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Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by BruuD, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. ranting about entropia universe controls in a thread about virtu verse. ok...
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  2. Virtuverse alpha 0.1 only lasted a weekend. I will announce in this thread when they will launch a new version with the bugs of this version (there weren't many) are ironed out and new content included.
    I managed to craft a nice sword that could kill the matriarch maturity mobs. I hope it stays in alpha 0.2
    If you want to play, being on their discord helps, the most recent info is there. ( and devs you can simply talk to)
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  3. Hello. If anyone wants info on VV right now, they are planning to host the second Early Access phase at the end of Oct (around 25ish). Based on their progress, vids, and screenies, I think we can expect stuff like dungeons on top of the bugfixes they've made after early access 1.
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  4. Also, for anyone living in Sweden or planning to visit Sweden (Particularly Skövde) between 16-19. Oct, Virtuverse will be participating in Sweden Game Conference in Skövde.


    Founder and some of the team will probably have a booth there
  5. Wistrel

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    What can I say? I can't help myself X'D
  6. Wistrel

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    Yah popped in last night and had a chat to them. Hadn't realised it was so short (was gonna take a look last night). Anyone know how big the download was BTW? (just so I can plan next time as on a 10Mbit connection - although can pop to the cafe at the end of the road and get 60). They seem pretty stoked with the first test at the moment and the one I was talking to said he was having more fun working on the game than at any time in his career so far. This sounds really positive to me. People who like what they do make the best stuff.

    Will be interesting to follow along over the coming year.
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  7. From the last early access 1, we had around 3.9 GB installer size. Since they hadn't had a patching system going, we had to re-download the game each time a bug fix / patch was rolled out. Now, VV is already accepted by Discord and in the next early access 2, you will probably need to hop into discord and add the game to your discord library. From the dev team, it seems that future patches, etc. will be served through a patching system integrated with Discord (except if there's a huge improvement/overhaul on the game). Ofc this may only apply to early access and beta version of the game. The released game will have its own independent patching system I presume

    Discord: https://discord.gg/D4MbmM
  8. Just in: from discord

    Fin (GMT+2)vandaag om 14:10

    Not currently, the next public test is on the 25th (4 days)
  9. We had a short backers-only test last week and there were many improvements made. Expect these to be present in-game during EA 2
    1. Server lag and rubberbanding are no more
    2. New mobs, items, recipes, caves, and areas
    3. Missive system: short missions that get refreshed every 12 hours or so
    4. A lot of bugs squashed (and some new bugs introduced)
    Thx @Spawn for the exact time
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    Ah I might be available to have a go this time
  11. The Early access 2 is open atm. We got quite a nice surprise that the devs have 1 procedurally generated dungeon instance already in the game (Although still ridden with bugs)

    One of the videos of the player trying to solo it
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  12. Araneatrox, stuck / trapped mobs....SEE you in 1 year...if Virtuverse should still be online. :p
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    I don't think these guys are gonna make it... I just saw this video. Darn Noobs have it all wrong. Clearly they have no idea that the Igni's are supposed to be IN THE GROUND and LOCKED FROM TAKING DAMAGE... amateurs!

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  15. Is this still a thing?
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    Ah far as I know. I popped in to their channel the other day. It was quieter than it used to be but they were still going. In fact one of the dev's had recently done a livestream of their work (imagine that!)
  17. I registered an account a few weeks ago.
    Accidentally entered an incorrect username. Logged on to their Discord and asked for it to be changed and was helped within a few minutes by the CEO (lol).
    He told me the servers will be down until the next open test which will be coming soon.
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    yeh he's the most active there I think.
  19. Nux



    I've been collaborating with the people over at virtuverse HQ since the first closed alpha test (must be a year ago already :O). I'm actively maintaining the wiki and moderating the virtuverse forums on my free time.

    The game is very much alive and will be running a closed (backer only test) in a couple of days. The next big release / alpha test will take place on September, 18th and will last until the 21st. That test will be, again, backers only but on October 16th the true EA4 will take place (open to everyone) [more info].

    For the sake of transparency, I don't have any kind of professional relationship with the team @Virtuverse. I'm just a player and I collaborate on the wiki/forums on my spare time.

    If anyone has questions I may be able to answer, feel free to ask.

    PS: Our discord channel looks dead between tests, but really explodes the second we can get online :)

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