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upgrading a mining device?

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Gretchen, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. OK so I'm just starting on Next Island and been playing a week. I have the mining scanner (I'm at work so I don't have the name on me) and it just informed me the other day that it had reached tier 0.9 and could not improve unless I upgraded it.

    The shopping list of 5 piles of various materials needed for the upgrade included 2 materials I had seen dropped or had mined before (animal oil and some crystal or other) but the other stuff...pile of garnets and some manufactured-sounding component, I have no idea if these items even can be found on Next Island. I certainly haven't seen every drop, ore or enmatter on NI in my first week, but as the first ever upgrade for this device I'm hoping these aren't super rare or expensive items, especially since it was buckets of the stuff, of each of the 5 things.

    The one that sounded like a component...it wasn't a recipe on the technician npc (I bought all available books and bps since I figured I'd want them eventually.)

    They wouldn't have a Next Island prospecting device that couldn't be upgraded with just NI available materials, would they? At the noobiest level tier 0.9 upgrade point?
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    You should go to entropiedia.info to research items and resources as well as what is used to craft different goods.
    If you do not have everything you need, it is likely you can ask one of your local pilots to bring some back for you. (for a fee of course)

  3. OK, home now. Upgrading Ziplex Z1 Seeker to Tier 1:
    172 Animal Muscle Oil (easy drop)
    24 Simple I Conductors (blueprint on Calypso, will have to check market for this)
    49 Pile of Garnets (each refined from 1000 garnets? crafting byproduct.)
    99 Blazar Fragment (easy drop)
    46 Tier I Component (dropped from Brown Papoos, listed as common, unknown frequency from boars and petite brown papoos, guess I just haven't seen it drop yet.)

    Do I need to upgrade this box anytime soon ;) that seems like some shopping list.
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    There is no need to upgrade your finder if you dont want to.
    Upgrading gives you the option to attach enhancers to it which will increase your depth.
    Enhancers increase the depth by a % of the base value for that finder so the advantage of an enhancer on a low level finder is much less than on a high level finder.
    You might decide just to purchase the next better finder once you have enough skills and skip worrying about the cost and hastle of tiering up your current one.

    gl and have fun,
  5. thanks, I scored a simple I conductors blueprint and the next better finder (F-101) on the auction. Always looking for blueprints that use things I know I can find on Next Island.

    As for Tier I Component, I found a chart:
    and I think calling something you would expect to spend 100PED hunting before 1 drop happens "Common" is a joke. I had finished the 250 Brown Papoos and was shooting some randomly on the road when I first had a stack of 8 drop. And that would have to happen around 6 times at that rate and stack size. Not common. Papoo feet are common.
  6. Hi,

    Take into consideration that often only a certain range of maturities are dropping certain stuff at all! Best example - animal oils:
    Small maturities of a certain mob may drop muscle oil. Middle maturity level drops eye oil, and only stalker & prowler will drop thyroid oil ...

    So to loot the tier I components, "try another maturity" would be my recommendation.

    I've seen them drop en masse (on Caly and Arkadia), actually TT'ed 50 PED of them yesterday - I was young and urgently needed this one new shiny finder from auction ...

    Besides, I was told, too, that putting enhancers on small finders don't really makes sense, as Narfi explained above. The ppl that told me are known for knowledge and trustworthiness, so I have no reason to doubt this.
    I plan to add some now to my new toy, the shiny TK120 (L), as soon as possible, it should stay with me for quite some time :)

    One more advice from my experience:
    I had good results buying low TT (= quite worn out) (L) finders, replacing them often. I bought those that still had SIB, and about 90% of max. depth for me. This way I could constantly improve my depth, enjoyed the SIB at least for some time, and had not to spend big money for a full TT finder.
    You'll be surprised how long a finder with 20% usability can survive - very often longer as you need to be ready for the next one.

    Hope I could help, have a good time!

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