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    Release Notes and information about the Version Updates on 07 December 2011.

    Entropia Universe 12.3.1 Patch Notes

    Bug fixes

    • Auction issues fixed and should now work correctly.
    • Fixed Trade Terminal category names.
    • Player Register now shows only 10 pages.
    • Player Register search filter has been extended to 4 characters.
    • Fixed issue when purchasing Gold Card from website.

    No releases notes available yet.

    December 7th Content Release

    December 7th Content Release
    Bye Bye Bugs!
    The December 7th content release brings in new features and alot of fixes to old features. Please read the following.


    • Outposts added to City of Dreams.
      - These outposts feature full access to storage, repair, trade and auction systems.
      - They are located in and around popular mob spawns to increase the speed in which you can hunt your favorite mobs. Take some time to fly or drive around COD to find them all. Aprox (15 new outposts have been added)
    • National Guard Helicopter Pilots deployed to City of Dreams and the Arctic.
      - The National Guard have been deployed to the City of Dreams and the Arctic in an effort to add extra security against the wild creatures that have been attacking locals. You can find helicopter pilots that will take you anywhere you need to go free of charge. Take some time to explore COD to find all the new teleporter locations (aprox 5 locations added)
    • Shared Mobs added to City of Dreams
      - Exarosaurs (All Maturities) POS:(134096 89102)
      - Rippersnapper (All Maturities) POS: (135553 89013)*
      - Mermoth (All Maturities) POS: (133134 88800)
      - Osseocollum (All Maturities) POS: (132962 88271)
      - Malcruentor (All Maturities) POS: (132550 87695)
      - Atrox (All Maturities) POS: (134631 82544)
      - Argonaut (All Maturities) POS: (139057 85162)
      - Itumatrox (All Maturities) POS: (139098 86842)
      - Dakiba (All Maturities) POS: (137492 88738)
    • Mobs added to City of Dreams
      - Cheetahs escaped from the zoo! POS: (137505 82916)
      - Shark Migration POS: (138422 89402) & (132284 89458)
    • National Guard disburses rioters from London Backlot
      - In an effort to make the streets safe for shoppers, the national guard have executed operation Winklepicker and have successfully removed all rioters from the London backlot. Shopping around the Funky Junction is now safe once again!
    • Added Christmas gifts.
      -Expect your favorite jolly red man to deliver something sweet to you close to Christmas. (Only those who made the naughty list will get something. LOL)
    • Rent has been abolished
      - The powers that be have decided that rent prices were too high! As a result, ROCKtropia estates are now free of any rental costs. This rent removal only applies to bars and shops at the moment because they are the only estates that are fully functional. When the apartments get fixed (Next VU), they will share in the same reduction.
    • Item block removed from the Arctic
      - In an effort to help combat the ongoing Thing infection, the National Guard has been instructed to permit locals to import weapons, armors, vehicles and other items from any other planet to utilize in the Arctic.

    • General Blueprint fixes
      - Could not Execute error resolved
      - Incorrect ingredients fixed
      - Creative Juice Blueprint has been reworked
    • General Quest Fixes
      - Tons of fixes and improvements have been done to ROCKtropia quests and missions. If you still have any outstanding issues please let us know but the vast majority of quests have been fixed or enhanced.
    • Shops and Bars have re-opened for business!
      - All shops and bars in London have been fixed and are ready for business again. Take some time to visit the new and improved shops.
      - Item points in bars and shops have been increased
    • London Backlot Optimization
      - The overall performance and frame rates in and around London have been improved considerably.

    • Deer-A-Pooloza!
      - It seems like the deer population have been listening to alot of Barry White music lately and as a result, the deer population has exploded in parts of city of dreams. Do your part and help control the deer population.
    • Space landing port location incorrect.
      -When arriving from space, you will land in and around Evil Cathedral. By the next VU, you should land around Club NEVERDIE in City of Dreams.
    • Memory leak around New Harlem.
      - Investigations continue and we hope to have this resolved very soon
    • Ballister Apartments still not functioning
    • Firewall Armor BP GENDER bug
      - Currently the Mk-III arm guards can only make female versions of the armor. (Fixed in next VU)
    • Oil and Beer Spawners dried up.
      -This is just a minor bugged should be fixed soon.
    • Logans Peak TP bugged

    • Ballister apartment fix and upgrades
    • New mission and upgrades to existing missions
    • Item additions
    • Fix of the memory leak around New Harlem.
    • Mob balancing and placement planet wide.
    This is just a small taste of what to expect in the Next VU. The really cool stuff we have left out of this list cause surprises are always fun!

    Patch Notes

    Posted on December 7, 2011 by Meg
    Today’s patch fixes a couple bugs with last week’s VU. The Athenian Headscarf is now colorable, there are a few changes in quest text for clarity and typos, but the most important part is that DiNapoli has another mission for you.
    Secret message to anyone frantically crafting clothing in hopes of getting the blueprint for the Athenian Headscarf: There is another way to get the blueprint besides in the crafting loot pool! But at last check, the Athenian Tunic were selling for a tidy markup, so all that crafting isn’t going to waste.
    New Missions

    A Favor For DiNapoli: In this mission, players return to DiNapoli trying to get on his good side in order to get a blueprint for the Trojan Breastplate, and DiNapoli needs a gift delivered to his old pal, Creon.
    Mysterious Ingredients: What’s up with the papoo and boar guts, anyway?
    There are also some other activities for you to find, but discovering them is half the fun!
    Known Issues

    When DiNapoli tasks you with delivering a gift to Creon, you will not get an item. The mission does progress successfully when you go to Creon and open a dialogue with him. Sorry, you’ll just have to imagine you’re carrying a six-pack of delicious Honeybrew Lager.
    Some players are reporting that if a player attempts to complete Armor of Heroes but is missing a required item or two, DiNapoli steals the items and doesn’t let the player add any more. Support is currently looking into this issue. For now, make extra certain you have everything DiNapoli is requesting.
    Usage note: In any of the item-related missions, you will need to drag the required item over to a questgiver to complete the mission. If, for whatever reason, you drag the item and drop it elsewhere on the screen, outside the questgiver’s pop-up, then the item disappears. If this should happen, shut your inventory, and reopen it, and the required item will reappear.

    Planet Arkadia Update 2011.9 (7th Dec 2011)


    Important Note on the Underground Area
    The underground area is not yet available, we strongly recommend not downloading it as there is no advantage doing so prior to its release - you will still need to download the final content when it is released at a later date.​

    New Content
    • Rumours have spread that an unnamed organisation lost several cutting tools when their mining team first breached the Scoria caves.
    Balance Changes
    • Scoria are somewhat less obsessed with Mindforce chips.
    Issues Fixed
    • Improved the visuals for some larger models at lower graphical settings.
    • Fixed misaligned Material Textures on some customisable furniture surfaces.
    • Improved lighting in Celeste Quarry, reducing the excessive brightness on lower detail settings.
    Known Issues
    • Estate Terminals show the wrong colour when set to private.
    • Some categories in the Trade and Technician Terminals are missing text.
    • Crates in some outposts still dare to defy gravity.
    • Weapon sounds can vary from shot to shot on some weapons.
    • Limited Blueprint Book cannot be coloured or textured.
    • Some types of eyewear can appear outside or on top of the Armour Helmet.
    • Skin from some face/head shapes can be seen when wearing Armour Helmet.
    • Televators in buildings may link to the building next door in rare cases.
    • Feran are afraid of getting too close to the ground

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