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V.U 7.4 Content Listing

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by itto, May 24, 2005.

  1. Content list

    Visual update
    Project Entropia has received a general facelift in many areas. Journey around Calypso and experience the wonder for yourself.

    Skill experience system update
    The Project Entropia skill experience system is updated. It is now adjusted to reward a participant, experience wise, that finds challenging tasks for him- or herself. Performing mundane tasks with low risk will yield less experience. When killing a creature, a skill experience bonus may be acquired. General skill experience is received at a somewhat lesser rate, but often with bigger increase when it occurs. The relative balance is not changed however.

    Property access update
    The estate terminal has a button for â??Restrictedâ? and â??Unrestrictedâ? access. While set to Unrestricted, the owner may freely add and remove items or furniture from the property. When set to Restricted, the owner may not add or remove items or furniture from the property.

    When you examine an estate deed, you will see the current status on the property, noted as either â??Unrestrictedâ? or â??Restrictedâ? and a date, based on MA Time (accessed through the â??Câ? key). This is the date when the restriction was applied to the estate. This procedure allows for safe transfers of estates with items attached. If you are on the market for an estate and see an attractive piece of property, you may look it up and see if it comes with items and furniture. If so you can be sure the items are there when you decide to buy the property, as long as you verify the restriction date on the deed being set before you investigated the estate.

    Note that when you as a new owner claim your estate, you also manually need to set access to unrestricted in order to begin interaction with the property.

    Buffer in the Quickbar
    Added a buffer in the Quickbar system, that work when you want to change the item held by your avatar after the currently held itemâ??s reload bar is finished.

    Trapped creatures die
    After a time period, a trapped creature will die.

    Items info available from ground items
    Using the right-click menu, you can now access the Items info viewport on items on the ground â?? giving you the same info as when you right-click on an item in your inventory.

    Skill implant more feedback
    Added info in the Items info viewport on the Skill implants, to make it extra clear to see if the implant has any skill levels added to it. If so, the line â??Loadedâ? in visible.

    Amethera LA-10 Teleporter repaired
    At last, the teleporter repairman found his way to the LA-10 teleporter.

    Postures added
    Two new postures have been added to Project Entropia.

    Shed areas added
    Land areas added to Amethera, which can be acquired by a single avatar. The Shed area is complete with taxation and land management system.

    More Creatures Roaming the wilderness
    The overall creature activity on Calypso is increased even more, by some strange notionâ?¦

    Rader ranges update
    As more creatures roam around, the radar range of low-level creatures is decreased, meaning they will not show until you are closer to them. This will increase your client performance.

    Music and Sounds
    The Project Entropia experience is improved, with new sound effects, ambient sounds, and music.

    Added clothes
    New pieces of clothing added, which are tailorable, including uniform jackets and pants. The women have new sexy boots available.

    Added weapons
    New weapons added, including new next-generation plasma weapons.

    Added armor
    New armor added.

    Housing decorations added
    Dozens of items designed for making a home nice and comfortable have been added.

    General items added
    A number of other items added to expand the range of items in Project Entropia.

    Visual enhancements
    Several areas in Project Entropia, ranging from clothes, avatars, items and nature have been reviewed and updated from a visual standpoint, in order to remove oddities, like holes in clothes etc.

    Client stability
    Several potential crash issues are removed from the Project Entropia client software.



    All tailored clothes shown as â??Uncoloredâ? in the auction, even if they are colored.

    You canâ??t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.
  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Re: honest job with good people around me.

    An interesting first post at this forum, in a 2 year old thread. hmmmmmmm
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  3. Kinda strange post indeed, however this was the vu that upset the most ppl I ahve seen so far, and made lots of ppl quit, also resulted in ma adding the stuff about not trash talkign them or the personal in the euala.

    if I remember right, but I think I do, the first big skill nerf
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