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HOF Very rare, a HOF when I was totally broke :)

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by goodgrief999, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Yep, I went to hell last night for the first time. My experience in EU so far is that I'm usually lucky on the first few visits to new places i.e. Arkadia and CP, I globalled every 5 minutes for the first few days. I was broke yesterday, even had to put some stuff into the bank (bad idea I know) to pay for the trip to Rocktropia.

    At least I got this, after I was getting so many claims I had to add an amp, it was a level 5 amp and quite a nice HOF.
    Boo, p.s. I still can't believe someone got a 90k ATH on the mob I was gonna hunt, after I changed my mind and went mining. I'm almost green with jealousy :mad:
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  2. Good going Boo, Gratz :)
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  3. Nice 476 ped global there, and glad to see you explored RT's notorious underground :) That place can be a bit oppressive after a while, too much red imho, but it's certainly different from some places in EU.
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