to be released as...fresh stuff ?

    Dont get me wrong, Id love to finally SEE new content, that offers real diversity. But it wont happen...and you all know that.
    This clearly IS bullshit advertising at its finest !

    This sounds so dramatically beyond gigantic this time...I can imagine how hope started to grow in the cashcows again...but after not even beeing able to push Compet to become a decent mobile game, by simply letting it die...they dare to advertise even more mobile games now !?!?! x'D This can only be worse. Be carefull out there. :)

    In my opinion, a player supporting and advertising this scam, with all his heartblood, isnt much better then the "developer" itself.
    And even if VB writes newb tutorials or started ped2click or acts as canadian entropia president....he supports another big scam here, nothing else.

    If Entropia can only stay online by scamming its community big time, once or twice per year, by just taking money and not delivering "the big promises", then this is no longer just about game or its community, but...simply about scamming money from the usual cashcows that simply dont care how much they loose, by always refilling their hope with bullshit...this is not about entertainment anymore, but a dirty stock market.

    For example, read between the lines, when xXSqUaLLXx writes about his Monria (ad)ventures.
    Try to understand how Cyrene and Arkadia got/get treated by MA. Just read some fucking text on this or the other forum for some time to get beyond the "yay an event" & "you need to play economic" stuff.

    Or stay out of the forum and play/enjoy the game, as long as you can afford it.
    There is nothing wrong with it.

    But dont come here and tell me about rainbows and unicorns if you are already involved with this bullshit.
    Thats wrong in so many ways.

    Sure, hand some additional millions to MindArk after the compet disaster and then they will show up one day, claiming "it wasnt enough for the bank or 3 new planets, but we will continue to research"... and thanks for the money, btw.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  17. but unicorns are real, i've seen them on the internetz!

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  18. had some friends suggesting that i should just turn, go away, not think about it anymore... sorry, i just ... can't ... stop ... ever again ... i'm fully mccormicked now in this mindarked universe and high likely lost forever like elon's tesla, or finally crash on a dirty moon. and i appreciate it... :biggrin:

    only quoting the spoiler of post #3 in my stinky eyes closed thread. but who cares, mindarked time is relative, only love is absolute! :loveshower:
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