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  1. Testing... Testing... Is this thing on ?

    Ah ! yes I`m on air :-)


    Some days ago when talking to my close friend about how things change with time he mentioned a thing or two about Entropia Universe and his plans regarding the game. Poor bastard had a great idea but due to his responsibilities and massive amount of work he kind of dropped it half-started… sadly. After few days I came with an idea of my own. Since he`s too busy and I`m his bro from childhood why not help lost soul a bit. Now let me give you a little close up on what we have in mind.

    He is planning to create something close to a scholarship fund for new players within Universe. We came to agreement that I`ll run the show for him since my lifestyle allows me to take part in such a task without the need to sacrifice more important stuff. I`ll be given funds to manage the project and almost complete freedom on how it`ll be run with only few hints from BIG MAN that set main goals for our little program.

    Let me tell you all a bit more about how I see things.
    In the beginning I will focus on strengthening my avatar a bit. I`m not talking UBER here, just gaining some skills so I won`t look wimpy and all. Beside that, our own web site will be launched to host information and data that won`t be found on this forums. Universe Logs thread will contain all blog-a-like entries and any other information about project not posted on our site. Why have I chosen EP forums one may ask ? Well it`s something from gamers for gamers so I decided to give it a try beside that hunting section is so empty :-)

    Hints from BIG MAN ( aka. What for is it all ? )

    1. Fun
    2. Content
    3. Joy
    4. Satisfaction

    Yes folks ! It`ll be free of charge and full of special things – at least I hope so – nevertheless some minor help from community might be needed and very appreciated.

    Starting from tomorrow I`ll post log entries from Calypso hunting grounds. Thread will be updated with “scholarship” recruitment info and set of RULES for people willing to participate in project. Please don`t treat this as an option named “need free pedzors”. My explanation will be simple enough for everyone to understand. Project is aimed at bringing something fresh and interesting to community with a bit of everything for people involved.

    We are currently looping for two persons with maximum level 5 in any profession. If you feel like joining here are some basic tips on requirements:
    - Currently we want to focus on hunting only so if you plan to mine/craft we won`t be able to help you at this time.
    - You should be middle Europe +/- 2 time zones since it`ll be much easier to cooperate time wise.
    - Creativity and basic English knowledge for project personal input are more than welcome.
    - You should like the game enough to be ready to spend 2 hours logged in, 3-4 times per week, mostly at evenings.
    - Don`t expect miracles and be patient.
    - Minimum 15 years of age
    - Project is for people who can`t or don`t want to deposit real money in to RCE.

    What we offer:
    - Hunting, hunting and more hunting !
    - Adventure and fun with possibility to gain experience and maybe some funds without any personal financial input.
    - All activities will be aimed at maximum pleasure with a bit of pain so nothing boring just goodies.
    - Team carnage of Calypso wildlife !
    - Chance to be part of something the universe never saw before ( smiles ).

    If you find all above interesting and meet most of requirements feel free to post your application in this thread or drop me PM ( I MIGHT POST YOUR APLICATION FROM PM IN PUBLIC THREAD TO ALLOW INPUT FROM OTHER FORUM MEMBERS REGARDING CHOOSING OF PARTICIPANTS ). We aim at gathering number of applications and allowing other community members to help us choose “the best of the best”. Please put some personal data and answer to question “Why should we believe in you ?” in your message.
    DEADLINE for application arrivals: 31.03.2010

    Scheme or how will it look when it starts:
    After assembling the team we will head in to wide open spaces of First Planet in the Universe and begin hunting. Time and date of each hunt will be 2 days before to allow everyone to prepare. No worries about equipment as, thanks to our kind patron, we`ll supply you with everything needed.

    Should anyone have questions or feel like my explanations are not clear enough feel free to ask questions and they will surely be answered.

    The RULES:
    1. This is an open project based on outside funding source so be sure you are ready to follow rules before applying for participation.
    2. Every activity with PEDs involved will be deducted/added to project budget so persons chosen for participation won`t have to worry about looses. Other edge of the sword is that all profit ( if we make any ) will return to project bank. Some % might be distributed between participants but most will be used to upkeep/expand what we do.
    3. Each participant will have to do as decided by in game representative of Universe Logs project ( that`s me ) when it comes to in game deeds ( choosing mobs to hunt, time of hunts etc. )
    4. Some personal input will be required to make sure that we won`t float to Ocean of Boredom. Make it EP forum or other way – each participant will have to write a bit of text from time to time.
    5. There`s always room for discussion and exchange of thoughts but final word on everything project related always stays with UL representative.
    6. All experience gained during participation period stays with participant.
    7. Rules might be changed with time to ensure maximum safety and functionality.

    We really hope to create something that will bring us satisfaction and allow outsiders to find interest in game world. Personal input and dedication are our formula for staying fresh and focused whenever it comes to game play or information. Log future allows to share experience and joy of doing something for other people involved in Entropia Universe. We surely hope to succeed.
    Our request. Should you meet a newbie wondering around without cause please let him now about what`s happening here. We need some buzz around us to get things started ! :-)
    Let the applications flow like water now. We wish you all good luck and happy gaming !

    MM and UL crew
  2. Reserved for hunting log entries and look ... ! First post got an update :afro:
  3. Hello Zane Geist Lear here and I would like to join in this program, I have read all of this post and it sounds like something I would be interested in.

    Also I would be interested in after some time helping to donate time and money later down the line as I grow into a more wealthy player so I too can help fund new players who join in EU.

    I live in the US, I play quite a bit mostly sweat grind since I am not going to depo and or able to depo since I have no job, as of now I have very little skill, some one took me out for a few shots on some mobs but only gained maybe 5-10 exp in all from that.

    English is my native tongue, I can play when ever needed, I would like to learn more about EU and like everyone else become stronger and profit, tho I know it will take some hard work and along time to do so and since I spotted this post it seems like it could help get me out onto the right track.

    If there is any more info you need, you can e-mail me and or send me a PM I would like to be able to see how this plan of yours works and be one of the many few who could step away from this experience with a whole new outlook in game.

  4. Thank you for your aplication.
  5. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    My application is on your profile, couldn't send you a PM :confused:
  6. Hello,
    I'm Tush GodKiller Tush and I would like to join too.
    I fill in almost all the requirements. Almost. The only one that I don't fulfill is the maximum lvl 5 on any profession. I have two professions on lvl 7, all are less than 5. Those two are prospecting and mining. My account is 5 years old, so I was actually doing something, and that was mining :D. I never hunted, just tried it once few years ago. I would really like to learn more about hunting, and get in the way and possibly become a hunter from miner :)
    I play EU for fun, and don't really want to deposit. The only possible way to deposit for me is to find someone with credit card. Well that is the way for everyone that don't own one :D
    I live in Slovakia GMT+1, I'm online every day for 4 or more hours.
    My english is on a very good level, so that won't be problem ;)
    Oh, and I'm 16 years old, so I have alot time to play :) (yeah yeah, if you're good at mathematics, I started playing EU(PE) when I was 11 :D)

    Thanks, have a nice day :)
  7. Probably account not activated. Please check if you properly activated your EP account or contact admin :-) And I`ve noed down your application btw :lam:
  8. Heya Musashi,

    I would like to know better about this project that really seens nice for some skilling for n00bs with deposite "problems" hehe

    Profs all 0...
    Profs Level 1 = all sniper (1.5 laser one), ranged damage laser, evader, almost level 1 laser pistoleer.
    Profs level 6 = Sweat gatherer :P

    Has some have applied here about profit (which i dont really think can happen at all, since all say that on the long run they seens to be always losing more than winning :P) im here more for the way the game is ... free activities , lots of stuff coming up, the new engine put it on a new level, the nice comunity :D love ya folks ;) (but always have some "smartasses" :P) , stuffs new to all (like the vehicles) and so the skilling is part of it to get new levels of fun :afro: so im...

  9. Welcome our first member. ZaneLear !

    To make it more fun he took the responsibility to recruit/accept aplication for one place that`s left in our project. Decision is his to make. Recruitment closing on saturday 22:00 MA time so hit his PM and try to convice him :)
  10. Hi there,

    Im 30 years old and play alot cuz im out of work irl and need something to do when im not looking for work. I live in holland now but im from sweden originally.

    Ive been playing since 5 weeks ago. Heard from a another *gamer* friend about this nice game so i decided to try and now im stuck it seems hehe. It was Zane Lear who told me about this project.

    Im mainly hunting to skill up, tried some mining but its way to expensive for me. Got rank 8 in laser sniper hit, then the others are mostly 1-3. Maybe thats to much for this project?

    Anyways, I like to help out and I think I can be good assistance for you and this project.

  11. Hello, I am InsaneWind

    I am quite interested in this program, im new to project Entropia and ZaneLear is my brother so he told me about this jump start program in fact i joined just today then he told me about it, and shown me how to register for this program. Quite honestly i know nothing about this game other then what my brother has told me.

    I have an open mind and im more the ready to learn, im a fast learner, I am 20 years old i turn 21 this year, my brother had told me about "sweating" which sounds odd to me, makes me think about making people run on tread mills to harvest sweat from them, seems more effecient that way lol. But sadly he said it dosent work that way, i could imagine if it did everyone could kick buildings down from the running they did xD.

    But on a serious note i would love to partake in this jump start program i feel it is valuable to the new people like myself, and it shows there are genuinly nice people out there :3.
  12. Well ,

    Think that the decision already made, dont it zane? :P
  13. Actually I am still debating even tho he is my brother lol, I have to even see if he can get on EU first tho no ones sent in any more applications so it's only down to two people.

    Tho the deadline is passed so there is nothing more I can do unless Musashi has other plans.
  14. Brother or no brother. Decision is his to make.
    Hope hunt I planned for this evening will take place. Work things out :-)
  15. Mmmmmmm

    Whos the 2 on the list? o.0
  16. Last slot is now filled, my brother did get it, I was debating between Fatty and my brother and since I know Fatty is at a decent start and my brother had 0 skills and etc he fit more into needing help.

    Sorry folks, tho from what it seems slots might be full for some time since Musashi all ready has agreed and taken us both out for a small hunt today, tomorrow we are going on another planned hunt.

    If say another slot comes open then there will be more chances for you to become a part of this project.

    Also main reasons for picking some one, I was told I have to know them and see how they would be personally so since I never met anyone besides Fatty and hardly knew him I went with my real life brother since we can be a great team.

    One last fact, I will be willing to help after some time when I can also afford to help out players, tho from the looks of it most of you are better off then I am as of now lol.
  17. Hi there.

    I know I'm a bit late for this, as it's past the deadline, but if a spot opens up, I'd like to try it. I just started today, after years of hiatus (and without the character I had started back then). I'm essentially a total newbie, figuring out how to move and use the interface.

    I enjoy writing, and this seems to be an opportunity not only to write but also to learn something about the game. I can't really deposit - I have four kids in rl, which kind of keeps my money tied up. I am a stay-at-home Mom, and have plenty of time for playing and writing during the day and frequently in the evenings as well.

    Please let me know if a spot opens up! I'd love to be a part of this project.

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