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Entropia News: Upgraded Graphics Engine in the Next Release

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Upgraded Graphics Engine in the Next Release

    The upcoming release of Entropia Universe, scheduled for early December 2019, will include the biggest visual update of Entropia since the switch to CryEngine. This is a massive update that takes the engine to a whole new level, with modern physically based shading and greatly improved processing of light and colors.

    Physically based shading enables MindArk and the Planet Partners to create assets that look better than ever before, since they interact with light in a way that's based on how it works in real life. Improved lighting, post processing, bloom and color curves gives the picture a natural and photographic appearance.

    This is not an engine switch but an upgrade of the existing renderer so all gameplay systems are unaffected.

    With this update we are sure that you will find some treats when you revisit your favourite areas throughout the Universe so head to the nearest teleporter or fuel up your spacecraft and go explore!

    Additional note:

    As this render engine upgrade uses DirectX 11 that is only compatible with Windows Vista and later it will not be possible to start Entropia Universe on Windows XP after this release. Mindark kindly asks any players that still uses Windows XP to upgrade their computers to a DirectX 11 compatible version of Windows.

  2. Players: MA, please fix the game, the bugs, the economy, the loot, etc.
    MA: Lol fuck it. Here's a graphics update.

    No amount of graphics update can save the game. Just another distraction from the bigger problems
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  3. Can't wait to see it, if I only still would be shooting. :whistling:
  4. Liu


    Looking forward to playing it and am still shooting ;)
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  5. At least it will be some improvement, maybe they will be using more then just the 1GB of Vram finally?
    But it seems textures will not be changed, so my F.A.P. will still look horrible. :thumbsdown:
    Time will tell, but the experience with them is that i'm probably right.

    Textures next please, this ain't acceptable in (2019) anymore, make that 2020.
    Well, at least collecting my Pecs will look more appealing in December. :headbang:
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  7. I was allowed to test the graphical update early !

    cry engine 2 dx11 update lol2.

    Thank god they worked hard in this one, instead on anything else !
    Finally we get rid of many of those I-Know-How-To-Play-Leechers and their old PCs !!!11 :'D

    Feel free to upload your screenshot and I will ask Mindark to change it to DX 11 !
    (for a security fee of 5 PED, so I can become the next Virtual King)
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  8. The most amazing thing is that there still seem to be people on XP, seriously? :openmouth:
    Vista, nah thx, skipped that one.
    Win7, I can understand that one.
    Win8, my pc ain't a tablet.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I wasn't sure what PBS was so had to look it up. I have to admit I thought MA already added something similar sounding (and that did help) but I guess this one is the next level or slightly different or something.

    Regardless it was apparently all the rage 4 years ago in CryEngine land. Here are some happy Crytek staff talking about it,

    It does sound to me though that PBS might require assets to have been designed with the necessary information for it to do its thing. e.g. a log will need to have information stored about it to say "this is made of wood" for it's behavior under light to be represented correctly. I'm guessing MA didn't bother updating all their assets (unless they already had this... don't know if CE2 did) e.g. to say skin is skin and wood is wood and metal is metal, so suspect we'll just see some sort of global "best fit" setting,.. and only new assets will be specifically designed for the new capabilities.

    Putting on my entirely skeptical hat (oh wait,... I'm already wearing it) I rather suspect this change is more about external forces in the retirement of old OS's department playing a part, rather than a specific desire to fix that problem with everyone's face being lit up like a 500 lumen flashlight if you don't look away from the sun. Chances are this was just some sort of "bonus" of (finally) shifting away from directX 9.

    Speaking of directX, RIP windowsXP yes it was great but windows 7 was greater so we can leave that one behind and this will probably mark the end of future would-be Entropia reviewers scoffing at the "and new we are going to put the 2005 C++ re-distributable on your PC" part of installing the game (yes we love 15 year old dev platforms at MA HQ). The sad news is that this will definitely put a final nail in the coffin of being able to use Entropia in VR. TBF I've not done that in ages (and pretty much abandoned any hope I'd get back to my "make it work better" project) because the more modern VR drivers stopped being supported by the program I was using, and the updated version seems to be taking a decade to pull off. Another thing lost to the digital fire of outdated technology. I guess we might say a move to direct X may enable VR (in fact, with the program I was using, I think DX11 support is already a thing, it was the legacy DX9 support the dev was struggling with). If we do see Entropia in VR again, I'm pretty sure it won't be anything official from MA.

    Speaking of DX11,.. I thought vista was DX10? Did vista ever get DX11?

    It's a shame really. Before MA removed the control system from the game, I'd have been excited about going in and taking some cool new pics under the new lighting. I'm sure I could have made some nice wistful pics of Wistrel looking off into a sunset that I would have posted online and MA could have used them for advertising (as they have before). Alas these days, if I tell my avatar to look in a certain direction, then move the camera, her head just wangs back to this silly straight forward neutral position, and any effort I put in to get the pic looking "just so" goes out the window. FUMA... fu.

    All this aside it does amuse that just a few months ago the world was oohing and arring at the previews of minecraft with real time raytracing... scroll forward to Christmas and MA are all "pffft that new fangled raytracing... what you want is a nice solid graphics technology from 4 years ago".

    Speaking of ray tracing

    Sorry for long post... you can tell I'm on strike and procrastination is in full on overdrive! XD

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  10. For Ray tracing MA is behind still, as far I know Ray Tracing is only on DX12.
    And ofc finally they move to a better and more modern DX version, DX9 is optimized for the graphics cards from that era, so now we should be able to use our newer hardware alot better with DX11, smoother running, better eyecandy, and as I said before, I realy hope they start to utilize the Vram how it was ment to be used, and not the way they did it now, all on highest settings here, and they only use 1.25GB, there is not much that can be put in the small 1,25GB Vram.
    And ofc they won't be updating all the textures, ofc would be awesome, but it's MA, so no it's not happening soon, probably never.
    But still there is a nice gain made from this coming update.
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    To be fair... there has been a steady update of mob models/textures over recent years.
  12. Yes you are right, but with the speed they work, they will never finish it.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

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  14. Many of the "upgraded" mob textures look fugly and messed up the collision system on many mobs. But who cares.
    At least it has the look&feel of Mindark doing something, right ? Jesus...

    This "graphics update" feels more like a "last straw" to me...(just release something, anything...but make it sound fucking big!) because they cant do anthing else anymore, except beeing silent, lying and scamming.

    So many oldskoolers crying and complaining on the other forum...while already preparing their next deposit.
    Faith in humanity restored. x'D
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    This does sound about right... The output smacks of one artist, one art fixer, one programmer, one programming fixer, possibly someone doing sound still.
  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wistrel: Proclaims VR dead

    6 days later...

    MA: Here,.. have VR


    I just don't think I'm living in the real world any more... everything is just too damn surreal...
  17. recently saw a vid about minecraft GTX or however that was called ... people on hermitcraft freaked out about it!

    btw if anyone is interested, we started a similar project, but without streaming. PM!
  18. San


  19. :biggrin:

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